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Name :Ahmed Abu Saif Id:120070285

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Name :Ahmed Abu Saif Id:120070285. Vision.

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Nonprofit educational institution and is characterized by the college to provide a number of areas and these areas of information technology and all specialties Ntaml the application of this Majali on the ground in international institutions and civil and community.A goal of this college:1 - keep pace with scientific progress in all fields2 - prepare students professionally and scientifically3 - working to encourage voluntary work for appropriate job opportunities

1 what are the motives for the company to submit a job analysis
1. What are the motives for the company to submit a job analysis?

Job Analysis is the cornerstone for the management of human resources is the most important Astkhaddmat functional analysis:1 - career planning2 - Recruitment and Selection3 - development and training4 - Evaluation of performance

how did they do a job analysis and then write the job description and job specification
How .did they do a job analysis and then write the job description and job specification?.

Job Description Job Description by means of all aspects of academic qualifications and academicThe importance of Job Description:1 - Refer to Job Description When the recruitment process2 - Refer to Job Description and in the case of promotions when Rating

Sample job descriptions and specifications for the three different task in the organizational levels

Job responsibilities:1 - supervising the affairs staff2 - Supervising the Administrative Affairs3 - overseeing the maintenance department Adrarp4 - Providing Tgarier periodic tasks, which were sections of the agency agreement

4 recruitment and selection process
4. Recruitment and selection process

Recruitment and selection process:This Alajze very important because it aims to provide the best elements of highly qualified scientific excellenceThe importance of the recruitment process for human resources management: Reduction of employment is the right person in the right place, resulting from this procedure and the consequences of losses resulting from erroneous decisions

basics of testing and selecting employees
. Basics of testing and selecting employees.

Through the following steps:1 - Declaration of vacancies available2 - received requests and Biography3 - interviews4 - the classification process5 - formal interviews6 - Develop training courses for staff7 - Install the people who selected them

what are the strategies for the future which is planning to take expansion close down why
. What are the strategies for the future, which is planning to take (expansion, close-down)? Why?
  • 1 - working on the development of the College through the diagnosis of scientific needs and projects2 - enlargement of the premises and the provision of integrated facilities of all Milesmha3 - Provide technical science in various fields of scientific4 - projects that will strengthen the overall relationship with the environment