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Unit Lesson Activity

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Unit Lesson Activity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit Lesson Activity. Sami Peil Dakota Writing Project Holocaust Institute 2010. From Chelsea K.’s writing inspired from a photo and experiment with perspective:.

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Unit Lesson Activity

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unit lesson activity

Unit Lesson Activity

Sami Peil

Dakota Writing Project Holocaust Institute 2010

from chelsea k s writing inspired from a photo and experiment with perspective
From Chelsea K.’s writing inspired from a photo and experiment with perspective:

Nazi: I watched from the regiment as our leader stood up on the stage. The great and mighty Hitler. He inspired many of us to join. He started yelling of a greater race and how we must protect the pure Aryan way of life. Never once did he smile. This was serious business. He said we must eliminate and eradicate all of those who were impure. To restore Germany to greatness, we had to do this. His words emboldened me. To hell with those who threatened to destroy the master race!! I will do anything for my country. Anything the Führer tells me to. He knows what is best and he is right. The Jews and Bolsheviks are to blame for everything! Those who are against us and the homosexuals. SINS! They must be eradicated!! For the homeland!! Hail Hitler!!

Jewish shop-owner: I watched as that heinous fiend walked on stage. Hitler. So many words I can think of to describe yet none sufficiently completely describing him. Him, ha. It. That monster training all those poor children into a racist nation and Jew haters. Brainwashing them while their parents just let him. He started yelling about how it was all my people’s fault and the Bolsheviks that the economy is bad and we are the cause of all Germany’s problems. Certainly those children won’t believe that! Wait…what is going on? What are they doing? Is that cheering?! No!! He has no proof!! How can you be so gullible!! I feel tears run down my cheeks as I realize Hitler has won. Das Ungeheuer!! How could he?! They are only children! All is lost!! Erlöseuns, Gott!!


Choose a genocide that you are familiar with for your writing topic.

    • Young Turks (Armenian Genocide)
    • Khmer Rouge 1975-79
    • Rwanda’s Hutus 1994
    • Stalin’s regime
    • Maoism
    • North Korea-Kim II-sung
    • Guatemala
    • Sudan (1982-currently in Darfur)
    • Native American
    • Other?
  • Choose from the “hat” your assigned perspective
    • Victim
    • Perpetrator
    • Bystander
    • Rescuer
    • Resistor

Write an account from this perspective about your experience of the genocide (you may speak about just one aspect or moment during the genocide). You may choose to write from the voice of a real or fictional person. Identify your audience for the piece. Are you speaking to a family member 40 years after the experience? Are you being interviewed for a documentary? Are you searching for a lost friend or family member in the aftermath of the genocide?