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Financial inclusion through partnership working PowerPoint Presentation
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Financial inclusion through partnership working

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Financial inclusion through partnership working
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Financial inclusion through partnership working

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  1. Financial inclusion through partnership working 26th June 2006

  2. Objectives Share existing models of collaborative working at local, regional and national level Identify how existing partnerships currently promote financial inclusion, as well as identifying gaps and opportunities Facilitate introductions as starting points for future partnership working

  3. Types of Collaborative Organisations A Coalition is a union of people and organisations working to influence outcomes on a specific problem Consortia and Alliances tend to be semi-official, membership organisations. They typically have broad policy-oriented goals and may span large geographic areas. They usually consist of organisations and coalitions as opposed to individuals Networks are generally loose-knit groups formed primarily for the purpose of resource and information sharing Task Forces most often come together to accomplish a specific series of activities, often at the request of an overseeing body Source: Cohen, Larry, Nancy Baer and Pam Satterwhite. Developing an Effective Coalition: An Eight Step Guide.

  4. Advantages of Partnership Working By sharing capital, expertise and information: Diversifies skill base of initiatives Optimises use of investment Focuses on opportunities and social capital within low income communities Expands impact of initiatives Increases credibility Reduces duplication

  5. Examples of Partnership Working Local SAFE and Savings Gateway Wester Hailes Community Banking Agreement Regional Capitalise Financial Inclusion Services Yorkshire National Transact, the national forum for financial inclusion CDFA Money Advice Scotland

  6. NextSteps (today) Introductions Identify and share current networks and partnerships, their themes, and what they achieve Identify unmet objectives and possible common goals What next – which relationships, organisations and strategies can be developed?

  7. Next Steps (after today) Identify opportunities for sharing capital, expertise and information Establish common goals Explore the remit of existing partnerships and networks Continual management of relationships to ensure receipt of expected benefits and engagement with common goal Community based asset map Join Transact!

  8. Contacts Alice Rogers SAFE Co-ordinator 020 7392 2954 Email Adam Clark Transact Development Worker 020 7392 2983 Email