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The World of Tourism PowerPoint Presentation
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The World of Tourism

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The World of Tourism
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The World of Tourism

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  1. The World of Tourism How to Be a Good tourist agent? Introduction: The world of tourism is very interesting but it is sometimes difficult to decide where to go and which place to choose. People love to visit other countries and get to know other cultures. There are many tourist guides and agents which help people decide where to go but it depends on the person and his/her interests. Discuss the following question in your group: What is the first three things you think about when you want to visit another country?

  2. The World of Tourism • Task: How to Be a Good Tourist Agent? You are a tourist advisor in a very famous tourist agency market. Your manager asked you to choose two from four sites in the UK to advise tourists to go to. Remember, it is a very popular agency in Qatar shopping centres. It is your choice to choose the places from a four options list. Your job is to give reasons to why did you choose these two. Is it the history of the place, its popularity in the world, its difference from your culture, its image, the facilities in the sites, ..etc?

  3. The World of tourism • Process: In order to complete the task, you may want to follow the steps: • Survey: Ask your classmates the following questions to collect information: • Have you ever been on a holiday? Where? • What is the most important things for you when you want to visit another country? • How do you choose the places in the country you are travelling to?

  4. The World of Tourism • Process: 2. useful links: Useful language: • to provide a thrilling finish to the race. • double-decker bus. • one-day London bus pass. • To served their purpose well. • to create a really lifelike wax model • To achieve passing fame. • The guns are not just for show; they are loaded. • ceremonial duties. • To row a replica. You may wish to check the meaning of the words you do not know from:

  5. The World of Tourism • Process: 3. Research: Below are the links of the places that you will choose two from. Read through the websites to find the information you need:

  6. The World of Tourism • Process: 4. Comparatives and superlatives: You are going to watch a youtube clip about a teacher explaining comparatives and superlatives: Now, open the following link to complete the quiz:

  7. The World of Tourism • Product You are going to produce the following: • The results of the survey. • The two places you chose with the reasons plus recommendation. • Piece of writing (150-200). To review the outline of English paragraphs’ structure visit:

  8. The World of Tourism • Evaluation: Group-evaluation. The Ss evaluation will be according to the following rubric:

  9. The world of shoppingThe rubric is taken from: Manchester Metropolitan University. BALP programme, languages department.