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Neuromuscular Engineering & Technology

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Neuromuscular Engineering & Technology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Neuromuscular Engineering & Technology
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  1. Neuromuscular Engineering & Technology IsoSPORT

  2. IsoSPORT IsoSPORT is the most efficient and easy-to use clinical assessment tool for balance disorders. Low cost and portable this equipment provides valuable information on the balance status of a sports person. IsoSPORT is a unique proprietary data acquisition and display system.It was designed to be flexible, yet powerful. Your ability to use IsoSPORT is only limited by your imagination. IsoSPORT is useful in detecting aberrant behavior in Cerebellum function. Specific for neurological and post trauma disorders. Tracking the Rehabilitation Progress and monitoring the level of Sporting Ability for a specific sport or team field position can be accurately measured and logged for reference or comment.

  3. IsoSPORT System The IsoSPORT System is capable of sustained Balance testing and has the capacity to store almost unlimited subject tests. The system comes with the capability to export in the native database format, Excel compatible CSV format, or a “Raw” data format for further analysis with a third party analysis system. Expected Test Numbers per day • The average test is expected to take approximately 2-3 minutes - Recording the subject's Data, Ushering the subject on and off the plate, Examination of the recorded Data using the "Analyze Data" or "Deep Analysis" tabs. This results in an expected outcome of 150 to 200 tests per day.

  4. Compare Data • To select a specific test click on the "Load Test" - select Group, Subject Name, Test Name - then click "Select". • To play or replay this test click on the "Play" tab. • To compare any two tests for a subject first select and load one test as before. Then click "Load Test" on the second screen which will load another selected test for comparison.

  5. Email IsoSPORT Data • IsoSPORT test data can be emailed from the Analyze Data screen. • Selected tests – the screenshot of the tests and any accompanying notes can be Emailed. • For security purposes only the system supervisor will have the required password to activate this service.

  6. Enter additional data with Forms • IsoSPORT allows for additional forms to be created for data capture of information relating to the current subject undergoing balance testing. • The forms are easily managed from within a password protected administration system. • The forms also allow for importing and exporting of a specific form. • All conventional form fields are available e.g.; checkboxes

  7. Create “Test Triggers” • IsoSPORT allows for the creation and editing of custom tests of durations from 30 seconds to 180 seconds. • The custom tests can have different parameters and have an optional alert to indicate if the subject is within a certain parameter.

  8. Import / Export Data • IsoSPORT allows for comprehensive Importing and Exporting of data via mediums such as: • CD • CD/RW • DVD • Thumb Drive

  9. Cognition Testing • A unique ‘Decision Making’ test. • CHOICE has been developed to test the Cognition Processing of the Subject – Post Trauma. • Duration 2 – 3 minutes.

  10. Contact US Neuromuscular Engineering Ph: 615-202-9370 1108 Harpeth Industrial Court Franklin, TN 37064 Email: Web: