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Introducing Tempest Fashion Ltd. A sexy, sultry & sophisticated womenswear label. PowerPoint Presentation
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Introducing Tempest Fashion Ltd. A sexy, sultry & sophisticated womenswear label.

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Introducing Tempest Fashion Ltd. A sexy, sultry & sophisticated womenswear label. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introducing Tempest Fashion Ltd. A sexy, sultry & sophisticated womenswear label.
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  1. Introducing Tempest Fashion Ltd. A sexy, sultry& sophisticated womenswear label. Tempest is a designer and manufactured boutique ladies’ fashion brand. The boutique brand sits in between the high street and high end fashion labels.

  2. Plus a host of boutiques and leading stores

  3. Tempest was set up in 2012 to design and manufacture high end ladies fashion clothing. Despite only having been formed in November 2012, Tempest is already a label that is being requested by boutique and retail customers, and has become a must havewith those interested in fashion. Clients now include ASOS and Designer Desirables.

  4. ,the UK’s largest fashion and beauty online stores, are one of the main customers of Tempest Fashion Ltd. Asos have steadily increased their orders and reorders and have become a major client of Tempest. The successful fashion and beauty online store have described Tempest’s range as: Style hunters on the lookout for red carpet worthy dresses and glamorous party outfits won't be disappointed with Tempest’s offering of fun and flirty dresses. Inspired by classic silhouettes and designed to celebrate the female form, each piece is lovingly designed and made in the UK. Some of the Tempest range from Asos. From Top: Becki Black, Becki Oxblood, Minnie Black, Lucy Navy From Middle: Dolly Pearl, Selena, Julianna, Hattie From Bottom: Lucy Cream, Maxi, Billie Red, Dolly Cream

  5. Designer Desirables, the successful selling online fashion store is also another loyal and main customer of Tempest Fashion. Designer Desirables have steadily increased their orders and reorders and have become a major client. Pictured to the right: Designer Desirables have recently included Tempest in one of their successful competitions online.

  6. The Valleys Star, Anna Kelle, more informally known as AK is also a huge fan and stockist of The Tempest Range. Her new online clothing range, Simply Pout have requested a large order on our Dolly Pearls and our Kai and Pam top and skirt. AK has been spotted many times wearing our Tempest range, herself.

  7. Boutiques As well as our online stores, Tempest Fashion is also a must have for Boutiques in England, Scotland, Wales and now even worldwide. These are some of the boutiques to name: • Lottie’s attic, Lincoln • Pearl, Liverpool • The Queen Bee, Northern Ireland • Minnie’s, Essex (owned by Sam and Billie Faiers from TOWIE) • Diffusion, Wolverhampton • Sisters Boutique, Falkirk • Wish Boutique, Glasgow

  8. Tempest’s winning Fashion Team is the main reason for their soaring success. And its no surprise, Tempest is comprised of a team of fashion professional, all experienced in their own individual areas. The company is headed by ex-director of Peacocks, Anton Woodhouse, who is Tempest’s non- executive Chairman. Anton sucessfully floated Peacocks in the stock market in 1999 and retired in 2001.

  9. Hayley Sparkes Hayley Sparkes, Tempest’s public relations manager has a wealth of experience in Fashion and Beauty, along with a foray into TV presenting. She has a BA Honours degree in Fashion Promotions gained at the Kent Institute of Art and Design and she has worked as a photographic fashion stylist, a personal shopper and celebrity fashion stylist. Hayley has also worked in fashion buying with leading high-street accessory and fashion retailers. Hayley has featured on a range of popular TV shows and has most recently joined the award winning daytime ITV show “This Morning” as one of their new beauty presenters. Hayley sporting the Tempest Ollie Dress at the races.

  10. Sucheta Rodrigues Sucheta Rodrigues is the production director. She has a degree in microbiology from Mumbai university and started in her family’s fashion business when she was 15. This was a garment and embellishment company that had customers including Mathew Williamson, Roberto Cavalli, Jenny Packham, Escada and Ellie Saab. Sucheta has run a 600 staff company in Mumbai and Vapi, working for brands including Michael Kors and Rene Derhy. She speaks 5 different Indian languages, English and German.

  11. Jeff Mehmet • Jeff Mehmet is a fashion designer best known as 'Jazzy Jaf', a nickname given to him by his favourite clients. Jeff has a fashion pedigree that is clear for all to see, with a strong background in editorial and fashion styling having dressed ‘TOWIE's’ stylish sisters, Sam and Billie Faiers, Joey Essex and Gemma Collins. • Jeff also regularly styles Europe's top showgirl, Immodesty Blaize and has also worked with a number of high profile celebrities including • Justin Timberlake, • Rihanna, • KellanLutz, • Amanda Seyfried, • Paris and Nicky Hilton, • Lindsay Lohan • and Dannii Minogue. • His work has been published in many of the top weekly and monthly glossy magazines including OK! Magazine and Conde Nast publications. • Jeff is also a well-respected Brand Consultant and Creative Director, having helped to set up and advise on some hugely successful fashion brands and boutiques.

  12. BECKI

  13. DOLLY

  14. BILLIE

  15. MINNIE

  16. HUNTER


  18. Top Row: Emmerdale’s Charley Webb, Jenny Frost Bottom Row: Ola Jordan, Sam & Billie Faiers, Josie Gibson and AK from The Valleys

  19. What Is It? With the on going success from well established online fashion stores such as Asos and Designer Desirables and also requests and interested responses from boutiques all over the world, Tempest wish to expand and create its own factory, making its own garments and garments for other designers. As Tempest’s success happened so fast, the company cannot create dresses quick enough. Having its own factory will mean the company can raise output by as much as 400%.

  20. What will it do? • The company has to pay for goods up front, as the factories currently used do not • offer any credit terms, therefore the company is settling large invoices before it has • been able to invoice its own customers . • Having its own factory would allow the company to continuously produce samples • and then put those samples into production almost instantaneously. This would allow • the company to put in place its own quality control system to improve the quality of • garments produced. • The factory investment would create the facility to house the 12 new jobs.

  21. An improved revenue stream There are further future plans in store for Tempest. Tempest is a fashion company that is rapidly evolving and expanding. The company intends to introduce an online retail facility and open a factory shop which will lead to an improved revenue stream. There are no significant Welsh businesses providing this service. The company has established demand from its existing customers and is aware of the high levels of margin available on this work.

  22. Why Choose Tempest? Since the launch of Tempest in 2012, this sexy, sultry and sophisticated brand has taken the fashion industry by storm. Not only have successful online fashion stores such as Asos, Designer Desirables and Vestry chosen Tempest as a main fashion source but also, celebs such as The Saturday’s Una Healy, Jenny Frost, Nicola McLean, TOWIE’s Sam and Billie Faiers can’t get enough of Tempest’s range. Tempest’s fast selling success is of no surprise, with an experienced and professional team with PR, fashion, media and television experience. Tempest is continuously expanding and will grow bigger and bigger successfully. Tempest is the perfect fashion company to represent you for Tempest aim for every woman to feel sexy and sophisticated.