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Wordpedia. Jayda A. Brunson. Chronic.

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Jayda A. Brunson

  • Chronic is an adjective that exemplifies a constantly recurring illness or event. Chronic is frequently used to describe someone’s condition or a hapless event. Persistent and unyielding are two synonyms of the word. Most teenagers have chronic illness; that explains why some females in my English class stay out for four days or more. Chronic is a word that’s displayed in my life every day. It’s another word for unyielding. I continue to burn the Minute-Rice as I attempt to cook for my younger siblings.
  • A genre is a noun that categorizes literature or any other form of entertainment. Usually genres are used by the author so that their target audience will be able to preference the piece of literature. Classification and style are two common synonyms of the word. Most elementary students prefer fiction stories over nonfiction. I use a genre every day. Genre is another word for style; I incorporate that when I’m picking out my school clothes.
  • Prostrate is an adjective used to indicate a face-down position. The word can be used in sports when a teammate is down or when someone is sleeping. Surrender and overwhelmed are two synonyms of the word. Some wrestlers in the WWE are prostrate when they get dropkicked. I already incorporate this word in my life; I’m prostrate when I’m sleeping in first period at school.