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PartnerNet Program Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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PartnerNet Program Overview

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PartnerNet Program Overview
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PartnerNet Program Overview

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  1. PartnerNet Program Overview

  2. PartnerNet Program Types • The PartnerNet program is built on a value-based approach that recognizes and rewards the total unique value that each partner delivers in the marketplace. • We offer two program types, designed to support multiple partner types. Each type allows for different degrees of mutual investment and commitment. PartnerNet partners This type offers 3 program medallion levels Alliance partners Alliance partners are a more diverse range of partner types whose business models necessitate a different relationship with us. They are defined by the provisions of a custom terms and conditions contract. PLATINUM GOLD SILVER

  3. Program Levels – PartnerNet Partners TheSilver, Goldand Platinummedallion levels within PartnerNet are primarily applicable for but may not be limited to: • Solution Providers • Regional System Integrators To participate at the Gold and Platinum Medallion level, partners need to meet a total Revenue Threshold across all Business Units plus a Competency in at least one Business Unit.

  4. Program Levels – Alliance Partners • The Alliance level supports partner types primarily applicable for but may not be limited to: • Global System Integrators • Independent Hardware Vendors • Independent Software Vendors • Broad-line and Value-added distributors • Training Partners • Cloud Service Providers

  5. Rewarding ValueWhat’s in it for our partners? Recognizes the unique value of each partner Rewards for value delivered to customers Aligns resources and investment to drive maximum performance ProfitabilityPrograms Sales and Marketing Training andEnablement Rebates for margins Engage with us and our customers Modular, self-paced, comprehensive TechnicalServices Membership Market yourself and stay up-to-date A world-class insurance

  6. PartnerNet Program Benefit Structure Partner Resource Packs A la CarteServices Optional Benefits for Purchase Company/Medallion Level Benefits (for partners who achieve Gold or Platinum) Core Benefits (for all PartnerNet members)

  7. Core Benefits Core Benefits are provided to all PartnerNet members to give you the tools and resources necessary to support your business with NetIQ®, Novell® and SUSE®.

  8. Company Level Benefits

  9. PartnerNet offers additional programs and services benefits for purchase. PartnerNet members enjoy special pricing based on their program level. These optional benefits include: Optional Benefits for Purchase Partner Resource Packs A la Carte Services Technical Support Technical Subscriptions Technical Training IT Consulting

  10. PartnerNet Requirements Each existing partneris evaluated and assessed based on the following performance* criteria: Recognizes the unique value of each partner Rewards for value delivered to customers Achievements in revenue generation, both transactional and influence * Revenue: Competency: Has the proven skills or resources to provide value to customers in the chosen area of competency * * These performance measures define your company program level. The lower common level achieved will define your company program level.

  11. Measuring Revenue The total sales contribution for all Business Units 2 1 Minimum New Business Threshold Annual Revenue Target • The total sales revenue by a partner across all Business Units • Measured on a rolling 12-month basis • Measured via Invoiced plus Influenced Revenue* • Varies by Geography, Country Group and Program Level • A minimum percent of the annual revenue target must be new business revenue (30%) * as measured through Deal Registration Both the annual target and applicable new business thresholdpercent must be achieved to reach medallion level

  12. Measuring Competency Product Specialization * 2 technical specialistsper area of competency 1 sales specialist** per area of competency Product Specialization * 4 technical specialistsper area of competency 1 sales specialist** per area of competency Technical and Sales Competency Model How to determine Certification Level by Business Unit Certified Advanced Certified * Product Certification applies to Business Unit Specialists. ** Sales specialist achieved through CNS, CSS, CNQS® training, relevant to business unit competencies only

  13. Certifications Sales Certifications Technical Certifications

  14. PartnerNet Program Summary • Partner Company Medallion Levels are Silver, Gold and Platinum - Based off of the lowest Revenue combined for all Business Units & Competency level per Business Unit PartnerNet Platinum Partner PartnerNet Gold Partner PartnerNet Silver Partner • Business Unit Competency Levels are Not Certified, Certified &Advanced Certified - Based on Partner Competency through Certification Partner Performance is determined on a quarterly basis by assessing Revenue and Competency requirements

  15. PartnerNet Portal Quick Tour

  16. PartnerNet Portal Login Access links from login page Fewer clicks to the information you want Login to the PartnerNet Portal from: Landing page contains content for NetIQ, Novell and SUSE

  17. Partner Name PartnerNetPortalHome Page Alert Messages • NetIQ • Novell • SUSE

  18. Partner Name Partner Types

  19. Certifications Partner Name Company Certification Levels Shows your certification levels for each Business Unit in one easy view

  20. Tools Partner Name Easy access to tools & training System access links Training links

  21. BusinessUnitResources Partner Name Clicking on any Business Unit Resource icon will take you to a specific page of content for that Business Unit.

  22. Business Unit Partner Center Pages Business Unit specific: Branding Guides Promotions Special Links

  23. Partner Name Training &Enablement Training & Enablement How To Guides Enablement Central PartnerNet Certifications Technical Training Training Locator Technical Certifications

  24. Partner Name Sales &Marketing Sales & Marketing Branding Guide Price List Bid Management Online Demo System Online Product Announcements Internal Use Software Partner Event Calendar

  25. Partner Name TechnicalSupport Technical Support Subscription Portal Open Service Request Self Support Downloads

  26. Navigation Bar Navigation bar across the top of page is always visible Partner PartnerNet – External page My PartnerNet – Internal page Partner Name – Your company

  27. Your ID, Level and Certifications Partner Name Partner Name PartnerNet ID: 123456 You can view and update your Profile, Membership and Contact information and view your accounts information and level. Mouse over your ID to see information: PartnerNet ID Company Level Company Certifications

  28. Partner Revenue Report Partner Name Partner Name PartnerNet ID: 123456 Partner Revenue Report: This report will help you to review your current company status in terms of revenue and is built on a 12 month rolling period. This report provides month by month revenue status as well as the previous years history. Partner Payment Summary Report: The Partner Payment Summary report provides a summary of deal registration rebates your company currently has in process, as well as a list of rebates that have previously been paid, rebates that were forfeited, and rebates that were disqualified.

  29. Performance & Certification Overview Certification Overview Performance Overview

  30. Help Desk Partner Name

  31. Tools Access Partner Name

  32. PartnerNet Information Partner Name

  33. Locators Partner Name

  34. Deal Registration

  35. Program Overview • The Deal Registration program is designed to improve the profitability of your business. • It recognizes and rewards you, as our partner, by providing a back-end rebate for influencing the sale or transacting qualified sales opportunities. • The Deal Registration program is available to Gold and Platinum level members of the PartnerNet® program.

  36. Qualified Deals For a deal to qualify for the Deal Registration program, it must meet the following requirements: • Minimum software purchase net-to-“NetIQ/Novell/SUSE” is $5,000. • New deals must have an expected close date of 15 or more calendar days beyond the approved date. • Only one partner may register a single opportunity. In the case of duplicate deals, the rebate offer will be awarded to the partner who meets the approval criteria first.

  37. Standard Rebate Structure

  38. Deal Registration Process • Register your deal • You will be notified by email when your deal has been approved or rejected • If your deal is approved it will be moved to Opportunities so you can update and work as needed • After winning the deal you will need to update the details and attach a PO within 30 days after closing the deal • If influencing, you will also need to attach additional proof of sales documents • Payment will be sent 30 days after the end of the month in which the relevant transaction closed and proof of closure is submitted

  39. Appendix

  40. Rules of Engagement -1 • Request for Proposal (RFP) and other bid requests are excluded and ineligible for deal registration until the bid is awarded. • “New business” includes a new license, first-year subscription and first-year maintenance. • A “new customer” is any customer that has not purchased products and/or services in excess of U.S. $250 in any given quarter within the previous 36 months. • The Deal Registration program provides rebates for new business in existing accounts and new customers. • Multi-year deals that invoice the full amount are credited as “new” and eligible for rebate on the full license amount.

  41. Rules of Engagement - 2 • We will use commercially reasonable efforts to approve or reject an Eligible Opportunity within 72 hours of registration. Approval or rejection of an Eligible Opportunity will be made at the sole discretion of Novell, NetIQ and SUSE and will be non-negotiable and final. • The rebate payment Service Level Agreement (SLA) is 30 days after the close of the month the deal closed, and requires documentation like a PO as proof. You must be registered as a supplier to get paid. Forms available in the PartnerNet® Portal

  42. Partner Enters Deal

  43. Approval Desk Review

  44. Duplicate Deals

  45. Manager Review

  46. Approved / Rejected

  47. SAP Pipeline View On Approval, the Opportunity is transferred to the “Lead & Opportunity Management” system Deal is created as a Deal Reg Opportunity. Opportunity type is Deal Reg Opportunity. Expiration date is set to 90 days from registration date. Update approved opportunities on a timely basis in the Leads & Opportunities system