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ALL PARTNER ACCESS NETWORK. Program Overview. LCDR Jay Stapleton U.S. Joint Staff J6. US PACIFIC COMMAND, J73 Pacific Warfighting Center. Jerry Giles, J732 Branch Chief. Ty Wooldridge, J7 Division Chief. TISC Operational View - 1 (OV-1). A web-based, dot-org, "community of communities"

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Presentation Transcript

Program Overview

LCDR Jay Stapleton

U.S. Joint Staff J6


Pacific Warfighting Center

Jerry Giles, J732 Branch Chief

Ty Wooldridge, J7 Division Chief

TISC Operational View - 1 (OV-1)
  • A web-based, dot-org, "community of communities"
  • A web 2.0 service that combines the benefits of unstructured collaboration (wikis, blogs, forums) and structured collaboration (file sharing, calendar) with the personalization of social networking
  • Users can leverage APAN’s “social networking” environment to form networks that cut across groups/COIs


IA Controlled

what is APAN

PACOM DAA Oversight

Core Services

Operated by PWC

DISA Gig Waiver

PACOM Funded

PACOM’s Primary non-dot-mil, non-class info sharing network

Exercise & Real-World Support (people/equip)

Build Partnerships & Enhance Security Coop

APAN Mission

Provide Exercise Information Management Coordination

Provide Open-Source (VIC) & Media Analysis

Coalition Exercise Planning & Information

Promote Communities of Interest and Practice

Provide unimpeded access for the exchange of strategic communication & information

Association of Southeast Asian Nations |SOUTHCOM| Pacific Area Special Operations Conference | Marine Forces Pacific | Khan Quest | Non-Lethal SOCPAC| Talisman Saber | US Forces Japan| Keen Edge | US Navy Pacific Fleet| Pacific Partnership | Western Pacific Naval Symposium | US Pacific Command| Balikatan | Pakistan / Afghanistan Coordination Cell (PACC) | Asia Pacific Intelligence Chiefs Conference | Chiefs of Defense | Senior Enlisted Leaders | Talisman Saber | AFRICOM| Asia Pacific Defense Forum | EUCOM| Joint Interagency Task Force West| SOUTHCOM | Multinational Communications Interoperability Program | Pacific Endeavor | Mutual Defense Board | US Coast Guard | Quad Nations | Joint Task Force Homeland Defense| Makani Pahili | Vigilant Guard | Lightning Rescue | US Army| Garuda Shield | chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high yield explosive | Joint Interagency Coordination Group| Yama Sakura | Keris Strike | Yudh-Abhyas| Pacific Armies Management Seminars | Pacific Air Forces | Air Power Symposium | Pacific Lifeline | Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies | Asia Pacific Collaborative Security Consortium| Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) | Partnership for the Americas


APAN Supports

Group & Site Membership
  • Membership is not tracked & permissions are managed using site-level roles.
  • Public Open - Everyone can see the group & all content & can join without approval.
  • Public Closed - Everyone can see the group and all content, but must apply to join and be approved to become members and contribute.
  • Private Listed - Only members can see the group and all content. Everyone can see just the group name and description, but must apply to join and be approved to become members.
  • Private Unlisted - Only members know that the group exists and can see group and all content. All others must be invited to join and approved to become members.
Types of Groups

Access to all public information


Public View, but only members can post


Private View, requires Group membership to view& post (Listed)

Private View, hidden pages & hidden content (Unlisted)

Information Assurance / Network Security
  • Identity Management
    • All users are required to establish an identity
    • Requires user to provide Identity attributes / User profiles (Haiti lessons learned) Can track, Analyze & Deactivate users activity
    • Ability to deactivation identity of any member
  • User Authentication
    • Authentication factors (security questions, security images, passwords)
    • Access control – Use of CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart)
    • User authorization - Roles & Pre-defined Permissions
  • Data at Rest
    • Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)
    • Provides full database-level encryption for entire database at rest without affecting applications or database services
Information Assurance / Network Security
  • Data in Transport
    • Implements Secure Socket Layer (SSL) & industry standard RSA 1024-bit encryption
    • Provides security for communications over networks external to APAN (such as the Internet) by encrypting segments of network connections at transport layer end-to-end.
    • Search & Security. The indexing and search services on APAN are security context and permission aware.
  • Network Security
    • Under the Network Security Cognizance of USPACOM J6 Weekly IAVA patches
    • Regular scanning for malware Intrusion detection hardware Network Security
    • Monitored 24x7
Tools & Capabilities
  • APAN “Lite” Mobile Application
    • Enables APAN users to interact with the site while working on the run.
    • Low-bandwidth alternative designed specifically for smart phones and PDA’s
    • Enables users to keep up with the latest group activity, post to blogs and forums, and even upload files from your mobile device
    • Automated e-mail integration without using a web browser
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) for Remote Email Access
    • Web-based Email allows our users to check their email from almost anywhere.
    • RPC over HTTP allows them to have their Windows Mobile cell phones check their APAN email.
  • Chat
    • The open standard XMPP protocol – enables real-time text chat. 
    • Multilingual – translation feature lets you pick the language best suited for the conversation (I.e. English to Portuguese).   
Tools & Capabilities
  • Calendar Tool
    • Keep track of important dates and events with our new calendar tool. Group calendars enable users to share key events across the community.  
  • File Sharing / Document Exchange
    • Ability to share files, videos, pictures with people and communities
    • Groups share files within their Community of Interest
  • Wiki
    • A collaboration tool that allows easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language text editor.
  • Blogs / Forums
    • Maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, etc.
Geographic Information System (GIS)

Mapping tool that enables users to "geo-tag" any information with a point, line, or polygon, to save it on a map.  Users can view information on a map, allowing them to drill down into the content details.  

User Customizable Dashboard

RSS Feeds


Google Aps

Social Analytics

Provides a 360-degree view of what people think on the site and the Internet

Tracks internal and external sentiment about your company and products

Lets productive teams and groups make themselves visible

Mines for hot topics across your internal and public communities

Identifies Answerers, Influencers, and Content Originators

Measures the level of connection within your community

Gives you a sense of who is best connected

Measures the health of your online collaboration efforts

Tools & Capabilities

Back-Up Slides
  • Haiti Lessons Learned
  • Analytics Overview
Information posted/answered on

Haiti HA/DR site:

Hospital availability

Medicine shipment locations

Safety of port locations

Imagery/maps site locations

Cell phone tower coverage

Volunteer methods, websites


Coordination of efforts and personnel

NGO, IO, Partner Nations, Private Sector using

Offers of assistance: “I'm Denise Kelly, Exec Dir of CRUDEM foundation…We are in Milot, …approx 70 miles from PaP…have not been affected by earthquake...are a full service hospital…fully staffed with over 20 Haitian doctors and 35 nurses...have a volunteer medical trauma and orthopedic teams from the US…more medical volunteers arriving Wed”



Analytics Overview


Pacific Warfighting Center

James Kaina, J732 Strategies

Ty Wooldridge, J7 Division Chief

What is Analytics?

Actionable Reporting

Focus on top influencers, consumers, contributors

Gain 360-Degree Visibility

Monitor “buzz” topics

Monitor performance indicators



Understand user engagement

What do you want to analyze?

What are your business objectives?

What do you want to measure?

How will you measure?

What metrics or indicators?

How can you act on the results?

What to measure?





Web Analytics

What to measure? Buzz

Top Topics

Most Viewed Topics

New Topics

Volatile Topics

Tracked Topics

Most Viewed Tracked Topics

Users Talking about Tracked Topics

Top Searches

Popular Tags

Whose Talking


Askers for Topics

Answerers for Topics

Influencers for Topics

Originator for Topics

New Users Top Topics

Sentiment Summary

Daily Topic Sentiment

Recent Positive Contributions

Recent Negative Contributions

Topic Sentiment

Tracked Topic Sentiment

Sentiment Extremists

What to measure? Collaboration

Contributions per day

Most active content

Group statistics

User type summary

Social Fingerprint

Group activity over time

Most active groups

New groups

Forum statistics

Answer rate

Reply rate

Most popular forums

Most popular threads

Most active forums

Test forum topics

Forum views per day

Total forum views

Total views per forum

Total views per thread

Forum discussions per day

Total forum discussions

Discussion volume per forum

Q/A threads

Forum answers per day

Q/A reach over time

Most viewed answered threads

Most viewed unanswered threads

Answer people

Asker people

Answer rates

Reply rates

Most popular forums

Top questions

Top discussions

Most popular forum tags

Blog statistics

Top blog topics

Most active blogs

Trackbacks per blog

Blog views per day

Total blog views

Total views per blog

Total views per post

Blog posts per day

Total blog posts

New blog posts

Blog comments per day

Total blog comments

Comments per blog

Comments per post

Top commenters

Most popular blogs

Most popular posts

Most popular tags

Wiki statistics

Wiki pages per day

Wiki revisions per day

Contributions per wiki

Top wiki topics

… list continues

What to measure? Summary for Support, Users, Web Analytics
  • Support
    • Summary
      • key vital signs
    • Forum users
      • Contributors
      • Moderators
      • Top answerers
      • Top askers
    • Thread life cycle
      • Answer rate
      • Reply rate
      • Threads
      • Time-to-solution
  • Users
    • Summary
      • User key vital signs
    • User behavior
      • Active users
      • Find a user
      • Sign ins
    • User types
      • Summary
      • Answerer
      • Asker
      • Commenter
      • Connector
      • Influencer
      • Originator
      • Moderator
    • User demographics
      • User demographics
      • Users in roles
      • Total users
    • Sentiment
      • Users sentiment
  • Web Analytics
    • Summary
      • Web Analytics key vital signs
    • Views
      • Page views
      • RSS page views
      • Most-viewed pages
    • Visitors
      • Total visitors
      • Time on site
      • Depth of visit
    • Loyalty
      • Visitor frequency
      • Visitor recency
      • Exit ratio
    • Usage
      • Browser usage
      • Search keywords
      • Traffic sources
    • Exceptions
      • Exceptions