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Hera . By: Lauren Marrone Latin 1 period 1 Day 6. Citations .

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By: Lauren Marrone

Latin 1 period 1

Day 6

  • "HERA : Greek Goddess of Marriage, Queen of Heaven ; Mythology ; Pictures - JUNO." THEOI GREEK MYTHOLOGY, Exploring Mythology & the Greek Gods in Classical Literature & Art. Web. 13 Oct. 2010. <>
  • Category, By. "Hera: Images from Ancient Greek Mythology, Religion, Art of Hera." Agnosticism / Atheism - Skepticism & Atheism for Atheists & Agnostics. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <>.
  • Greek name: Hera
  • Roman name: Juno
  • Parents: Kronos and Rhea
  • Sphere of influence: Olympian queen of the gods and the goddess of women, marriage, the sky, and starry heavens
  • Attributes: wearing a crown, holding a royal, lotus-tipped staff, a royal lion, cuckoo, hawk, chariot, and jewelry
  • Birthplace: the Island of Crete
  • Favored the sky and the heavens

I chose this picture of Hera because it can tell you a lot about her. It shows many of her qualities and attributes. The attributes shown in this picture are her lotus-tipped staff she is holding, she is wearing a crown (because she is the Olympian queen of the gods), and the bird is either a cuckoo or a hawk. To me she looks powerful in this picture and above others, but this is expected from the queen of the gods (she is married to Zeus). But unlike her husband, she is not shown as harsh and intense. Instead she looks kind and calm. So I think this is a great picture because you can really get a sense of who she was.

Pre 476 A.D.


I chose this picture to show Hera using modern art because it shows her personality and attributes. The attributes this picture shows is her crown and her staff. She seems to be glowing so I got the feeling that she was very powerful. The power shows that she is queen if the gods and one of the highest ranking. Although she looks powerful she also gives me this warm feeling. She looks forgiving and kind. I think the best way to describe her in this picture is motherly. I would say motherly because she looks warm, forgiving, kind, and loving, but also somewhat strict and authoritative.

“Modern Art”

Post-1400 A.D.