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Hera. By: Yitzhak Geiser , Andrew Truitt, Danielle Felker , & Marissa Mustafa. Curtsey of Google images. Names. Greek name: Hera Roman name: Juno . Dominion. Marriage Birth Women. Symbols:. Crow Pomegranate (symbol of marriage) Peacock Cow. Parents. Father: Coronas

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  1. Hera By: Yitzhak Geiser, Andrew Truitt, Danielle Felker, & Marissa Mustafa Curtsey of Google images

  2. Names • Greek name: Hera • Roman name: Juno

  3. Dominion • Marriage • Birth • Women

  4. Symbols: • Crow • Pomegranate (symbol of marriage) • Peacock • Cow

  5. Parents • Father: Coronas • Mother: Rhea Story of birth: She was swallowed by Coronas. Feared that his children would overthrow him, Zeus poisoned his father, therefore causing him to spit her up.

  6. Hera’s Revenge

  7. Main Points • Hera wanted to punish Zeus for his adultery • She hired some Gods to tie him up • Zeus came free and took Hera into the sky and tied her with chains • Hera cried for days • Zeus finally took her down and promised to be faithful to her from now on.

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