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Graphene fiber. ← GO solution in glass pipeline (0.4mm) Drying solution at 230°C ↓ (left) ~30µm graphene fiber was obtained (right) Graphene nanosheets are aligned. Graphene fiber. ← Electrical conductivity was not degraded after bending at r~2mm

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Graphene fiber

Graphene fiber

← GO solution in glass pipeline (0.4mm)

Drying solution at 230°C

↓ (left) ~30µm graphene fiber was obtained

(right) Graphenenanosheets are aligned

Graphene fiber

Graphene fiber

← Electrical conductivity was not degraded

after bending at r~2mm

Useful for wearable and flexible electronics

← Properties can be tuned by introducing

nanoparticles in fiber

(ex) Ferromagnetism by iron oxide NP

Photocurrent can be obtained by TiO2 NP

Graphene fiber

Graphene fiber

Merit of graphene fiber

– inexpensive graphene, strong fiber

(Left) conventional solution-spinning method and

mechanical property of graphene fiber

(Bottom right) mechanical property of graphene fiber

obtained by glass pipeline method

Graphene fiber

Graphene fiber

Possible applications

By means of flexible and wearble electronics,

Photovoltaic and

Piezoelectric energy harvesting

can be considered

Graphene fiber

Nanosheet dielectric

Mica as a gate dielectric

Free standing mica (2006)

Exfoliated mica on 3M tape (2011)

Exfoliation of mica

Au evap.

Pentacene evap.

Pentacene (evaporation)

Mica sheet (1µm)

Au (evaporation)

Au evap.

Exfoliation of mica

CuPc evap.


Mica sheet (100nm)

Au (evaporation)

3M tape

Graphene fiber

Nanosheet dielectric

(left) exfolitaed mica flakes


Exfolitaion with 3M tape

Dissolve tape in acetone

Acetone and sheets are filtered


Objects for future works

Chemical exfolitation


Deposition of transfer

Graphene fiber

Sol-gel dielectric

Performance uniformity problem:

Use of MEA : Powder precipitation problem

Graphene fiber

Sol-gel dielectric

Without stabilizer, solution was dissolved at 50°C

Performance (leakage current) was degraded

Films were tend to be dewet on substrate surface

Graphene fiber

Sol-gel dielectric

EG was used for improving spin-coating

(Left) Failed experiment due to high resistivity of Si waver

(Right) Leakage current density of sol-gel zirconatess

Graphene fiber

Sol-gel dielectric

Future works

Exfoliation: Introducing larger ions

(No reference for mica)


Intercalation agent: ex) TBAH or PA

Solution pH

Hydrothermal or AP


Chemical composition of mica


in which X is K, Na, or Ca or less commonly Ba, Rb, or Cs;

Y is Al, Mg, or Fe or less commonly Mn, Cr, Ti, Li, etc.;

Z is chiefly Si or Al, but also may include Fe3+ or Ti.