motor control plcs and ladder logic l.
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Motor Control PLCs and Ladder Logic PowerPoint Presentation
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Motor Control PLCs and Ladder Logic

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Motor Control PLCs and Ladder Logic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Motor Control PLCs and Ladder Logic. An Introduction. Hard-wired Motor Control Circuitry. Thermal protection not shown. Manufacturers wiring diagram. Definitions - PLC.

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Motor Control PLCs and Ladder Logic

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hard wired motor control circuitry
Hard-wired Motor Control Circuitry

BAE 3023

Thermal protection not shown

definitions plc
Definitions - PLC

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  • PLC: (Programmable Logic Controller) An industrial control device developed to accept contact closure inputs and to provide outputs that drive relay coils.
    • The device may be re-programmed with code relating inputs to outputs
    • Modern PLCs may allow analog input/output and may support high level language functions (C, C++, BASIC)
    • Programming logic includes simple logic, timing functions counting functions, sequences, and may include complex algorithms (eg. PID)
    • Examples: Allen-Bradley, Schneider-Modicon, GE, Moeller, etc.
definitions ladder logic
Definitions - Ladder Logic

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  • Ladder Logic: Graphical language for describing output of an electrical switching system as a function of its inputs.
    • Also known as “relay ladder logic” or RLL
    • Commonly used in PLC coding
    • Primarily used to relate logical inputs (switch closures) to relay coil outputs. (Start switch used to energize a motor contactor relay)
    • Commonly used to document control equipment in process plants
    • Example:
motor control ladder logic
Motor Control Ladder Logic

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  • Note:
    • Power circuit is not shown, only control wiring
    • Left side ladder is source, right is sink
    • Many rungs or “circuits” can be shown
allen bradley pico plc
Allen-Bradley Pico PLC

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  • Circuit elements
    • “I” Input contact closures
    • “Q” Output contact closures (drives coil)
    • “T” Timer device
    • “C” Counter device
    • “M” Auxillary relay
    • “H” Time of day
    • “A” Analog input
    • “D” Display on screen
    • “R”,”S” Expansion devices

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  • Picosoft Demonstrator
time delay
Time Delay

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  • Time delayed start of conveyor with All STOP
stop and start delay
stop and start delay

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  • Time delayed start and time delayed stop