kindergarten 2014
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Kindergarten 2014

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Kindergarten 2014. Parent Information Evening. Class Teachers. KH - Miss Kristyn Howley KK - Mrs Zrinka Krivosic KM - Mrs Nicolette Marshall. Term 1 Overview: English.

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kindergarten 2014

Kindergarten 2014

Parent Information Evening

class teachers
Class Teachers

KH - Miss Kristyn Howley

KK - Mrs Zrinka Krivosic

KM - Mrs Nicolette Marshall

term 1 overview english
Term 1 Overview:English
  • Kindy students are currently being taught using a high-quality phonics program called Get Reading Right. These lessons are conducted everyday.
  • Letter names and sounds are taught to students which progresses into spelling simple words. The program also equips students with the knowledge to make the right choices when spelling in their everyday writing.
  • In the program, ‘camera words’ is a term that is used to describe words that cannot be sounded out. We say to students they need to take a mental snap shot of this word and just remember it. Many of the sight words that are being sent home to learn are camera words.
  • Handwriting is another important aspect of the Kindy curriculum. It is important that students know how to form letters correctly as it will assist them in the next few years when they are required to link letters together.
  • Learning that capital letters are for proper nouns and at the beginning of sentences is also important. Please assist with this when watching your child write their name.
term 1 overview mathematics
Term 1 Overview:Mathematics
  • Our Maths program will include both textbook based activities and hands-on activities to reinforce mathematical concepts.
  • Textbook this year is Australian Signpost Maths for NSW, which is aligned with the new Australian Curriculum.
  • In Term 1 we will be covering:

· Numbers from 1 to 10, matching groups, counting from 1 to 10 and patterns in Number and Algebra Strand

· Two-dimensional shapes, length, capacity, mass and position in Measurement and Geometry Strand

  • Additionally starting a Count Me In Too program once a week. This program aims to develop students’ strategies for solving mathematical problems through the use of hands-on activities and games.
  • Extra support and extension activities are a part of our differentiated approach and this will ensure all students reach their full potential.
term 1 overview human society and its environment hsie and science and technology
Term 1 Overview:Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) andScience and Technology

This is Me, This is My School

  • This unit provides opportunities for students to explore the school, its surroundings and its people
  • Looks at classroom routines and responsibilities
  • Also provides opportunities to explore students’ lives and special characteristics
  • A focus on students’ backgrounds, past experiences and memories, and on important people in their lives.
  • Provides them with opportunities to compare themselves with others in their class and with

people from different places and times.

  • Science focus on the five senses.
fair discipline and effective learning in the classroom
Fair Discipline and Effective Learning in the Classroom

In Kindergarten, we abide by the values of Kensington Public School. The 5 Cs of KPS are:

  • Courtesy
  • Cooperation
  • Conscientiousness
  • Consideration
  • Cultural background
before school routine
Before School Routine
  • Arrival between 8:30 and 9am.
  • Wait in Area 1 where there is teacher supervision.
  • For safety reasons no child is to be outside the Kindergarten rooms or inside the building before 9am. School bags should remain with them until the bell rings.
  • On Mondays K-2 have morning lines. Classes line up outside the hall (on the turfed area) for weekly announcements. Parents are welcome to stay to hear these announcements.
after school routine
After School Routine
  • Teachers will take their class to their morning meeting areas.
  • Children are to stay with the teacher until they are collected in person.
  • Please let us know if your child will be going home with someone different - send us a note or email/ring the office.

Your child needs to bring a library bag every time they borrow. Please put a cloth bag labelled with your child’s name inside his/her school bag for the next library visit.

Library Days

KH: Wednesday

KK: Monday

KM: Thursday

It is a great help to the librarian if library books are returned before school on your child’s library day, placed in the returns box located outside the library.

  • Every Wednesday.
  • Children will need to wear their sports uniform on this day.
  • This term Kindergarten will be focusing on sports skills.
sun protection
Sun Protection
  • KPS has a no hat, no play policy. Please ensure that your child brings his/her hat every day.
  • They may bring sunscreen, but will need to apply it themselves.

If your child is absent from school:

- Ring the office on the day of the absence


- Email the school on the day of absence

and then

  • Send child with a note to the class teacher on the following day.

For planned absences please see the office staff for a form to fill in.

late arrival early leave
Late Arrival/Early Leave
  • If your child arrives late, sign them in at the office and bring the blue slip to the class teacher.
  • If your child is being picked up early, sign them out at the office before coming to collect them and hand the blue slip to the class teacher.
  • All partial absences are recorded.
notes and money
Notes and Money
  • Are to come through your child’s communication folder in the morning. It is important that notes and money are not given directly to the teacher before or after school.
  • We encourage parents to use the online payment option - see the KPS website for more details. We will still require permission notes to be handed in for excursions and events.
recess and lunch
Recess and Lunch
  • Recess: 11.00-11.30am
  • Lunch: 1.00-1.45pm
  • Please remember no nuts or nut products in your child’s lunches due to allergies.
  • Please label the top and bottom of all lunch boxes and drink containers.
  • Crunch n Sip occurs in every classroom as a midmorning healthy snack.
homework readers
  • Soon, students will be bringing books home to read. These books are called readers and they are levelled books matching your child’s reading ability.
  • As part of their homework, students are to read one book a night and record it in the assigned record book.
homework sight words
HOMEWORK: Sight Words
  • Sight word practice is encouraged every night. Your child will have a sight word book that will contain lists of words. Once these lists are mastered they will receive a new list.
HOMEWORK: Talking and Listening


  • The news roster along with your child’s allocated news day will be sent home this Friday, along with their sight word book.
homework spelling rules
HOMEWORK: Spelling Rules
  • A student text book will be coming home in Term 2. It contains 30 units of work. Each unit focuses simple letters and words. This is to become part of student homework. This will be marked each week and is a whole school initiative.
  • Reading Eggs, Mathletics and Spelldrome.
  • Pasted into the back of their sight word book.
  • These web-based programs are to assist students in their literacy and numeracy development. They are used in the class and in the computer lab at school. They can also be used at home.
  • We are still after many donations. If you haven’t got around to contributing to the classroom please do so soon.
  • We would really appreciate you sending your child with an old large t-shirt that will act as a smock during arts and craft time. We don’t want to ruin their lovely uniforms with paint 