Group 1 r bornholm saaremaa estonia
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Group 1 Ærø, Bornholm, Saaremaa/Estonia. 16 Apr 2013. Estonia : energy lessons , 1. grade of secondary school , education material Bornholm : households , campaigns , looking for projects with new ways to reach households , better insulation , changing heating units

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Group 1 r bornholm saaremaa estonia

Group 1 Ærø, Bornholm, Saaremaa/Estonia

16 Apr 2013

Group 1 r bornholm saaremaa estonia

  • Estonia: energylessons, 1. grade of secondaryschool, educationmaterial

  • Bornholm: households, campaigns, looking for projectswith new ways to reachhouseholds, betterinsulation, changingheating units

  • Ærø: 6600 inhabitants, energyadvising small households, wind turbine projects, heating, transportation, exportelectricity, 60 RE in districtheating

Main technical problem re energy and infrastructure
Main technical problem re energy and infrastructure?

  • Estonia, mainlySaaremaa: no gas connection to mainland, electriccars and filling stations, CHP plants and wood chips, 6 districtheatingnetworks, 3 in a bad condition, private houses 90 uselocalwoodfuel, 7 underwaterelectriccables, localelectric distribution system is weak, sensitive to storms. Nosubsidies. Electricity from Nordpool, pricesincreased 20%, pricesarehigh for ordinarypeoplecompared to income. Feed-intariffenergyproduction 5.3 c / kWh. Salariesarelowerthan in mainland. Heat pumps is a new trend.

  • 80 % of windows in apartmentsarechanged, 20% houses arecorrectly and wellinsulated, the rest have problems.

Group 1 r bornholm saaremaa estonia

  • Bornholm: Insulation of houses is biggest problem, 50 energy checks indicate potential for savings, discussionabouttemporaryvisitors (summer guests), specialrules of protection of houses

  • Ærø: districtheating, oldplants and new plant, oldbuildings (> 100 yrsold), replaceoilboiler by heat pump is not always a solution, biginvestment to insulate, buildingrestrictions in twotowns,

People behaviour
People behaviour?

  • Ærø: people know the money paid, but not energy spent, they would like to know if consumption is low or high

  • Bornholm: things happen when the advisor makes a list of actions

  • Estonia: Do not know kWh, they pay directly to bank, campaigns for housing associations, lack of campaigns for private houses


  • Estonia: EU projects, expertcrediting fund financescampaigns for housing associations, localgovernment funds, nobodyfinancescampaigns for private households (LEADER for otherpurposes)

  • Bornholm: rural district EU funds for development (LEADER, LAG), national funding (Energifonden), little bit of payments from the households, there is an energystrategy

  • Ærø: campaignshard to finance, muicipalitycanusesomemoneyon information campaigns, LAG, fundingshouldbe independent, threat to consulting status,

Target groups
Target groups

  • Estonia: House owners, pupils in schools, NGOs

  • Bornholm: private households

  • Ærø: private households

Action lines
Action lines

  • Bornholm: energy plan (2010): save x % electricity and heating in households (difficulties to reach the goal), cannotsee the results of theirwork in the figures, involvemunicipality, business associations (green agenda), bike and walk, more districtheating, more wind turbines land and sea, more biogas, electricalvehicles, PROMISE calculators in Danish, media (radio, TV, newspaper), green shop certificate, suitcase of tools to use in a housing association. Main activity: homeenergy check. Involved in manylocalprojects. Makepeopleknowabout the energy action plan. Makeawarenesscampaign for the energystrategy, anchor the strategy in households’ lives, so theycansee the bigpicture.

  • Ærø: Private households, transportation, calculators published on local sustainable energy website, efficient cars, municipality, house checks, self-checks (Android App), newspapers, discuss transportation during home energy checks,

  • Estonia: energy checks, calculators, makecourses for pupils and teachers, energysavingweek (2nd w Nov), programs on radio station onSaaremaa, articles to localnewspapers, excursionsaround the island to show bestpractices. Talk aboutwaste and wateralso. Find betterways to include the inhabitants. Use radio.