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Conference Alert

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Conference Alert
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Conference Alert

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  1. Conference Alert Conference Alerts 2015, All Conference In India Conferences by Conference Alerts - Find details about academic conferences 2015, all about conferences in India. Conference Alert A conference is a meeting of many people who assemble to discuss some important matters and issues. Conference Alert is of various natures and types. The topics or matters discussed at a conference-event determine what type of meeting it is. The purpose or aim of every conference- event is to enlighten people on diverse matters so that they feel qualified to take positive decisions. . .

  2. Conference Alert 2015 A Conference Alert should add real value to the lives of all the attendees who attend it, i.e. if attendees arrive at the meeting feeling benighted, they should go away feeling enlightened and edified. People have conferred with each other from time immemorial. People of the Stone Age would confer with each other to take decisions on behalf of their clans. Men and women of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and the Neolithic Periods would often converge in caves and caverns, in the midst of dense forests and in other primitive places to elect tribal chiefs, to discuss how to kill more game, to fix totems, to cook raw meat. They would talk amongst each other in languages that are unintelligible to us but that made sense to them. Sometimes, such conferences would end in bloody tussles and some of the attendees would be impaled to death by the crude tools and implements of the other attendees. . TF3 Girija Apartment, Arumbakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600106 044 4291 8383