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Prometheus Differences with Syrenad PowerPoint Presentation
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Prometheus Differences with Syrenad

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Prometheus Differences with Syrenad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prometheus Differences with Syrenad. Donor management. Mechelen, Belgium February 2013. 1. Coding. 1.1. Donor codes. New registered donors in Prometheus will have a unique donor code: BE158917D : a unique number assigned by the software application.

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Presentation Transcript

Differences with Syrenad

Donor management

Mechelen, BelgiumFebruary 2013


1. Coding

1.1. Donor codes

  • New registered donors in Prometheus will have a unique donor code: BE158917D: a unique number assigned by the software application.
  • Migrated donors will keep the old Syrenad code:- all donors from Syrenad will be migrated to Prometheus. (status active – cancelled).- all requests and results: pending or closed since 8-1-2008 will be migrated to Prometheus

1. Coding

1.1. Cord blood

  • As Cord blood will always be uploaded we agreed to keep the Syrenad coding.
    • BECB0116 / BECBUCL
    • BECB0146 / BECBULG
    • BECB0276 / BECBULB
    • BECB0300
  • All cords (active or cancelled) will be migrated to Prometheus. All requests and results: pending or closed since 8-1-2008 will be migrated to Prometheus

2. Quality check

2.1. Donor quality check when logging in

  • When starting the program: inconsistencies will be shown in a panel below / it is also shown on donor record level.
  • So quality check can be managed by donor center – cord blood bank.

3. Donor status

3.1. Donor reservation rules


3. Donor status

3.2. Donor reservation rules Prometheus

  • In Syrenad:Donor: no reservation Cord blood: after request cord blood was set automatically to TCI.
  • In Prometheus:User must change donor status / cord blood status. Data will be sent to the international HUB, including Patient Id if the donor or cord is reserved for a specific patient.

3. Donor status

3.3. Automatic change of status

  • Donors + 60 Will be put to deleted status automatically, visible in the quality check warnings, (can be additionally exported from the analytical tool).
  • Pending actions will not be deleted automatically, the request must always be finished.
  • Donors end of TCI / end of reservation
  • Donor center will put donor to reserved status after request, quality check will inform end of TCI:
  • Automatically switched to availability status again : quality check will give alert.

4. Donor migration

4.1. Cleanup while migrating : where fields used for other purposes


5. Donor migration

5.1. Problems with the typing dates of donors in Syrenad

  • Some centers didn’t provide data when uploading
  • Some only one date
  • So solution: in more than 99% in concerned 2 dates: we uploaded the 2 recent dates for information purposes.
  • Date of registration inserted is also available.

5. Donor migration

5.1. Typing dates


6. Donor registration

  • SOP rules :
  • To be able to be registered within the MDPB-R, donors must have passed their 18th birthday but must not have passed their 50th birthday. Ok covered
  • All donors must be at least HLA A, B and C typed in low resolution (2 digits) and DRB1 typed in high resolution (4 digits). Multiple allele codes may be used if all the alleles covered are identical over all of exons 2 and 3 for HLA class I or over all of exon 2 for HLA class II.
  • Ok covered
  • PROPOSITION to be less stringent: but must be adapted in the SOP.

For approval


7. Donor registration

Donors on waiting list

  • Waiting list will not be converted from Syrenad to Prometheus.
  • Different centers have been informed to stop registering donors on the waiting list.
  • It is however possible to register donors in Prometheus without HLA typing : donor code will be given, donor will not be available for Emdisas long as the donor is not properly validated.

8. Cord blood

  • New cord blood : uploaded by interface.
  • Validation rules in case of typing update : same as donor validation.
  • For all actions -> same toolbox as donor center : reports – analytical tools – Emdis message flow – receiving requests.

9. Donor validation

Donor registration and donor update

By double blind input: user with validation rights.


10. Letter templates

Syrenad mail management


10. Letter templates

Historic Syrenad information uploaded in the internal comment section:


10. Letter templates

Prometheus: can be customised in donor reports: to be done – change request


10. Letter templates

Temporary solution

Word templates can be used and attached to the donor file


11. Search determinant

  • There is no need to derive serology from DNA (WMDA guidelines – neither BMDW or Prometheus or EMDIS – does require serology.
  • We will remove all serology – search determinants when DNA is available.
  • When doing a typing update for a donor with only serology typing, the serology must be removed when updating the DNA value.
  • Tool for cleaning serology on a regular basis (Registry task)
  • Easily switch between donor centers
  • Switch between donor center – transplant center