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Prometheus Differences with Syrenad PowerPoint Presentation
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Prometheus Differences with Syrenad

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Prometheus Differences with Syrenad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Prometheus Differences with Syrenad. Patient management. Mechelen, Belgium February 2013. 1. Coding. New registered patients in Prometheus will have a unique donor code: BE12345P : a unique number assigned by the software application.

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Differences with Syrenad

Patient management

Mechelen, BelgiumFebruary 2013


1. Coding

  • New registered patients in Prometheus will have a unique donor code: BE12345P: a unique number assigned by the software application.
  • Migrated patients will keep the old Syrenad code:- all patients registered since 8-1-2008 (in Syrenad) will be migrated to Prometheus. (status active – cancelled – suspended).- all patient’s requests and results: pending or closed since 8-1-2008 will be migrated to Prometheus
  • When change of center: Patient file can be transferred including all pending messages without change of code.

2. Patient registration

  • Difference with Syrenad:
  • Transplant center users can register patients.
  • Patient will be validated by the Transplant center (user with validation rights)
  • Responsibility of the Transplant center to apply to MDPB-R SOP.
  • Disease category: if MAC approval is required the patient may not be registered until the MAC request has been approved: responsibility of the TC.

3. Patient registration

Emdis diagnosis: mandatory


3. Patient registration

Emdis disease phase : optional


3. Patient registration

MDPB-R SOP disease

  • Customised disease phase
  • This field has been created to apply to the MDPB-R SOP: categories are listed in the MDPB001 preliminary search request.
  • Customised disease phase will not be sent to EMDIS.

3. Patient registration

  • Transplant center must no longer send the MDPB001 Preliminary search request to the Registry.
  • As soon as a patient is validated the Registry will receive an alert and send the “Notification of unrelated donor search by the Registry “ for the Riziv/Inami to the Transplant center.
  • Registry will at the same time check that SOP requirements are fulfilled. (cfr diseases – Mac).

4. Patient validation

  • The validation consists of 2 parts:
  • HLA/DNA to be validated;
  • Medical data to be validated.
  • (Medical data can also immediately be validated when registering the patient file):
  • The validation will be logged by user and time stamp.
  • Users: 3 profiles
  • Person with consultation rights
  • Person with only registration rights
  • Person with registration and validation rights

6. Serology – Search determinant

  • Serology – search determinant is not needed.