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Optimum Guide To Travel With A Single Suitcase | PowerPoint Presentation
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Optimum Guide To Travel With A Single Suitcase |

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Optimum Guide To Travel With A Single Suitcase | - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Optimum Guide To Travel With A Single Suitcase |

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  1. Optimum Guide To Travel With A Single Suitcase By Pacific Inn Hotel & Suites

  2. Planning a vacation in San Diego is super exciting but when it comes to packing, it is a challenge for many people. To make you look chic and glamorous without repeating your clothes after every couple of days, we have compiled some amazing tips to help you out in packing lightly for your stay at affordable beach hotel near Pacific Beach.

  3. Vacuum Compression Bags • To prevent your cloth from creasing, instead of folding them you must roll them up and place inside a vacuum compression bag. Place your rolled up clothes in it, zip up your bag and squeeze the air out. This will leave you with more space in your suitcase without creasing your clothes.

  4. Ziplock Bags • Ziplock bags sound old school, but it actually helps when carrying liquid items and electronics. Sort out all your cables and cords, gadgets, and other portable electronics, pack in separate ziplock bags. It is also helpful to keep your skincare items like hand lotions, sanitizers, toners and a never ending list, but keep it limited when you are on a quest to pack a single suitcase, just take essential items that will help you throughout the vacation.

  5. Utilize E-Book Reader • You are not going to carry a lot of books and it will be quite inconvenient. Make copies of important pages that you will need later on your vacation and keep e-books reader and download what interest you most.

  6. Weigh Your Bag • To avoid extra luggage fees at the airport, it is a good idea to weigh your luggage before you leave. Invest in a luggage scale to see how close you are reaching the weight limit. If you are close to the limit, wear some of the heavier items or take unnecessary items out of your bag. Instead of carrying full sized toiletries, invest in some travel sized items for ease or you can utilize the ones available at cheap hotel on Pacific Beach.

  7. Keep Valuables Safe • Everybody knows that wallets contain money and your important identities, but it will be easier to keep it safe if you place your cash and other valuables in disguise or unexpected places. Utilize socks, pockets of pants which are in your suitcase and empty lip balm containers to keep your money and cards safe. This will also keep you from carrying extra bags for valuables.

  8. Pack Within Limits • Some people never realize that they are packing for a whole year even when going for two weeks vacation. Don’t let any random thoughts distract you, that this dress will look good in case any unexpected event comes out or I can use this makeup kit for any location. Keep your luggage simple and carry multipurpose makeup so you can look pretty whether hitting the beach or night club before you leave your affordable Hotel San Diego.

  9. About us: • Pacific Inn Hotel & Suites is the ideal choice for cheap hotels in San Diego. Start planning your trip now by checking our rooms and suites and making an online reservation or by calling (619) 232-6391. • Web: http://www.pacificinnsd.com/ • Email: Support@pacificinnsd.com • Address: 1655 Pacific Highway San Diego, CA 92101