api 20k flange design task group api sc6 task group l.
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API 20K Flange Design Task Group API SC6 Task Group PowerPoint Presentation
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API 20K Flange Design Task Group API SC6 Task Group

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API 20K Flange Design Task Group API SC6 Task Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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API 20K Flange Design Task Group API SC6 Task Group. Date: June 26, 2008. Design Flange. Functional Design Speci f ication Static Loads per Task Group Consensus Dynamic Loads-TBD. Sealability Analysis. Design Verification . Fatigue Analysis. Design meets Static Load requirements.

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Presentation Transcript
design analysis procedure

Design Flange

Functional Design Specification

Static Loads per Task Group Consensus

Dynamic Loads-TBD

Sealability Analysis

Design Verification

Fatigue Analysis

Design meets

Static Load



Design meets

Fatigue life







Design Validation


Design Analysis Procedure
bolt diameter estimation
BoltDiameter Estimation
  • Observation: Large Bolt Diameter.
  • Concerns/Design Considerations:
  • 1. For High Strength Bolts-Tapped Hole depth need to be adjusted for material yield differences.
  • Availability of bolt material with uniform cross sectional properties.
  • Ability to achieve uniform make-up through applied torque.
  • Larger Flange OD. Increase in equipment weight. Increased cost.
  • Monolithic equipment design: Increased Handling weight & Machining Cost.
alternate bolt materials
Alternate Bolt Materials
  • Higher Strength, >120 to130 ksi yield may be needed
    • Higher than 120 Yield Strength Inconel 718 not included in API 6A718 --- 130 ksi/150 ksi may be included in next revision.
    • Inconel 925 is being considered by NACE
    • Alloy bolting, hardness 35 Rc/strength is limited due to Hydrogen Embrittlement when connected to C P protection
bx 164 seal ring gasket
BX-164 Seal Ring Gasket
  • At Make-up condition entire gasket(316 S.S,) cross section yields
  • Gasket leakage concerns: (a) Cyclic loads, (b) At high temperature
  • New Cross section to be designed. (Reference: R. Eichenberg’s method.) New Cross section is under development.
  • Design guidelines & Test protocol for Gasket needs to be established.
  • Concerns: Cost of testing . Material Selected will verify performance of that material.
hydril 18 3 4 20 ksi flange design preliminary
Hydril 18-3/4” 20 ksi Flange Design (Preliminary)

Stress Calculations Method: ASME Section VIII, Division 2, Appendix 3

flange design
Flange Design
  • API 6A Flange Design: Reference: API TR 6AF2
    • ASME Methodology, ASME Section VIII, Div2, Appendix 4
    • Design Allowable per API 6A, Based on Tresca Theory (Stress Intensity): For API 75K Material
        • Working Pressure: Sm = (2/ 3)*Sy
        • Test Pressure: ST = (0.83)* Sy
        • Bolt Allowable: API 6A:
          • 83 % of Yield, Max Stress,
          • Make up load 50% of Sy
  • ASME Method, Section VIII, Div2, 2007 Edition:
    • Sm = Lower of (2/ 3)*Sy or ST = TS/2.4
    • Sbm= Allowable @ Hydrostatic Pressure: Sbm = 0.95 Sy

Sbm + Sbb = lower of 1.43 SY or 2.43 SY-1.5Sbm

  • Bolt Size affects flange OD.
    • Need higher strength bolt material
    • Deepwater application requires considerations for affects of CP protection and potential exposure to well bore fluid when insulated,
    • Bolting Allowable being reviewed. Recommendation to follow.
  • BX-164 Gasket is inadequate. New Gasket is needed.
    • Material selection for subsea use may qualify only one gasket material
  • Flange Design Method/Allowable being reviewed. Recommendation to follow.
      • API 6A + ASME Sect VIII (Edition referenced in API 6A)


      • ASME Sect VIII, 2007 Edition