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Bottle caps. Word Work. “bean” words. Cloverleaf Elementary September 10, 2013. Learning Targets for Today. I can review the I-Charts for Word Work (materials set up, use, and clean up) I can review the Focus Lessons for Launching Word Work. (see p. 89 in Daily 5 book)

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word work

Bottle caps

Word Work

“bean” words

Cloverleaf Elementary

September 10, 2013

learning targets for today
Learning Targets for Today
  • I can review the I-Charts for Word Work (materials set up, use, and clean up)
  • I can review the Focus Lessons for Launching Word Work. (see p. 89 in Daily 5 book)
  • I can discuss with my PLC what the content and products/processes of Word Work will be.
frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What materials are used?
  • What words are practiced?
  • Is this my spelling program?
  • What about vocabulary?
  • When are new words introduced and practiced?

….just to name a few

important to remember
Important to Remember….
  • Daily 5™ is the foundation of our literacy block upon which everything is built.
      • It has no "content" or lesson plans, it is simply a structure for dispersing instruction and practice time.
  • Daily 5™ focuses on teaching the behaviors of reading, writing, listening and manipulating words.
    • Word Work is a system for teaching children how to practice words, so your spelling, sight/dolch words, vocabulary, and phonics programs can be infused into the structure seamlessly.
where to begin
Where to Begin….
  • Create an I-Chart:
    • Student Expectations
    • Teacher Expectations
    • Why We Work on Words
  • Model Expectations:
    • Incorrect/Correct
    • Getting and Returning Materials (Anchor Charts)
  • Build Stamina:
    • Place students in small groups and have them practice
    • Base appropriate amount of time according to independence and grade levels
  • Review I-Chart:
    • Reconvene for self and group reflections

What students will do……

  • Work the whole time
  • Stay in one spot except to get and return materials
  • Work quietly
  • Get started right away
  • One person takes out materials of his/her choice and sets up in a quiet location
example of implementation
Day One - * Introduce optional materials and their locations to students.

* Brainstorm I chart of how to set up materials and how to work with them independently

* Model finding the materials, materials placement in the room, and setup of materials

* Brainstorm chart of how to clean up

* Model materials placement in the room, setup, and cleanup of the materials

Day Two - * Model and practice materials setup, materials placement, and cleanup of materials

* Brainstorm I chart – “How to Use Materials”

* Model and practice student behaviors of how to use materials

* Continue building stamina of working with materials, adding 1 – 2 minutes each day

Example of Implementation:

Other focus lessons for Word Work might include the following:

  • Add words to word study notebook that relate to the strategy taught that day
  • List words that belong to a pattern and add to word study notebook
  • Word sorts
  • Adding words to their collection
  • Practicing basic words most often misspelled

Each day add a few more minutes until students are independently working with these materials for the desired amount of time.

material set up
Material Set-Up


ideas for word work
Ideas for Word Work
  • Shell spell using spelling words or words from word wall
  • Playdoh (pinch and poke / roll)
  • Write the room
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Rainbow write
  • Wikki sticks
  • Dry erase boards
  • Beans
  • Bingo dabbers
  • Alphabet stamps
  • Magnetic letters
  • Clay (press in lid of coffee can and write with a golf tee)
  • Magnadoodle
  • Jr. Boggle game
  • Scrabble tiles
  • Chalk boxes (spray cardboard box with chalk paint)
  • Etch a sketch

VIDEO: Taking a “Tour”: www.thedailycafe.com/members/323.cfm

content of word work
Content of Word Work

Discuss with your grade level what where you will get content

for this Daily 5 component.

Letterland Words Their Way

Wordly Wise Content Specific Vocabulary

such as Science, Math, etc.

What else?

possible products processes for word work
Possible Products/Processes for Word Work

Word Sorts Vocabulary Booklets

Magnetic letters Stamping

Building with beans, buttons, shells, etc.


What else? (Word Work Task cards will be uploaded on

my web page.)