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Word Work. Prefixes: ir - : not, opposite of Irrational Irrelevant Mid-: halfway, at the center of Midway Midnight. Word Work. Prefixes Inter- : between International Interactive Over-: beyond, more than, too much Overpowering Overpriced. Word Work. Roots Aud / audi : hearing

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word work
Word Work
  • Prefixes:
    • ir- : not, opposite of
      • Irrational
      • Irrelevant
    • Mid-: halfway, at the center of
      • Midway
      • Midnight
word work1
Word Work
  • Prefixes
    • Inter- : between
      • International
      • Interactive
    • Over-: beyond, more than, too much
      • Overpowering
      • Overpriced
word work2
Word Work
  • Roots
    • Aud/audi: hearing
      • Auditorium
      • Audio
    • Mono: one, single
      • Monochrome
      • Monotheism
word work3
Word Work
  • Suffixes
    • -less : without
      • Regardless
      • Careless
    • -ful: full of, characterized by
      • Careful
      • Beautiful
  • Placing two unlike elements together in text to show a contrast between the two
  • Used to make a point
juxtaposition examples
Juxtaposition Examples

“Birthdays was the worst days / now we sip champagne when we thirsty”

-- The Notorious B.I.G., “Juicy”

The idea of birthdays being bad days (due to really feeling that he was poor) is juxtaposed with the present-day image of having enough money to drink expensive champagne whenever he wants.

juxtaposition examples1
Juxtaposition Examples

“This [guy] graduated at the top of our class / I went to Cheesecake, he was a waiter there”

-- Kanye West, “School Spirit”

What is being juxtaposed in these lyrics?

juxtaposition examples2
Juxtaposition Examples

“I pity the fool with jewels like Mr. T With no history in my borough, they borrowWith no intentions of returnin', tomorrowThe sun don't come out for many, like Annie”

-- Jay-Z, “Brooklyn (Go Hard)”

What is being juxtaposed in these lines?

lauryn hill
Lauryn Hill
  • First rose to fame as a member of the Fugees
  • Released her debut solo album in 1999 after the bitter breakup of the group
  • That album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, was a huge critical and commercial success, winning the Grammy for Album of the Year (the first hip hop album to do so, and still only one of two)
everything is everything
“Everything is Everything”

Listen to the song and read along with the lyrics. Where do you find examples of juxtaposition in Hill’s lyrics?

everything is everything1
“Everything is Everything”

[Hook 1 x2]Everything Is EverythingWhat is meant to be, will beAfter winter, must come springChange, it comes eventually[Verse 1]I wrote these words for everyone who struggles in their youthWho won't accept deception, in--instead of what is truthIt seems we lose the gameBefore we even start to playWho made these rules? (Who made these rules?)We're so confused (We're so confused)Easily led astrayLet me tell ya that...[Hook 2]Everything is everythingEverything is everythingAfter winter, must come springEverything is everything

everything is everything2
“Everything is Everything”

I philosophyPossibly speak tonguesBeat drum, Abyssinian, street BaptistRap this in fine linen, from the beginningMy practice extending across the atlasI begat thisFlipping in the ghetto on a dirty mattressYou can't match this rapper slash actressMore powerful than two CleopatrasBomb graffiti on the tomb of NefertitiMCs ain't ready to take it to the SerengetiMy rhymes is heavy like the mind of sisterBetty L-Boogie spars with stars and constellationsThen came down for a little conversationAdjacent to the king, fear no human beingRoll with cherubims to Nassau ColiseumNow hear this mixture, where Hip Hop meets scriptureDevelop a negative into a positive picture

everything is everything3
“Everything is Everything”

[Verse 3]Sometimes it seemsWe'll touch that dreamBut things come slow or not at allAnd the ones on top, won't make it stopSo convinced that they might fallLet's love ourselves and we can't failTo make a better situationTomorrow, our seeds will growAll we need is dedicationLet me tell ya that