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Metric Stream Enterprise-wide Performance Management with Metrics PowerPoint Presentation
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Metric Stream Enterprise-wide Performance Management with Metrics

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Metric Stream Enterprise-wide Performance Management with Metrics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Metric Stream Enterprise-wide Performance Management with Metrics. Agenda. MetricStream Introduction Background Market Observation Challenges Problem Statement The MetricStream Solution Architecture Business Cartridges Customers and Partners Benefits. Market Observation.

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Metric Stream Enterprise-wide Performance Management with Metrics

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Enterprise-wide Performance Management with Metrics

  • MetricStream
    • Introduction
    • Background
  • Market Observation
    • Challenges
    • Problem Statement
  • The MetricStream Solution
    • Architecture
    • Business Cartridges
  • Customers and Partners
    • Benefits

Market Observation

Market Observation


Market Observation

A Market Observation

  • The best performing companies have high efficiency of operations
  • - both customer facing and internal

Market Observation: Challenges

What Are the Obstacles?

  • Information silos
    • Business visibility is narrow in focus, along business lines
  • Too much information
    • Exception-based is the key
  • Fire-fighting mode of operations
    • Strategic enterprise initiatives are delayed
  • Old data is not actionable
    • Problems need to be identified proactively
managing execution is complex

Market Observation: Complexities

Managing Execution Is Complex
  • Evolving, growing business
  • If a shipment is late, what is the cause

– and where?

  • Which are your biggest operational issues .. historically?
    • Unpaid Invoices?
    • Late Work Orders?
    • Excess Inventory?
    • Un-depreciated assets?
    • Poor Vendor Management?
  • Best of breed complicates this further
    • Silo effect compounded by technical issues
information chain problem

Market Observation: Problem

Information Chain Problem
  • Business processes need to be monitored proactively, in real time.
  • Otherwise, trading partners are affected because of bad service.
  • Market evolution causes business processes to evolve.
  • Custom development efforts are time consuming, error prone and do not scale well.
  • Difficult to hire skilled EAI professionals.
is there a solution

Market Observation: Solution

Is There A Solution?
  • Manage the business by metrics
    • Metrics drive behavior
  • Drill-down visibility into operational issues
    • Drill down from hi-level metrics into business process issues
  • Problem Dashboards
    • Identify all problems in one central dashboard
    • Infrastructure to manage growth

But central EXTENSIBLE visibility to business

processes is currently not available

Analyst Comments


The eBM Solution


eBM Solution


The eBM Solution: Components


Systemi Suite™ is the eBusiness data management tool

  • Metrics
    • Business Cartridges for Industry Leading enterprises
    • Easily extensible
    • Hierarchical Metric Definitions
  • Personalized dashboards
  • End user configurable workflow
  • Personalized Alerts and Problem Definitions
  • Corrective actions centralized
open plug play architecture

The eBM Solution: Architecture

Open Plug & Play Architecture
  • Industry-standard languages and Protocols
  • HTML, Java 1.3, Java API (servlet, mail, security, JNI)
  • Extensive use of XML
  • HTTPS, 128 bit encryption
  • Oracle 8i Metric Warehouse
  • Scalable, Extensible, Configurable
  • CORBA+services

Typical Install Time: 8 hrs

Typical Implementation Time: 24 hrs

Architecture Diagram

business cartridges

The eBM Solution: Business Cartridges

Business Cartridges
  • Out-of-the-box, instant ROI
    • Pre-defined, configurable, extensible
  • Encapsulates
    • Business process metrics (KPI’s), Operational Issues, Transactional Issues, in dashboards and charts - across:
    • Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing, Order Management, Call Center, Warehouse Management, APS, SCP
  • Product Offering Plans
      • ERP: JD Edwards, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP
      • CRM: Clarify , Kana, Remedy, Siebel, Vantive
      • WMS: HK Systems, PKMS, Yantra,
      • Other: Aspect, ATG, Broadvision, Cisco ICM , OpenMarket, Vignette

Customers & Partners


Customers and Partners


Customers & Partners


Executive dashboards with drill-down

Enterprise-wide checks on business processes

Proactive controls for business operations

Click here for other Market Interest


Customers & Partners


Systems Integrators



our customers have seen

The eBM Solution: Benefits

Our customers have seen:
  • Enterprise-wide Operations Visibility
  • Exception Driven Management
  • End-user dashboards and drill-downs
  • Growing repository of evolving knowledge
  • Comprehensive pilots in 2 weeks or less

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you can leverage metricstream to

The eBM Solution: Debrief

You can leverage MetricStream to:
  • Enable Business Users to Improve Business Processes
  • Manage enterprise operations proactively
  • Eliminate inter-application “silo” effects
  • Improve Customer Relations
  • Measure and drive business from a central platform

Question & Answer


Managing the pulse of your business


Appendix B

Appendix B

Analyst Comments

market overview

Appendix B: Analyst Comments

Market Overview

Key metrics should be used as indicators to tell managers they have a problem with operations. The best use of key metrics is when used with a set of complementary indicators, much like the dashboard in a car. - From the report “Where and When are Key Metrics Best Used”.

  • The ‘real value’ is post implementation optimization of business processes – Life after go-live is very real. - From the report “Creative Thinking and Powerful Results – EA in Business”.
  • Enterprise to Enterprise demands operational excellence from product concept to consumption. In successful companies the automated supply chain itself becomes the strategic asset. – From the report “6 strategies for eCommerce Intelligence”.
  • Real-time data synchronization is the goal – and fear. Synchronization volumes will explode. Organizational barriers keep teams isolated. An explosion of data integration is coming, and applications have never worked together. – From the report “Getting Apps to Work Together”.






Appendix C

Appendix C

Customer Successes & Other Market Interests

idec customer story

Appendix C: Customer Successes & Market Interests

Idec Customer Story
  • Operational business metrics
    • Number of late orders by type
    • Number of partial shipments
    • Open invoices
    • Open PO’s
  • Data Comparison
    • WMS to Oracle
  • Book Close
    • Identification of reconciling issues
    • Business Process Issues by Business Line
lucent customer story

Appendix C: Customer Successes & Market Interests

Lucent Customer Story
  • Enterprise-wide interface monitoring
    • Oracle, 20 MES, 6 WMS, SCP, 2 APS
  • Data Comparison across applications
    • Planning Information, BOM consistency
  • Control Panel for Factory Managers
    • Before MetricStream “running blind into a brick wall”
  • Business Process Management within Oracle
    • Business Process Issues by Business Line
verizon customer story

Appendix C: Customer Successes & Market Interests

Verizon Customer Story
  • Oracle Financials metrics
    • Assets, AP, AR, Planned/Actual, Expense/Income
  • AP, AR visibility
    • Problem Vendors, top 20 lists
  • Control Panel for CFO
    • Monitoring assets, liquidity, invoices, projects centrally
  • As a superior alternative to Oracle Biz
    • Extensible
market interest

Appendix C: Customer Successes & Market Interests

Market Interest
  • Companies with worldwide distribution

For example:

    • Amazon, Amkor, Bechtel, Boeing, Dell, Gateway, GE, HP, JDSU, Lucent, Motorola, On Semi, Sony, Sun , Toshiba, Unisys, Veritas, Verizon …
  • Companies with stand-alone enterprise applications

For example:

    • Frito Lay, Kellog, Quest, Saba …
  • ASP’s offering enterprise applications

For example:

    • Appshop, Allegrix, Breakaway, Chapter2, Coreon, Corio …

Appendix D

Appendix D



Appendix D: Differentiation

Functionality Comparison