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Hybrids and EV's

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Hybrids and EV's. What are Hybrid Cars?. Hybrid cars are cars that run on both an electric engine and a gasoline engine. The two engines work together giving the car good gas mileage. How Hybrid Cars Work.

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what are hybrid cars
What are Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid cars are cars that run on both an electric engine and a gasoline engine. The two engines work together giving the car good gas mileage.

how hybrid cars work
How Hybrid Cars Work

When the car starts up, only the electric engine turns on. When you start driving, the gasoline engine turns on. As you slow down, the gas engine shuts off and the car converts momentum from the wheels into electric energy for the battery, which powers the electric motor. When you stop, the electric and gas engine shut off, conserving energy.

examples of hybrid cars
Examples of Hybrid Cars

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Toyota Prius

Ford Fusion Hybrid

what are ev cars
What are EV Cars?

EV's (electric vehicles) completely run on an electric motor. They give off 0% emissions. Their average driving range is about 100-200 miles per recharge while regular cars can go over 300 miles.

examples of ev s
Examples of EV's

Mitstubishi i- miev

Chevy Volt

Nissan Leaf

which one is better
Which one is better?

Unless your house doesn't run on oil, EV's really do give off emissions. Hybrids charge their electric battery by themselves and can go longer distances. Therefore, hybrids are better for longer distances. EV's give off less emissions.

will hybrids and ev s change our future
Will hybrids and EV's change our future?

Yes, they will because, they will reduce the emissions in the world, reducing global warming especially if many people buy them.

examples of hybrid fuel economy
Examples of Hybrid Fuel Economy

Toyota Camry Hybrid- 43 MPG

Toyota Prius- 51 MPG

Toyota Prius c- 53 MPG

Toyota Prius v- 44 MPG

Honda Inight- 44 MPG

Honda Civic- 44 MPG

Ford Fusion Hybrid- 47 MPG


1. MPG- Miles per gallon.

2. Emissions- What cars that run on gas give off, which is harmful to the air.

3. Momentum- The force of movement.