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CanMEDS 2015: Evolving the CanMEDS Framework PowerPoint Presentation
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CanMEDS 2015: Evolving the CanMEDS Framework

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CanMEDS 2015: Evolving the CanMEDS Framework - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CanMEDS 2015: Evolving the CanMEDS Framework . Help Us Spread the News. This presentation has been developed for your use: Share and/or incorporate these slides as needed, simply source the Royal College

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CanMEDS 2015: Evolving the CanMEDS Framework

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help us spread the news
Help Us Spread the News
  • This presentation has been developed for your use:
    • Share and/or incorporate these slides as needed, simply source the Royal College
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prelude cbd and canmeds 2015
Prelude: CBD and CanMEDS 2015
  • Our Fellows tell us that we do a good job, but that we can always do better to
  • ensure competence in the next generation; and
  • provide high quality training programs.
prelude cbd and canmeds 20151
Prelude: CBD and CanMEDS 2015

One of these is not like the others …

Time-based Achievement Achievement

prelude cbd and canmeds 20152
Prelude: CBD and CanMEDS 2015

How can we ensure our graduates are competent in all needed domains…?

the answer cbd
The Answer: CBD

Competence by Design (CBD) is

  • focused on the learning continuum from the start of residency to retirement;
  • based on a competency model of education and assessment; and
  • designed to address societal health needs and patient outcomes.
why cbd why now
Why CBD? Why Now?

The CBD program will:

  • Align medical education with the evidence-based recommendation developed by the Future of Medical Education in Canada Postgraduate (FMEC-PG) project.
  • Support the development, implementation, and evaluation of competency-based, learner-focused education to meet the diverse learning needs of residents and the evolving health care needs of Canadians.
  • Reflect, and respond to, the world-wide movement towards competency-based medical education.
why cbd why now con t
Why CBD? Why Now? con’t

By focusing on learning rather than time, CBD will enable our MedEdsystem to

  • assess for competence, but teach for excellence;
  • ensure physician’s skills and abilities evolve throughout practice—potentially reducing medical errors;
  • respond to changing patient and societal needs;
  • address gaps in the current system, like the “failure to fail” culture of resident education;
  • reduce burden on Faculties, promoting smoother credentialing and accreditation; and
  • increase accountability and promote transparency in training.
connecting cbd and canmeds
Connecting CBD and CanMEDS
  • As part of the Competence By Design (CBD) program, the Royal College has launched a project to update the existing CanMEDS Framework entitled CanMEDS 2015.
canmeds 2015 planned updates
CanMEDS 2015: Planned Updates
  • Introduce new element – milestonesto mark the progression of a competence
  • Emphasis on the continuum
  • Integrate new content and themes (e.g. patient safety)
  • Create new faculty development resources and tools
canmeds 2015 desired outcomes
CanMEDS 2015: Desired Outcomes
  • Practical framework to support competence across the continuumof a physician’s career.
  • Robust implementation plan to support Fellows and medical educators with the roll-out of CanMEDS 2015.
planned updates milestones and cbd
Planned Updates: Milestones and CBD
  • Reflect advances of the past decade, ensuring teaching methods address the realities of today (e.g. patient safety).
  • Introduce milestones across the continuum of medical education(from residency to retirement).

By updating the framework, CanMEDS 2015 will:

canmeds 2015 what are the benefits
CanMEDS 2015: What Are the Benefits?
  • Educators will be able to:
  • Identify progress of learners at different stages of training;
  • Provide guidance to address identified gaps in learning;
  • Employ better standards for assessment; and
  • Benefit from newly created faculty development tools and resources.
  • Learners will be able to:
  • Follow a clear and transparent roadmap that promotes learning and growth at each stage of training and throughout practice.
canmeds 2015 who will lead these changes1
CanMEDS 2015: Who Will Lead these Changes
  • Expert Working Groups (EWGs):
  • Assembled around the seven CanMEDS Roles.
  • Group formed to develop new Patient Safety content.
  • Integration Committee:
  • Formed to integrate EWGs output into cohesive drafts.
    • Drafts to be used during consultation and review.
  • Will incorporate feedback into final, updated Framework.
  • National Advisory Committee:
  • Provides strategic direction and input on overall initiative.
  • Includes representatives from wide range of key stakeholders and partner organizations, including international.
canmeds 2015 what s been done
CanMEDS 2015: What’s Been Done

Changes to the CanMEDSFramework will impact all levels of medical education. We’ve begun a comprehensive consultation process to ensure we get it right.

canmeds 2015 what s been done con t
CanMEDS 2015: What’s Been Done con’t…

Data analysis is underway and will shape the work of the CanMEDS 2015 EWGs.

Consultations to date include:

National Online Survey

  • Conducted in May-June to gather feedback on the current CanMEDSFramework.
  • Release of the data gathered will begin in November 2013.

ICRE Town Hall:

  • Town Hall held at the International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE) in September 2013.
  • Attendees learned about the proposed changes and provided input through an interactive setting.
canmeds 2015 you can still provide input
CanMEDS 2015: You Can Still Provide Input

CanMEDS 2015 Webinars

  • Sessions will provide CBD and CanMEDS2015 overview and give participants the chance to ask questions and offer input.


  • Feedback was requested from key partners (including all those represented on the CanMEDS 2015 NAC).

Social Media

  • Share feedback and get the latest news and updates via at


  • Have a comment? Send it to

Further formal consultations

  • Additional consultations will occur in winter/spring 2014, when the draft framework is released for review.
canmeds 2015 next steps
CanMEDS 2015: Next Steps

In the coming months:

  • The CanMEDS 2015 EWGs will release preliminary reports to their respective ePanels, to gather input and ensure they are on the right track.
  • The release of the final results from the National Online Survey will begin in November 2013.
  • Final reports from the EWGs will be submitted to the Royal College Integration Committee and 2015 National Advisory Committee in December 2013.
  • Input information on release of next draft and input will begin in February 2014.
canmeds 2015 next steps1
CanMEDS 2015: Next Steps

By 2015:

  • Final production, translation and publication of framework.
  • Launch CanMEDS 2015 and faculty support tools in September.
canmeds 2015 next steps2
CanMEDS 2015: Next Steps

Beyond 2015:

  • By its nature, the CanMEDS Framework is evergreen, and it will continue to be reviewed and revised beyond 2015 to ensure it meets the needs and realities of physicians.
  • We are committed to providing ongoing support, including in areas such as specialty-specific implementation and faculty development.
your input matters
Your Input Matters

You can still have your say!

Share your input with the Royal College via:


Plus, stay tuned for more information on the next round of form consultations.