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  1. TPACK Growth in my development and understanding of TPACK

  2. This picture is a diagram of my understanding of TPACK from module 5 and where I saw myself in each of the areas at that time

  3. I believe that my understanding of TPACK in module 5 was mostly at the surface level. Since then, I have a deeper understanding of what it is and why it is important to know.

  4. What’s new in this diagram? My knowledge in PK, CK, and TK have all broadened slightly, but the areas that I have developed the most are the three areas inbetween: PCK, TPK, and TCK. TPK PCK TCK

  5. TCK=Technological Content Knowledge This is the knowledge of how technological knowledge and content knowledge are reciprocally related. It’s important for teachers to know the subject matter that they will be teaching, but also the manner in which it might be changed as a result of using a particular technology. Example: Using digital animation to explain and demonstrate a concept instead of just talking about it. TPK=Technological Pedagogical Knowledge This knowledge involves understanding that there are a wide variety of technologies to choose from, and being able to pick the appropriate one for teaching and learning. It’s essential to know pedagogical strategies and how to apply them for the use of technology. This knowledge also includes being able to use tools for keeping class records, attendance, and for grading. Example: Knowing that you can use technology A for your lesson, but choosing technology B because you remember that a couple of students have difficulty using technology A. OR, using a LMS to make it easier for you to stay connected with your students and track their progress. PCK=Pedagogical Content Knowledge This is about knowing what teaching approaches fit the content you are going to teach, and also knowing how you can arrange the content to make it understandable to learners. Example: Knowing what makes a subject easy or challenging for students to learn and finding a way to teach it to enhance students’ learning.

  6. Learning about TPACK and having an understanding of the complex interplay between its elements is going to benefit me in my future teaching career because everything about TPACK is relevant to any teacher’s experience. It has given me an understanding of the importance of pedagogy in teaching with technology and how teaching with technology can influence students’ learning experiences. I have learned that each aspect of TPACK is important…understanding them separately as well as how they can be understood and applied in conjunction with each other. I believe learning about TPACK has given me the knowledge and confidence in my ability to one day be an effective teacher who really knows her stuff!