status of ssrf control system @ epics collaboration meeting 2008 n.
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STATUS OF SSRF CONTROL SYSTEM @ EPICS collaboration meeting 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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STATUS OF SSRF CONTROL SYSTEM @ EPICS collaboration meeting 2008

STATUS OF SSRF CONTROL SYSTEM @ EPICS collaboration meeting 2008

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STATUS OF SSRF CONTROL SYSTEM @ EPICS collaboration meeting 2008

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  1. STATUS OF SSRF CONTROL SYSTEM@EPICS collaboration meeting 2008 Shen Liren SSRF Control group 2008-3-12

  2. The development & runtime environment of hardware/software has been set up(include high level physical application environment): Control system network & server system Epics environment Matlab 2007a with Accelerator Toolbox (AT) & middle layer Have tested all of device controller: VME system, PLC, Serial device controller etc. Prepared, done all related EPICS driver testing. All Subsystem control schema for the machine were confirmed and tested prototype under the control system environment. As yet, All the control system of Linac, Booster & Ring has been finished and used during commissioning. Now was delivered for daily operation and works fine. Control system status SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  3. SSRF Control system overview • EPICS based control system • Connected by 2G Backbone Ethernet with backbone redundancy for the whole system • For LINAC, Booster, Storage ring control, MPS, Timing System & the Software System • Using Ethernet as fieldbus • Ethernet based PLC • Serial 2 Ethernet translate for serial device • Soft IOC SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  4. Environment of Control system • The development and runtime environment of control system have been set up and come into use. • Composed with the control system network system, server system and OPI system. • Uniform running and development environment. • Developer and operator can login in on any terminal and share resource of entire environment with one account system. SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  5. Control System Network • 1000M Ethernet with 3 layer switcher • backbone reach 2G. • Control system sub lan by VLAN • Division and recombine • Full Network manage ability and application oriented Qos • Backbone redundancy design to ensure reliability • Remote access and monitor PS system BI system • Sub system division by VALN • 10.30.X.X/24 • Static 3 layer route table • Access List table for access control • Can be integrated other system easy in future … Server system OPI SSRF CN , Shanghai, 2008

  6. Development and runtime enviroment • Set up the uniform development environment which base on PC Linux system for development and operations. • All of the OPI and the server system running the fedora 7 system for supply the EPICS development and high level physics application environment. • Using NIS and NFS to manage user account and share resource. As part of runtime environment, the database server, boot server, Soft IOC server and EPICS application server such archive and alarm handler were installed at the server room. SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  7. Server System • Two kinds of server: • Linux & Windows Server • Integrated with Windows UNIX service 3.5 • The operation system • Fedora core 7 • Windows 2003 R2 64bit & 32bit • Different application on different type of server • NIS, YUM, PXE, NFS, NTP, Windows AD, Epics Boot, Soft IOC, Archive, Alarm, Database, Web Service, WEB, e-Log etc. • User can log on the any terminal with one set of account • User’s home on one NFS Server SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  8. Hardware system • Uniform hardware design, as typical implementation of SSRF control system have: • Ethernet everywhere • VME 64x System : GE VMIVME-7050 and Motorola MV5500. • PLC system: Yokogawa FM3, SIEMENS S300. • Serial port server MOXA NPort-5610. • The embedded controller: Digital power supply controller • VME board: • Timing system: VME-EVG-230, VME-EVR-230, EVR-TTB-200, EVR-OTB-200 • PS control system: VIPC 664 • Linux PC server (SoftIOC) • Multi IOC running configure • IOC management SSRF CN , Shanghai, 2008

  9. VME 64X System VME 64X crate by Elma 4U 7Slot 9U 12 Sloat With the crate monitor system with Ethernet or Serial port Support Telnet, Http integrated with EPICS • CPU: • Motorola MV5500 • GE VMIVME-7050 Control Group SSRF CN Review, Shanghai, 2008 SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2007

  10. Hardware • MOXA UC • Embedded Linux • DI/DO • Serial 2 Ethernet translate MOXA NPort 5610-16 PLC System SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  11. Software System • The SSRF control system running on EPICS base v3.14.8.2 • OPI • EDM and some Python script • High level physics application • Matlab v2007a • MCA/LabCA • Accelerator Toolbox (AT) & middle layer was adopted. • Perl/Python, Qt3 • CodeGear RAD Studio 2007(Borland C++/Delphi) • EPICS base SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  12. Online Device test using AT@ Matlab SSRF CN Review, Shanghai, 2006

  13. Centralize EPICS Develpoment platform • Hardware • HP Rack PC Server 580GG4 • Xeon 3.0G/8G RAM/300G SCSI HD • Software • OS • Linux FC7/Kernel 2.6x/GCC 4.xx • EPICS base • 3.13.9/ • Extensions • Edm/medm/SDDS/Archiver/Sequencer/etc. • Cross-compiler environment • Gcc 2.8x/gcc 2.96/gcc 2.96 patch • Target • Motorola VME 5500/GE VME 7050/ Motorola VME2302 SSRF CN Review, Shanghai, 2006

  14. Centre Database System • Store the machine parameters and reference information for all stage of machine simulation and running. • Access and set various accelerator run time configure parameters, failure report and invalid record of all system. • Store accelerator runtime data using enhance channel archive system. • Integrated with uniform authentication system, uniform database access rule and data integrality. • Remote access from Internet and web based database access also could be applied. SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  15. Database System • The hardware platform using SAN & database server cluster. • Now we have tested on the MS SQL Server 2005 and will transfer to Oracle 10g with RAC later. SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  16. Distributed archive engine with center relational database Native XML data type with xml schema for data storage Developed a data retrieval system based XML Web Services to access the archived data. The system included bottom layer interface and interface applicably for accelerator physics as well as client samples exemplifying how to use the interface. Tools for users that can browse, retrieve and plot data By the client samples, user can development their own application. Memo: not be used now, just in test progress Data archive & analysis tools SSRF CN , Shanghai, 2008

  17. Data archive & analysis tools SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  18. e-Log System • Based on center database system • Using Web2.0 Blog system • Support RSS • Integrated with uniform authentication system SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  19. SSRF Control System • Three part of control system: • Linac, Booster, Storage Ring • Magnet PS, Vacuum, Modulator, e-gun, Microwave, Transport Line(inject&extract ), Timing, MPS, RF, Software • System deviceIOC PV • Power supply 585 26 60000 • Vaccum system 730 25 23298 • MPS system 25 3 16842 • Timing system 16 16 540 SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  20. EDM OPI of Linac control system SSRF CN Shanghai, 2008

  21. PS Control System • Over 550 magnet power supplies are used at SSRF • All magnet PS are digital controlled • 2 types of digital controller used: • SINAP-developed digital PS controller: • served for LINAC, Booster and Transport Lines • PSI-designed digital controllers (Purchased from DLS Co., Ltd): • served for Storage Ring and the Booster Ramp PS. • Performance of high stability and reliability has been demonstrated since SSRF commission. SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  22. Two kinds of system Set up the prototype system All system testing have been done EPICS integrated Digital Power Supply Control system SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  23. Digital Power supply control system SSRF CN , Shanghai, 2008

  24. Statistics SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  25. PS Control System Control Group SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  26. Booster PS Control System - in house design Control Group SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  27. Vacuum Control System • Device based on serial port • Vacuum Gauge: VARIAN Multi Gauge • Sputter Ion Pump: JJJvac Sputter Ion Pump Power Supply • VAT • RGA(Residual Gas Analyzer) • Vacuum Valve • PLC system SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  28. Vacuum Control System • Serial Device Server: MOXA Nport 5610-16 • Total 53 • Gauge Controller: VARIAN MultiGauge • Total 72, with 140 BA Gauges • Pump Power Supply: JJJVac IPS & TSPC • Total 406 IPS, with 406 Ion Pumps • Total 229 TSPC, with 229TSP • Valves: VAT • Total 41 SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  29. OPI RGA Monitor Ethernet PC/Windows IOC PC/Linux Ethernet Serial Device Server: MOXA NP5610 RS - 232 Contact I nterlock Signal Signals Pump Power Gauge PLC Supply Controller Related Valve Controller Systems RGA Pump Gauge Thermocouple Valves Vacuum Control System SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  30. Vacuum Control System SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  31. Vacuum Control Control Group SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008 SSRF CN Review, Shanghai, 2006

  32. Vacuum device control with MOXA UC7400 • Serial device control with EPICS embedded • Create new make files • make EPICS base support “linux-xscale” target • Create new driver API on Monta vista linux • Protocol converter between BSD socket protocol and proprietary protocol • Using non-block mode to solve timeout connections Power supply of Ion pump Edm GUI SSRF CN , Shanghai, 2008

  33. The event timing system • New event timing system • Structure is simple used broadcasting method • Low Jitter with distributed RF clock • Run on the EPCIS environment, base 3.14.x • Easy to extend • Compact network based on characteristic event system. • All EVRs are placed on timing crates and BI local stations not being triggered devices • All trigger outputs integrate with hardware interlocks SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  34. Hardware Schematic SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  35. Performance • The RMS jitter of gun trigger relative to RF reference is 10.72ps, which includes the jitter of e-gun and oscilloscope. • The RMS jitters of other injection and extraction trigger are less the 30ps. • Performance are satisfied with the requirements of physical design. SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  36. Timing System Control Group SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  37. MPS System • 3 parts: • Accelerator & beam line device interlock • Utility system • Safety system • Hiberarchy • The whole machine layer • Linac, boost, ring layer • Sub system layer • Device layer SSRF CN , Shanghai, 2008

  38. MPS System ,Inject&Extract control system Control Group SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  39. The RF System • Turn key system except Linac RF System • Integrated with EPICS system and can remote control at center control room • LLRF system SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  40. Linac RF Controller RF Devices Interface SSRF Design VME Controller MVME 5500 CPU VMIVME 2536 Digital 32 In/32 Out Ch VMIVME 3125 Analog 32 Ch A/D Isolated Interface SSRF-Design EPICS Driver SSRF CN , Shanghai, 2008

  41. Booster & Storage Ring RF Display Interlock VME Controller RF Amplifier & Klystron Thales Booster 180Kw Storage Ring 300Kw X 3 Epics IOC MVME 5500 Hytec I/O boards Fully Isolated -Interface SSRF CN , Shanghai, 2008

  42. LLRF SYSTEM Powe Meter iPC Local Interface x 3 LLRF Control Unit x 3 Motor Drive x 3 SSRF Design FPGA Labview EPICS SoftIOC SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  43. RF & Timing Event Distribution Master Signal Generater RF Signal Distrubution Unit Timing & Eent Signal Generator Fiber (Om3 ) Distribution Unit SSRF CN Review, Shanghai, 2006

  44. RF OPI @ Center Control room Storage Ring Booster SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  45. Remote manage & debug • Video & Audio system based on network • Device management • Remote monitor: VME,Switch,UPS etc • Network management system • Based onSNMP • Email、SMS alarm system(Next) SSRF CN , Shanghai, 2008

  46. IOC Manager SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  47. Center Control Room • HP7700 OPI PC( 18 ) in the Control Room • All the OPI run on the Linux Fedora 7 and in domain. • OPI system running at control system uniform runtime environment. • The edm file store on NFS file server and all the client can access it by a start script. SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  48. SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008

  49. SSRF CN, Shanghai, 2008