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2011 학년도 고려대학교 KUET 출제 유형

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2011 학년도 고려대학교 KUET 출제 유형 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2011 학년도 고려대학교 KUET 출제 유형. 고려대학교 KUET 출제유형. 시험 일시 출제 방향 출제 유형 예시 문제. 2. 1. 시험 일시. 1. 일자 : 2010 년 12 월 중순 예정 2. 장소 : 안암 / 세종캠퍼스 3. 시간 10 시 -11 시 40 분 (100 분 , 안암 ) 10 시 -11 시 10 분 ( 70 분 , 세종 ). 3. 2. 출제 방향. 출제 내용은 Academic 영역 ☞ Business 영역이 아님

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고려대학교 KUET 출제유형

  • 시험 일시
  • 출제 방향
  • 출제 유형
  • 예시 문제



1. 시험 일시

1.일자: 2010년 12월 중순예정

2.장소: 안암/세종캠퍼스


10시-11시 40분(100분,안암)

10시-11시 10분( 70분,세종)



2. 출제 방향

  • 출제 내용은 Academic 영역
  • ☞Business 영역이 아님
  • 2.문법과 문장의 구조를 동시에 묻는 적절한 표현을
  • 찾는 문제 출제
  • ☞단순한 암기 위주의 어휘 문제와 문법 문제(밑줄 친 부분이
  • written standard English에 어울리지 않는 것 고르기) 배제



2. 출제 방향

3.2011학년도부터는 주어진 문장의 의미와 같은 문장

고르기 추가

☞세부 사항이나 단편적인 부분에 관한 질문이 아니라

주어진 문장의전체적인 의미에 관한 질문

4. 주어진 문장의 흐름에 비추어 빈칸에 어울리는 표현을 묻

는 문제는논리적인 사고를 배양하기 위한 문제이므로 종

전과 같이 계속 출제됨



2. 출제 방향

5. Reading comprehension 문제는 종전과 같이 출제됨

다만, 소재에 있어 2010년에 그래프나 편지 등의 문제가

일부 출제되었으나 2011년부터는 제외키로 함

6. 전체적인 난이도는 선발시험의 속성에 맞추어 종전과 같

은 난이도유지(난이도가 높다고 보면 됨)



4. 예시 문제

아래의 예시 문제는 편입학 영어문제의 출제 방향을 보여주기 위한 것으로,

문제의 난이도, 제시된 문항의 길이 및 소재, 독해 문제에 있어서의 질문의

내용 및 문항 수 등은 정확히 일치하지 않을 수 있음.

Part 1: Select one that best completes the sentence(s) according to standard written


(예1)The great Chicago fire in October, 1871, _________ much of the city and

left about 100,000 people homeless.

A. destroyed B. that it destroyed

C. was destroyed D. that destroyed

(예2)She is not the best student in her class, ________ the worst.

A. she is either B. neither she is

C. nor is she D. she is as well as



4. 예시 문제

Part 2: Choose the one closest in meaning to each sentence.

(예1) James is one of those people who never lose their optimistic outlook on life.

A. James is not one to be easily influenced by other's perspectives.

B. Unlike other people, James tends to look at life differently.

C. James like some other people always views life in a positive way.

D. Contrary to what people think, James views life as something positive.

(예2)Because my addition was not done correctly, my checkbook is out of balance.

A. Although my addition is correct, I found my checkbook unbalanced.

B. My checkbook needs to be rechecked for incorrect calculations.

C. Since I corrected my addition error, my checkbook is not balanced.

D. My checkbook isn't balanced because I calculated something wrong.



4. 예시 문제

Part 3: Select the one that most logically fits the sentence(s).

(예1)In attaining one's goal, subtle direction is often _______ brute force.

Men will yield to persuasion when they would resist coercion.

A. less influential than B. as good as

C. more effective than D. as powerful as

(예2)Dull as a student may be, and difficult as a subject may seem to be at first, he will

find the study becomes easier or at least less difficult if he can _______ and does

not neglect it.

A. repose B. interrupt C. persevere D. respect



4. 예시 문제

Part 4: Read the following passages and answer the questions.


Masculinity is something men must aspire to and be prepared to defend but it

is often impossible to live up to and the result is a terrible sense of failure by

men. There is likely to be a disjuncture between the masculinity idealized and

the actual man himself. What is depicted as the impeccable surface of

conventional masculinity is more often than not a false skin hiding deep

insecurities. One may point to screen icons like James Dean and Rock Hudson,

whose actual lives were in sharp contrast to their filmic representations.

Which of the following best describes the purpose of the passage?

A. to compare the portrayals of masculinity by celebrated actors

B. to explain masculinity is an ideal and that it may be a pretense

C. to search for the meaning of true manliness through trial and error

D. to suggest the necessity for men to aspire to more manliness



4. 예시 문제


A classic tomboy is a female who engages in activities long considered

primarily the domain of males. How are tomboys made? On the simplest level,

some girls are naturally predisposed to more active, "rough and tumble" pursuits.

For others, tomboyism may reflect a desire to ________ the world of men.

Many tomboys perceive their fathers as being "smart, strong, capable, and involved

in interesting and valuable things," while they see their mothers as having "boring

lives" they do not want to emulate. In a society that still often expects men to be

tough and rugged and women to be gentle and pretty, embracing their inner tomboy

allows females to stand out and be rewarded for activities, rather than appearance

or demeanor. Most likely, tomboyism is the result of a complex interplay of genetics,

prenatal hormonal influences, socialization, unconscious choice, and family structure.

Which of the following is the best title for this passage?

A. The Advantage Tomboys Have Over Non-Tomboys

B. The Inner Workings of Tomboyism

C. Social Attitudes Towards Tomboyism

D. Fathers' Roles in Developing Tomboys

Choose the best answer for the blank.

A. be aware of B. steer clear of

C. identify with D. rail against