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The Blind Side

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The Blind Side. Week 2. Pronunciation: /s/ and /t/. Different speech sounds are made by the way air flows out over the tongue. When the tongue touches different parts of the mouth, the air flow changes, which changes the sound you hear. Continuant : /s/.

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pronunciation s and t
Pronunciation: /s/ and /t/
  • Different speech sounds are made by the way air flows out over the tongue.
  • When the tongue touches different parts of the mouth, the air flow changes, which changes the sound you hear.
continuant s
Continuant : /s/
  • When you pronounce /s/, the air flows through without stopping it.
  • Your tongue should be behind your upper teeth but not touching them.
  • Example: bus
stop t
Stop: /t/
  • When you pronounce /t/, you stop the air flow inside the mouth.
  • Your tongue should be behind the upper teeth. However, your tongue should tap the upper ridge of your mouth.
  • Example: but
s vs t
/s/ vs. /t/
  • Whisper the words “bus” and “but” and feel the difference between the final /s/ sound and the final /t/ sound. During /s/, you can feel the air flow out. For /t/ the air is stopped.
  • Practice saying these words out loud:
  • bus, but, bus, but
exercise c which word is different
Exercise C: Which word is different?
  • Listen. Mark the column for the word that is different.
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z
  • Z
  • Y
  • Z
  • Y
  • X
exercise d which word do you hear
Exercise D: Which word do you hear?
  • Listen. Circle the word you hear.
  • Pat
  • Bus
  • Cat
  • Might
  • rate
  • Nice
  • Boats
  • Face
  • Tickets
  • Right
exercises f and g
Exercises F and G
  • Take a few minutes to complete exercises F and G with a partner.
linking with s
Linking with /s/
  • When a word ends in the sound /s/, the final /s/ links to a vowel at the beginning of the next word. There is no pause between the two words.
  • Less of = lessssof
  • Pass it = passssit
  • Miss Anderson = MisssssAnderson
  • Chase after = chassssafter
  • Let’s agree = let’sssagree
  • Nice evening = nisssevening
linking with t
Linking with /t/
  • When a word ends in the sound /t/, the final /t/ links to a vowel at the beginning of the next word. It is said quickly. For most, the /t/ is deleted.
  • Get in = getin
  • Right answer = rightanswer
  • Great ending = greatending
  • Bought everything = boughteverything
  • Shout it = shoutit
  • Plate of = plateof
exercise k dictation
Exercise K: Dictation
  • The tickets are in his pocket.
  • When will the maps be ready?
  • Did you say book or books?
  • Let’s clean the mats and brass pot.
  • How do you spell boss?
discussion family
Discussion: Family
  • What is your idea of a traditional family?
  • Do you think your family is traditional or untraditional? Why?
  • Is family an important part of your life? Why?
immediate vs extended
Immediate vs. Extended

Extended Family



the blind side1
The Blind Side
  • The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy, who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.
  • What does “blind side” mean?
  • I’ve got your back – I’ll protect you, I’m here for you
  • Don’t get your panties in a wad – to get upset over something trivial (something unimportant)
  • Come along for the ride – to join in an activity without playing an important part in it
  • Where you headed – where are your going?
  • Don’t let it “go to your head” – don’t become conceited, don’t think you’re better or above others
  • Not “cutting it” in class – not making the cut, not doing well
mix and match
Mix and Match
  • I
  • M
  • C
  • F
  • W
  • P
  • A
  • U
  • K
  • E
mix and match1
Mix and Match
  • T
  • R
  • B
  • N
  • V
  • G
  • J
  • S
  • H
  • D
gone gone gone
Gone, Gone, Gone
  • Won American Idol
  • Plays the guitar and writes his own songs
  • Song is about family and love
  • Listen to the song and put the lyrics in order
  • “high and dry” – to feel hopeless
  • “I’ll shut down the city lights, I’ll lie, cheat, I’ll beg, I’ll bribe” – I’ll do anything (to make you better).
  • “hope dangling by a string” – to hang, final drop before it falls
  • “I love you long after you’re gone” – after you’re dead
  • “if your well is empty” – comparing a person to a water well
  • “You’re my back bone” – you’re my support
  • “You’re my cornerstone” – you’re my foundation/support
  • “You’re my crutch when my legs stop moving” you’re my support
  • “you’re my head start”- advantage, superior position
  • “you’re my rugged heart” – a person with a rugged heart never quits (perseveres)
ipad skits
iPad Skits
  • First you will get into groups. In your group, pick a scenario (situation). It is your job to create a skit with dialogue about your scenario.
  • It is up to you how many people speak. However, every one must work on the dialogue together.
  • Your skit should be about 1:30 – 2:00 minutes.
  • When your group is done writing the dialogue, practice it a few times. Then have one person check out an iPad. Use the camera application on the iPad to record your skit.
  • Get inside your head – someone is trying to think like you, or someone is trying to understand who you are.
  • PO’d – pissed off (angry, mad)
  • Run like the wind – to run very fast
  • Shooting the bull – to chat and gossip
  • Zip it –(telling someone) to be quiet
  • To let people down – disappoint people
  • Sticks and stones – "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but names can never hurt me." It means that nothing you can call me or say to me will hurt me.
  • To get the hang of it – to understand, to get better at something
part 1 vocabulary mix and match
Part 1: Vocabulary Mix and Match
  • Leftovers – E
  • To crush – U
  • Gusto – T
  • To adopt – C
  • To be official – M
  • To be uncomfortable – S
  • To be juvenile – K
  • An arrangement – I
  • To block – W
  • To shove – G
  • To tote – Q
  • To be loose – B
part 1 mix and match
Part 1: Mix and Match
  • An athlete – X
  • A bull – P
  • A driver’s license – D
  • To peel – O
  • To approve – F
  • An attitude - V
  • A ward of the state – H
  • A foster kid – R
  • A legal guardian – L
  • Attention – J
  • To protect – N
  • A redneck – A
part 1 comprehension questions
Part 1: Comprehension Questions
  • No, Michael isn’t a good student. He couldn’t read very well, he’d never done homework in his life.
  • He was homeless. He slept wherever it was warm. Sometimes he slept on Big Tony’s couch. Sean Touhy saw Michael collecting popcorn.
  • The principal tells Michael his father is dead.
part 1 comprehension questions1
Part 1: Comprehension Questions
  • She brings him home and gives him the couch to sleep on. She invites him to stay for Thanksgiving dinner. She buys him clothes and asks him to stay at their house. She gives him a room of his own.
  • Protective instincts are things that help you survive. For Michael, he is protective of others. One example of this is when he tells Leigh Anne to stay in the car so she doesn’t get hurt.
  • A bed
part 2 expressions
Part 2: Expressions
  • “get inside your head”- to manipulate or control a person (in a negative way)
  • “PO’d” – pissed off, to be angry
  • “run like the wind” – to run very fast
  • “shooting the bull” – exaggerations; lies; nonsense.
  • “zip it” – stop talking
  • “to let people down” – to disappoint people
part 2 expressions1
Part 2: Expressions
  • “sticks and stones” - It means that someone who is calling you names and insulting you cannot harm you.
    • The entire phrase is "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never harm me."
  • “to get the hang of it” - to succeed in learning how to do something after practicing it
part 3 slang expressions
Part 3: Slang Expressions
  • “ to get a leg up” – to get ahead (of the competition)
  • To be “on board” with something – you want to participate, you agree
  • “That’s it, we’re sunk.” – in a bad situation
  • “ a shot at the pros.” – an athlete who is talented enough to play professionally.
part 3 slang expressions1
Part 3: Slang Expressions
  • “ fine and dandy” – feeling great, good
  • “I’m always packing.” – to be packing means to carry a gun with you.
  • To “throw in” something – an added bonus, something extra
    • Usually to sweeten a deal (like those infomercials)
part 3 mix and match1
Part 3: Mix and Match
  • D
  • A
  • K
  • W
  • H
  • J
  • U
  • F
  • S
  • P
  • N
  • Z
  • Y
  • X