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APUSH. Unit 5 Chapter 13. #1. What events led to the emergence of Andrew Jackson as President in 1828? To what extent were these an affirmation of him or a reaction to the political environment?. Two Party System Democrats & Whigs. The “Corrupt Bargain” of 1824. JQA – Minority President.

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    1. APUSH Unit 5 Chapter 13

    2. #1 What events led to the emergence of Andrew Jackson as President in 1828? To what extent were these an affirmation of him or a reaction to the political environment?

    3. Two Party SystemDemocrats & Whigs

    4. The “Corrupt Bargain” of 1824

    5. JQA – Minority President

    6. Going “Whole Hog” for Jackson in 1828

    7. Old Hickory as President

    8. #2 What were the major issues during Jackson’s presidency? How would you rate the effectiveness of his handling of each of those issues?

    9. The Spoils System

    10. The “Tariff of Abominations” | Nullification

    11. The Trail of Tears

    12. The Bank War

    13. Internal Improvements – Maysville Road Veto

    14. #3 Does Andrew Jackson belong in the pantheon of great American presidents? Why or why not? *

    15. #4 What were the major problems faced by the Van Buren administration? Did these demonstrate a weakness of Jackson’s economic and financial policies? Why was he unable to outmaneuver the Whig opposition?

    16. The Birth of the Whigs The Election of 1836

    17. Big Woes for the “Little Magician”

    18. Depression Doldrums | Independent Treasury

    19. #5 Argue for or Against: the Texas Revolution against Mexico was more about the expansion of slavery into the West than about the rights of Anglo-American settlers in Texas.

    20. #6 What did the two new democratic parties, the Democrats and Whigs, really stand for? Were they actual ideological opponents or were their disagreements less important than their shared roots and commitment to mass democracy?

    21. The Election of 1840

    22. Politics of the People – Populism

    23. Two-Party System

    24. What was Jacksonian Democracy?

    25. #7 Compare and contrast the two-party political system of the 1830’s New Democracy with the first two-party system of the early Republic. In what ways were the two systems similar, and in what ways were they different? Were both parties of the 1830’s correct in seeing themselves as heirs of the Jeffersonian Republican tradition rather than the Hamiltonian Federalist tradition? *

    26. APUSH Unit 5 Chapter 14

    27. #1 How did the migration into a vast western frontier shape Americans’ values and society in the period 1790 – 1860?

    28. Dynamic, Market-Oriented, National Economy

    29. The Westward Movement

    30. Self Reliant | Rugged Individualism

    31. Shaping the Western Landscape

    32. Rendezvous System | Ecological Imperialism

    33. The March of Millions

    34. #2 Since all white Americans were descended from Europe, what made the Irish and German immigration in the 1830’s & 40’s so controversial? Was the crucial factor in fueling nativist hostility religion, poverty, or immigration itself?

    35. The Emerald Isle Moves West

    36. The German Forty-Eighters

    37. Flare-ups of Antiforeignism

    38. #3 What were the effects of the new factory system of production on early industrial workers? Why were Americans slow to move from traditional to industrial factory manufacturing?

    39. The March of Mechanization

    40. Whitney Ends the Fiber Famine New England Manufacturing

    41. Marvels in Manufacturing

    42. Workers and “Wage Slaves”

    43. #4 What was the impact of the new economic developments on the role of women (or the family) in society? Which women were most affected by early industrialization and which least?

    44. Women and the Economy Greater Independence

    45. Lowell, Massachusetts Cult of Domesticity

    46. Growth of Families | Child Rearing

    47. Domestic Feminism