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Continue with conditional. If statements-example 1.

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if statements example 1
If statements-example 1

Problem : At Kiddy School , the teachers used the A, B,C for grading the students’ works. If the student get an A, then the teacher will print “Excellent” and if the student get B, the teacher will print “Good”. For students that get C, the teacher will print “Work Harder”.

Given the problem above, design a solution using flowchart.

python code
Python code

>>> grade=raw_input('enter student grade')

enter student gradeA

>>> if grade =='A':

... print "Excellent"

... elif grade =='B':

... print "Good"

... else:

... print "Work Harder"



Input is string therefore use raw_input function

User input A

String –characters is compared lexicographically order, hence must put capital letter


another solution
Another solution

>>> grade =raw_input('enter student grade ')

enter student grade a

>>> if grade=='A' or grade =='a':

... print 'excellent'

... elif grade =='B' or grade =='b':

... print 'good'

... else:

... print 'work harder'



‘a’ and ‘A’ have two different values. To handle input either in capital letter or small letter, the condition is joining with ‘or’ operator

example 2
Example 2:
  • Problem:

Your instructor asked you to design a program that can receive two input number (assumed that both number are not the same) and determine the larger of the two.

Design a flowchart the problem above.

python code1
Python code:

>>> a=input('input the first integer')

input the first integer2

>>> b= input('input the second integer')

input the second integer3

>>> if a > b:

... print a

... else:

... print b



Input by user

Input by user

Make sure the proper indentation is used

Result after comparison

exercise 1
Exercise 1


Your instructor asked you to design a program that can take 3 input and determine the largest of three input integers.

Draw flowchart and write Python code for the problem above.

python code2
Python code:

>>> a=input(' enter the first number :')

enter the first number :2

>>> b=input(' enter the second number :')

enter the second number :3

>>> c=input ('enter the third number :')

enter the third number :1

>>> if a > b:

... if a> c:

... print a

... else:

... print c

... elif b > c:

... print b

... else:

... print c



exercise 2
Exercise 2
  • Using the text given, draw a flowchart for mailing a letter:


Put the envelope in the mail box

Go to the mail box


Seal the envelope

Put the airmail stamp on

Put letter in the envelope

Address the envelope

Is it airmail?

Put the local stamp on

exercise 3
Exercise 3
  • Given the following text, construct a flowchart for changing a flat tire on a car.

Lower the car

Put the spare tire

Is flat a front tire?


Jack up the front of car

Remove the jack from the trunk


Put Jack & flat in the trunk

Remove the spare from the trunk

Remove the flat tire

Jack up rear of car

exercise 4
Exercise 4
  • Draw a flowchart for a Patient Intake Process in the clinic. Use all the texts presented below.

Patient in the system?

Patient fill up the new patient form

Patient leave the clinic

Patient arrives at Front Desk

Nurse ask for patient’s name and search the database

Patient go to exam room

Ask patient to be seated in the waiting room

HIVQUAL Group Learning Guide

exercise 5
Exercise 5
  • The table below shows the normal boiling points of several substances. Design a program that prompts a user for the observed boiling point of a substance in degree Celsius ( C0 ) and identifies the substances if the observed boiling point is within 5% of the expected boiling point. If the data input is more than 5% higher or lower than any of the boiling points in the table, the program should output the message Substance unknown
  • In your design :
  • Identify the input
  • The desired output
  • Write the algorithm and pseudo code
  • Input –the observed boiling point of a substance in degree Celsius ( C0 )
  • Output- identifies the substances if the observed boiling point is within 5% of the expected boiling point
  • Algorithm
solution algorithm

Input the boiling point

if the boiling point is between 95 to 100 then the substance is water

else if the boiling point is between 337 to 357 the substance is mercury

else if the boiling point is between 1128 to 1187 the substance is copper

else if the boiling point is between 2083to 2193 the substance is silver

else if the boiling point is between 2527 to 2650 the substance is gold

else if the boiling point is more than 2650 and lower than 95 the substance is unknown.

exercise 6
Exercise 6
  • Keith’s Sheet Music needs a program to implement its music teacher’s discount policy. The program is to prompt the user to enter the purchase total to indicate whether the purchaser is a teacher. Music teachers receive a 10% discount on their sheet music purchases unless the purchase total is RM100 or higher. In that case, the discount is 12%. The discount calculation occurs before addition of the 5% sales tax. The sample outputs are as below: two output , 1 for teacher another one is not teacher.
  • What you need to do?
  • Analyze the problem
  • - Identify input
  • Identify output
  • Identify formula
  • 2. Write a pseudo code
  • 3.Draw a flowchart
  • 4. Write a Python code

Total purchases RM122.00

Teacher’s discount RM 14.64

Discounted total RM 107.36

Sales tax RM 5.37

Total RM 112.73

Total purchases RM 24.90

Sales tax RM 1.25

Total RM 26.15

  • Discuss in class during looping on 20-4-2011