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  1. continue

  2. Piers Family Tree Coat of arms Gerald Piers, Co. York = Piers Baronet Line John Forbes Piers Line John Piers, ESQ = Richard Piers, Piers Hall = Co. York, England, near Ingleton Capt. William Piers = Anne d._____ Holt To Carrickfergus Castle circa 1560 B. Cally 16th C of Holtcastle co. Chester D.1602 I. Henry Piers of Tristernagh = Jane d. Thomas Jones D.D.(1550 – 1619) D. 16 Sept 1623 Buried at Church of and Margaret Purdon ; Archbishop of Dublin, Lord Templecross Chancellor of Ireland; Sister of 1st Viscount of Ranelagh I. Sir William Piers, KNT = Martha Eldest d. of B. 1598 Sir James Ware, Elder D. 25 April 1638 Age 40 Bur. May 20 Templecross I. Sir Henry Piers 1st Baron = Mary d. Henry Jones D.D. II. James 3 daughters C.B.M.T. 18 Feb. 1660/61 Protestant Bishop Meath and 1st wife died young B. 1628 knighted 1658 Jane Cullum D. 19 Sept 1691 Age 63 (1605-1682) continue continue continue continue continue continue

  3. Jane Jones1 • F, #241274 • Last Edited=30 Jul 2007      Jane Jones is the daughter of Thomas Jones and Margaret Purdon.1 She married Henry Piers.1      Her married name became Piers.1 • Citations • [S21] L. G. Pine, The New Extinct Peerage 1884-1971: Containing Extinct, Abeyant, Dormant and Suspended Peerages With Genealogies and Arms (London, U.K.: Heraldry Today, 1972), page 224. Hereinafter cited as The New Extinct Peerage. • Henry Piers1 • M, #241275 • Last Edited=30 Jul 2007      Henry Piers married Jane Jones, daughter of Thomas Jones and Margaret Purdon.1 • Citations • [S21] L. G. Pine, The New Extinct Peerage 1884-1971: Containing Extinct, Abeyant, Dormant and Suspended Peerages With Genealogies and Arms (London, U.K.: Heraldry Today, 1972), page 224. Hereinafter cited as The New Extinct Peerage. Return

  4. CAPT. WILLIAM PIERS, of York, England, was sent to Ireland by Queen Elizabeth I (whom he is said to have saved at one time “from the fury of her sister ‘Bloody Mary’ by conveying her privately away”) in 1566 and given a considerable post in the Army. He was rewarded by grants of land of great value, particularly of the Abbey of Castle and received a reward of 1000 marks in 1569 for bringing in the head of the rebel Shane O’Neill to be displayed on a pike in Dublin on the orders of Sir Philip Sydney. He was the Governor of Carrickfergus and the Seneschal of County Antrim. He died in 1602 and was succeeded by his only son HENRY PIERS (buried at Church of Templecross) who married Jane, daughter of Thomas Jones, Archbishop of Dublin. He died 16 September 1623. Return

  5. SIR WILLIAM PIERS was the son of Henry Piers, married Martha, daughter of Sir James Ware (also buried at Templecross), was knighted and died in April 1638. Return

  6. SIR HENRY PIERS was born in 1628 and was created a Baronet of Ireland on 18 February 1660 taking the title of Baronet of Tristernagh Abbey, County Westmeath. He was the Sheriff of Counties Longford and Westmeath in 1657 and 1658, as well as the MP for Counties Longford and Westmeath, Kings County 1659 and St. Johnstown County Longworth 1661-1666, and Sheriff of County Westmeath in 1663. He married Mary, daughter of Henry Jones, Protestant Bishop of Meath by whom he had eight sons and six daughters. He died 1691. CAPTAIN THOMAS PIERS was one of his younger sons, served in the Army and died in 1728. Thomas’ son LEWIS PIERS went to Nova Scotia with Cornwallis and was present at the foundation of Halifax on June 21, 1749. Several descendents still reside in Nova Scotia. Return

  7. II.Marli = 1. Thomas Jans = 2. Gilbert Gardiner = 3 . ______ Lannen, Gent Return

  8. Anne = _______ Mordant, Gent Return

  9. II. Christopher = Elizabeth d. Marcus Usher ESQ.III. ThomasIV. Henry = “A mean woman” D. 7 June, 1634of Balsoon Co., Meath and Christiania Conway Franciscan Monk A zealous Papist John – a papist priest Mark = Bridget d. Fergus Thomas Henry Jane = Wm. Hagman? Farrall, Tulloph Co. died young of Tinne - Conolly Langford Christopher Henry Mark Mary = Alexander Norris Clerk, Vicar of Clonard Piers Bridget Catherine Elizabeth Elizabeth Ellas Jane Martha Bridget Return

  10. Return I.Anne = Patrick Gough, ESQ II.Cicely = Sir Dudley Loetus III.Margaret = Sir Edward Dowdell(sp?) Alderman of Dublin D. 1627 Knight of Moncktow N. Co. Meath = Nicholas Dowdall Register of Court of Chancery Alderman of Popogheda sp? M. 1628 Several Children VI.Francis = George Lowther ESQ V. Elizabeth = 1.John S. Sir James Ward IV.Jane = Henry Jones ESQ of Scryne Co. Meath the Elder. KNT Newton Co. Dublin 24 Dec. 1661 Murdered by Holliwood sp? Of Artaine Several ChildrenHenry = 2.William El. S. Sir Edmond Fitzgerald of Gortine in Ophaley Numerous Issue

  11. Return continue Janet = 1.Theodore Schout Mary = Dr. Henry Jones Margaret = Col. Henry Owen Wealthy Dutchman, Bishop, Meath Co. Cork Alderman, Dublin M. 31 Dec. 1646 Several Children George Henry Thomas James George Thesdace sp? Jane Elizabeth Clare Died young Died young Died Young Died young = 2.Thomas Price = ___________ Martha = Henry Cottingham Archdekon, Meath = 3.Col. William Arnop of Dunman Way, Co. Cook William Peirce = Winterborn Henry Elizabeth Margaret Co. Cork

  12. Return John = ____ Townsend Martha Catherine GKL? Susanna Martha=Col Thomas Scott no issue no issue no issue died young Thomas William John Martha=1.FR. Barsey Alice Elizabeth Susanne=Simon Young Hannah died young =2.____ HGWSON Elisabeth = Robert Ware S. of Sir James Younger James Jacobeta Martha Henry Anne Catherine Cecilla

  13. Return continue I.Sir William 2nd Baron = Honora Eld. D. Sir William II.Henry= 1. Elizabeth D. Col Reist? B. 1653 D. 2 June, 1693 Age 40 18th Lord Kerry = Constance D. William Gov. Jamaica Sanoys and Elizabeth D. of Sir Long of London and sister of 1st Earl of d. 17 June 1705 Rooer? Joves 1st Viscount Rane/AGH of Kerry d. 13 June 1653 =2.Elizabeth D. Alderman Solden? of Kingsdale Henry Robert William Thomas=Mabel D. Jos White Martha=1.Arthur died young Clergyman Clergyman _?_chfordstown Judge of Mosstown left issue Elizabeth = 1. Thos Lowe 2. Benjamin Pratt of Agher? Henry Thomas William=Mary d. Mary=Rev.Ormsby3. Peyton Fox Reverend Major Francis Cuffe of Port Mahan Rev. William=Catherine d. Col FrancisElizabeth Mabel=Jas Rothcry Martha=Rev Chaplain to Sir Benjamin Fletcher Castle Strut Arthur Charles Fielding’s Gov. Penna? Wonen D___? Grueber Regiment of foot D. Mar 5 1733 D. 21 Mar d. Nov 1746 1770 Continue Continue

  14. Constance Long1 • F, #48894, b. 5 October 1637, d. 12 October 1685 • Last Edited=3 Sep 2005 •      Constance Long was baptised on 5 October 1637 at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church, Covent Garden, London, England.2 She was the daughter of William Long.1 She married William FitzMaurice, 18th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw, son of Patrick FitzMaurice, 17th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw and Honor FitzGerald, circa 1665.1 She died on 12 October 1685 at age 48.2      From circa 1665, her married name became FitzMaurice.1 • Children of Constance Long and William FitzMaurice, 18th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw • Hon. Honora FitzMaurice 3 • Hon. Constance FitzMaurice 3 • Thomas FitzMaurice, 1st Earl of Kerry+ b. 1668, d. 16 Mar 17411 • Captain Hon. James FitzMaurice+ b. 16703 • Lt.-Col. Hon. William FitzMaurice+ b. 30 Jul 1670, d. 17104 • Citations • [S6] G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden, editors, The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct or Dormant, new ed., 13 volumes in 14 (1910-1959; reprint in 6 volumes, Gloucester, U.K.: Alan Sutton Publishing, 2000), volume VII, page 213. Hereinafter cited as The Complete Peerage. • [S1444] Letter from Jim Fitzmaurice (22 Bell Road, Lower Hutt, New Zealand) to Darryl Lundy, 18 August 2005; unknown repository (unknown repository address). • [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke's Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 2, page 2239. Hereinafter cited as Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition. • [S6] Cokayne, and others, The Complete Peerage, volume VII, page 214. Return

  15. William FitzMaurice, 18th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw1 • M, #38417, b. 1633, d. March 1696/97 • Last Edited=6 Sep 2005 •      William FitzMaurice, 18th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw was born in 1633.1 He was the son of Patrick FitzMaurice, 17th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw and Honor FitzGerald.1 He married Constance Long, daughter of William Long, circa 1665.1 He died in March 1696/97.1      William FitzMaurice, 18th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw succeeded to the title of 18th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw [I., c. 1295] circa January 1660/61.1 He fought in the Battle of the Boyne on 1 July 1690.2 He followed King James II to France after the Battle of the Boyne, but was named as one of those who would be pardoned on returning to Ireland.1 • Children of William FitzMaurice, 18th Baron of Kerry and Lixnaw and Constance Long • Hon. Honora FitzMaurice 3 • Hon. Constance FitzMaurice 3 • Thomas FitzMaurice, 1st Earl of Kerry+ b. 1668, d. 16 Mar 17411 • Captain Hon. James FitzMaurice+ b. 16703 • Lt.-Col. Hon. William FitzMaurice+ b. 30 Jul 1670, d. 17104 • Citations • [S6] G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden, editors, The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct or Dormant, new ed., 13 volumes in 14 (1910-1959; reprint in 6 volumes, Gloucester, U.K.: Alan Sutton Publishing, 2000), volume VII, page 213. Hereinafter cited as The Complete Peerage. • [S37] Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke's Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 2, page 2239. Hereinafter cited as Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition. • [S6] Cokayne, and others, The Complete Peerage, volume VII, page 214. Return

  16. SIR WILLIAM PIERS was the 2nd Baronet but died in 1693 after enjoying the title for only 2 years. return

  17. return William Henry = Anne Capt. F__t Port d. 8 July 1754 Arlington d. 30 Nov. 1741 made will June 1, 1741 Fletcher = Anne d. Arthur Galbraith CEO? Frederick Nassau John = _____ Meredith of Dublin no issue Jane

  18. Return Continue I.Sir Henry 3rd Baron =Jane d.John Piggott II.William=Eliz. d of Edward Croker I.Deborah b. 1678 of Kilfinney Co.Limerick and of Rawleighstown died young d. Mar.14 1733 Gertrude, d. Sir Thomas Southwell Co. Limerick Age 56 and 8 mos Queens Co..Copard =Katherine d.Richard Edward Henry Honora Mary 2nd Baron Barry of Santry died young died young died young m.8 Dec 1729 d. 8 June 1737 (no issue) and widow of Lawrence 3rd Earl of Barrymore and widow John Cash II. Sir John 4th Baron =Cornelia Gertrude I.William III.Henry I.Honora II. Margaret=Jes Robbins d. Feb 14, 1746/7 Eldest daughter of died young settled in died young After lung illness – buried Uncle Southwell Piggott Rotterdam St. Anne’s, Dublin m. May 17, 1739 merchant d. Jan 14, 1777 (his first cousin) I.Sir Piggott William 5th Baron = Elizabeth only daughter of John Smith II. Henrietta Educated Trinity College Dublin (Smyth) Chencray? Lane Buried in Exeter? Destroyed Tristernagh Abbey Rwing m. 17 April, 1771 Dublin Cathederal In 1783 b.1742 d. 1798 Continue Continue

  19. Katharine Barry1 • F, #116588, b. 9 May 1663, d. 8 June 1737 • Last Edited=22 Feb 2004 •      Katharine Barry was baptised on 9 May 1663 at St. Michan's Church, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland.1 She was the daughter of Richard Barry, 2nd Baron Barry of Santry and Elizabeth Jenery.1 She married, firstly, Laurence Barry, 3rd Earl of Barrymore, son of Richard Barry, 2nd Earl of Barrymore and Martha Lawrence, in 1682.1 She married, secondly, Francis Gash in 1699.1 She married, thirdly, Sir Henry Piers, Bt. on 8 December 1729.1 She died on 8 June 1737 at age 74.1 She was buried on 10 June 1737 at St. Mary's, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland.1 Her will (dated 3 June 1737) was probated in 1744.1      As a result of her marriage, Katharine Barry was styled as Countess of Barrymore in November 1694. From 1699, her married name became Gash.1 From 8 December 1729, her married name became Piers.1 • Citations • [S6] G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden, editors, The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct or Dormant, new ed., 13 volumes in 14 (1910-1959; reprint in 6 volumes, Gloucester, U.K.: Alan Sutton Publishing, 2000), volume I, page 444. Hereinafter cited as The Complete Peerage. Return

  20. SIR HENRY PIERS was the 3rd Baronet and he died from an opium dose in 1733. Return

  21. SIR JOHN PIERS was the 4th Baronet. He married his first cousin, Cornelia Gertrude Southwell Pigott of Cappard, Queens, Co. He died in 1746 and she lived until Jan. 1777. Return

  22. SIR PIGOTT WILLIAM PIERS was the 5th Baronet. He was educated at Trinity College in Dublin, receiving his BA in 1762). He was the Sheriff of Westmeath in 1774. He married Elizabeth, the only daughter and heiress of John Smythe of Dublin. Return

  23. Return II. Constance=Lev Verg III.Constance IV. Mary V.Margaret VI.Martha b. 1683 Hunt died young died young died young died young (had issue) IV. William III. Fitzmaurice Honora = James Conway died young died young

  24. III. Gertrude IV. Mary=Eliah Harrick? V.Elizabeth=Rev McClye? VI.Susanna=H. Cuttingham Died young of Ann___? Hoeroffe? D. Jan. 26 1760 Co,Lettruk? Return

  25. Return Continue I. Sir John Bennett 6th Baron =1.Mary d.Rev Joe II.Edward III.Henry IV.Frederick=Phoebe d. Samuel D. 22 July 1845 Pratt of Co. Cavan b. 1788 Har_cy? Of Pallace Last of Piers to reside at Cabra Castle, by Sarah, d. of 1st Viscount d. 28 Oct 1844 Co. Limerick Tristernagh Abbey Mountmorres of Castlemorres m. Aug 1st, 1796 m. 31 Dec. 1807 d. 1798 (no issue) d. July 1867 =2.Elizabeth King m. 1815 d. 17 Feb. 1862 Born out of Wedlock Louisa Adelaide Florence Anna Marie=Count Louis LeCoat 2 sons Canoness Stapleton Frederica of Kervequen William Royal Order of St. Anne d. 16 Oct. 1906 m. July 1842 Stapleton Of Bavaria d. 1892 and John (had issue) I. Sir Henry Samuel 7th Baron=Alice, youngest. D. John T II. Richard I.Elizabeth=Richard Young B. 6 May 1811 Glinden RN went to of dublin D. 15 April 1850 m. Nov 24 1838 America m. 26 Nov. 1845 d. 7 Feb. 1906 (had issue) Continue

  26. Return V. Octavius Samuel = Jane d. of Rev. Thomas Tristram B. 1788 m. Dec. 21 1813 D. Feb 23 1848 d. July 20 1871 Vicar Preston, Dorset I.Henry = Ellen Sarah II. William Dewe = Letitia Ellen Clayton = Thomas Frederick Jennings b. Jun. 3 1818 d. of John Colborn b. 6 Aug. 1820 d. Rev.James Daubney Bramley d. Nov. 30 1901 of Cork m. 1 Nov 1871 2. m. 15 June 1910 m. Nov 28 1854 d. 4 May 1876 of Tunbridge Wells, son of d. Dec. 25, 1926 Frederick Jennings Bramley I. Henry Octavius = Lisa Agnes d. Johnson Fanny Ellen Caroline Mary = Lt. Col .James Henry B. Jan 1 1856 Ferguson Deputy Surgn-Gen m. May 27, 1896 Paine D.S.O., RGA D. Feb 8 1945 m.1886 d. July 10, 1924 3rd son of James Paine Lt. Col and Brevet RA d. Sept. 2 1937 Springfield, N.E. Taunton K.I.A. 25 July, 1918 Gwendolen May b. 1889 had issue Continue

  27. Return Continue III. Thomas Tristam = Charlotte Mary IV. Shute Barrington = Jane Cunningham B. 7 March 1824 d. of Rev. Henry Baker Tristram Capt. R.N. D.of Peter David Handyside Col. HEIC m. 2 March 1854 b. 15 Jan. 1828 MD, FRCSE, memb. of Roy D. 29 May, 1873 d. 12 Aug, 1906 d. 14 Aug. 1876 Co. Archers m. 5 June 1863 d. April 1925 William Barrington = Mary Catherine Emily Price Samuel Octavius (Rev) = Mabel Marion Lt. Col. IA, cmdg Serv dau. Of Price Morris educ. Trin Hall Cambridge (MA) d. of G Smith of Ipswich Bn Beds Regt and 27th of Plas Clough, Denbighs Lt. Gordon Highlanders m.17 Oct. 1901 Bn. Trg Res m. 16 April 1891 Sr. Chaplain Madras ret. 1922 d. 28 Dec. 1951 B. 4 April 1859 d. 8 Dec. 1942 b. 23 Feb. 1869 D. 27 June, 1917 d. 13 Nov. 1940 William Price Barrington = Ursula Mary Bence educ. Cheltenham; RA d. of Rev George Alfred Charles b. 30 Nov. 1905 Smith-Cranmoor, Rector Baldock, Herts d. 1974 m. 18 June, 1935 d. 1993 Continue Continue Continue Continue

  28. Return Continue Shute Barrington = Gertrude Henry Handyside Bruce = Eva Geetrude William Cunningham B. 10 April 1864: OStJ 3rd d. of Charles b. 3 Nov. 1865 d. of George Brice b. 30 June 1867 M. 1888 Henry of m.2. Sept 1902 Pennell, CE d. 26 Aug. 1886 D. 1947 Nottingham d. 7 May 1935 d. 9 March 1962 m. 1888 Aged 87 d. 1938 Walter Barrington=Mary Cecilia Onn Grahame Sedway=Dorothy Mary Gladys Nottingham=W. Serle Manager bank of Mont. M. 1913 b. 1892 dau. of G.D. B. 1893 d. 1940 Haney, BC d. 13 April 1970 Heather m. 1920 B. 1890 d. 1971 D. Sept. 10, 1964 Patrick Phillip Oswald = 1.Sheila Foster B. 1921 S/Ldr RAF of Bexhill-on-Sea m. 1940 Roy Anthony=Elizabeth Mary John Patrick Peter Norman Davis = 2. Nicole Lecoq Michael m. 1964 David b. 1949 RAF m. 1965 B. 1941 b. 1944 Inspector Met. Capt. RAOC Robert Barrington Police b. 1966 Paul Keith Fiona b. 1966 b. 1968 b. 1965 Continue Continue Continue Continue

  29. Return Continue Eustace Pennell = Jean Mavis George Michael Mary Eva Patricia=Arthur Mather Grundy Educ. Ch Ch Oxford (MA) (Mrs. Eustace Piers, Barrington (Mrs. Arthur Grundy, son of Albert Walker Hon. Maj. Roy Signals 1 Mitre Place, The Park 2nd Lt. RE WWII the Old Rectory,10 Old Grundy of Prestwich B. 11 Oct. 1910 Castle Cary, Somerset KIA 20 March 1941 Port Rd. Wenvoe, M. 22 Feb. 1941 BA7 7EP dau. Of Cardiff CF5 6AN) D. 17 Aug. 1979 John Edward S Ralph of b. 16 March 1905 Streatham Hill, London m. 1 Aug. 1939 William James Shute Barrington = Janet Anne Angela Mary = Peter Kiero Watson (William Piers Esq. 101 Aylesbury Rd., dau. of K A Fream (Mrs. Peter Watson, son of James Christian Victor Aston Clinton, Bucks HP22 5AJ) of Bristol 66 Finches Gdns. Kiero Watson, of Hinstock, Salop Educ. Millfield and Brunel University m. 14 Oct 1978 Lindfield, Sussex m. m. 9 June 1965 (BTech, MIMech E) RH16 2PB B. 25 July, 1948 b. 1 April 1942 Adam Ralph Oliver Henry Thomas Michael Sarah Elizabeth James Kiero Thomas Piers Edward Piers Barrington Kiero Kiero B. 16 June 1980 b. 28 Oct. 1982 b. 14 March 1985 b. 18 May 1987 b. 14 Oct 1966 b. 31 May 1969 b. 1970 d, 3 Dec. 1984 d. 1970 Continue Continue

  30. Return Clare Rosamund Pennell = Peter William Dodd (Mrs. Peter Dodd, 4 Russel Rd. M. 1984 London, W14 B. 25 July 1948

  31. Return John Martin = Sheila Mary Evans Col. John Grundy, m. 8 June 1974 Highlands, St. Lythans, Cardiff, CF5 6BQ) Educ. Repton and Hertford Coll Oxford; Col Roy Regt. Wales ret. 1974 B. 30 April 1940 James David Piers Anna Charlotte B. 8 March 1976 b. 18 Feb. 1980

  32. Return Margaret Marion = Rt. Rev. Leslie Stibbard Helen Alice = Rev. John Lionel Mortimer B. 4 Nov. 1906 Assist. Bishop Newcastle, (Mrs. John Mortimer, son of Rev. John Mortimer, M. 10 Dec. 1938 NSW Foxlease, Maiden Bradley Dunedin, NZ D. 8 Aug. 1997 Warmister, Wilts BA12 7JG) d. 1 June 1983 b. 1 Aug 1914 m. 13 Jan 1944 Rev. Lawrence George = 1.Catriona Lane Michael Piers = Ann Christopher Hugh (The Vicarage, Wootan m. 1973 (Michale Mortimer, 5 dau. Of James (Christopher Mortimer, Wawwen, Solihull B95 6BD) d. 1982 Bearwood Cottages, The Jenkinson, of Foxlease, Maiden Bradley, b. 9 May 1945 Street, Wrecclesham, Aldershot Wilts BA12 7JG) educ. Lancing, St. Edmund Farnem GU10 4PE b. 1 Oct. 1949 Hall, Oxford and St. Chad’s b. 22 Sept. 1946 Durham; Diocese of Coventry m. 1985 = 2.Rosemary Barralet Benjamin Emily m. 1992 b. 24 May 1987 b. 30 Sept. 1985 John Lawrence Rebecca Magdalena Helen Rosamund Clare B. 25 March 1978 b. 4 Aug. 1974 b. 1 Nov. 1976 Continue

  33. Return Continue David Piers = Janet Pauline Stephen Patrick = Jillian Margaret (David Stibbard, 2nd dau. of Henry Arthur (Stephen Stibbard, dau. Of Bruce Robert McGavin Roughit, via Singleton, Dale Harrison of Lawrence, 145A Everton St. of New Lambton, NSW Hamilton, 2330, NSW NSW Hamilton, NSW 2303 Australia m. 20 Aug 1966 Australia B. 18 Aug, 1943 b. 6 June 1947 Dermot Harrison Samantha Marion Fenella Joanne Sophie Anne Clare Angela B. 25 July 1969 b. 23 March 1968 b. b. 30 June 1973 b. 1 April 1989 b. 23 June 1992

  34. Return Ruth (Mrs. Noel McFayden = Noel Bernard McFayden Miriam Anne = George David Swan 38 Janet St. Merewether, NSW, son of Norman Charles (Mrs. George Swan, m. 1969 Australia) b. 19 Feb. 1940 McFayden, of Hamilton NSW 16 Raymond St, Speers M. 5 Jan 1963 Pt. NSW Australia b. 16 March 1950 Fiona Louise = Richard Jenkins Jennifer Anne b. 18 Sept 1969 m. 2 May 1992 b. 27 April 1972 David James = Petrina Lee Muxlow Michael Stuart = Kim Leanne Rowley Lisa Jane B. 9 Jan. 1964 m. 31 Oct. 1993 b. 13 Aug. 1969 m. 25 April 1993 b. 26 July 1965 RAN (ret) Jack David Mitchell James Emma Ruth Lisa Jane B. 23 Oct. 1995 b. 12 Aug. 1997 b. 2 Oct. 1993 b. 26 July 1965

  35. Return Heather = Anthony Tresiddar Freeman FCA b. 1918 son of Edmund Freeman, of Bore Place, m. 24 March 1945 Chiddingstone, Kent Michael Edmund Piers Piers Anthony Chloe Anne Amanda Jane B. 16 January 1946 b. 25 March 1956 b. 19 Feb. 1949 b. 24 May 1953

  36. Return Continue I. Grahame Barrington=Shirley O’Brian II. Cecil Edwin = Ethel Ruth Sheppard b. 7 July 1913 m. 1950 S/Sgt. RCMP m. 14 March 1941 D. 1980 b. 29 July 1914 (Mrs. Cecil Piers, PO Box 301 d. 1987 Montrose, BC V0G 1P0) Richard Barrington b. 1953 Kenneth Barrington = Maartje Penelope Ann = Brian Denton (Kenneth Piers Esq. Schelf Straat No 1 dau. of ___ Wolf (Mrs. Brian Denton, m. 1972 3295TK S’Gravendeel, Holland) of Delfzijl, Holland 2134 Graham Ave, educ. Univ. of British Columbia Prince Rupert BC equipment manager, Sea Train Inc. V8J 1C8) b. 13 April, 1943 m. 9 Dec. 1966 registered nurse b. 7 July 1946 Trevor Piers Laura Lynn b. 1975 b. 1973

  37. Return III. Harry Gordon = 1. Sally Chisholm I. Kathleen Margery = Winston Eric Dunning W/O RCAF, Inspector m. 1946 (divor. 1968) b. 1916 ed/publisher The Gazette, Haney BC Customs and Imm. M. 1943 son of CE Dunning James Walter b. 1947 = 2. Helen Audreychuk Ross Barrington Paul Hasley Janis Kathleen dau of ___ Street b. 4 June 1945 b. 25 Aug 1954 b. 14 Feb. 1950 m. 1970 edu. St. George’s edu. Royal Academy School Vancouver Dancing London

  38. Return Margery Barrington = Clive Marshall B. 1896 M. 1921 had issue

  39. Return Peter David Handyside = Rose Sydney Fitzmaurice Edward Cecil Claude Piggott Irene Walsh Shute b. 6 May 1869 youngest daughter of 8th Baronet, b. 30 Jan. 1871 b. 1 July, 1875 b. (posthumously) Colonial CS Sir Eustace Fitzmaurice d. 1930 joined Br. Army in 18 Oct. 1876 M. 11 June 1910 d. 26 Jan. 1962 New York, served d. March 1932 D. 1943 in WWI d. 1927

  40. Return Continue Charles Stuart Tristram Violet Marion=Louis Brown Evelyn Helena=George Damer Sub Lt. RN WWII m. 1 Sept 1931 of Chicago m. 22 Oct. 1938 Lt. RCA KIA April 1944 B. 17 Jan. 1920 d. 1934 son of Timothy Damer D. as result of enemy action =George Paul of Toronto 21 March 1941m. June 6 1939 = Robert Owen Fowler AMIEE of Liverpool, N.S. m. 1972 Jacqueline Evelyn b. 1940 George Terence Stuart = Michele Mary Godwin (George Damer Esq, 14 Beech dau. of Leonard William Rd. Reigate, Surrey RH2-97R) Prouten, of Brighton b. 29 Sept, 1940 educ Douai (BSc) m. 13 June 1964 Justin Dawson = Samantha Durrant Miranda Jane=Charles Blease Annabel Katie=Julian Barfield Educ. Douai (Bsc) m. 1996 b.2 June 1968 m. 1994 Louise b. 1974 m. 1997 C.A. b. 17 Mar. 1967 Isaac Benjamin Otis Samuel

  41. Return Ruth Pauline = Capt. Thomas Eric Hazeldine (Mrs. Ruth Hazeldine,Blueberry AMICE, RE, Indian Engrs, er s of Shores, Liverpool N.S. B0T 1K0 T.F. Hazeldine, of Withdean, Sussex M. 20 April 1946 and Natalie Lady Ricketts Keith Trevor = Ethel Mae Fraser Piers Martin = 1.Iva MacKenzie Carol Anne = James E. Dewar BEng, MBA m.1970 b. 1957 m. 1984 d. 1992 b. 1948 m. 1970 B. 1947 Tia Lee-Anne Dana Christine b. 1984 b. 1986 = 2. Wendy Wyer m. 1994 Heidi Lee Grace b. 1974 Julia Lee Amy Katherine Laura Mae Brydone Michael Jennifer Laura Kimberly Margaret B. 1975 b. 1977 b. 1979 b. 1980 b. 1975 b. 1978 Continue

  42. Return Sally Jane = Dr. Arnie Chestnut Gail Melisa = William Moffat b. 1949 m. 1971 (Mrs. William Moffat, 6620 m. 1980 Jubilee Rd., Halifax, N.S. B3H 2H4 Canada b. 1955 Jonathan Eric Douglas Luke Stuart Rachel Alexandra Hazeldine b. 1991 b. 1994 b. 1990 Matthew Robert Heidi Anne Shannon Gail B. 1979 b. 1974 b. 1977

  43. Return Continue Anthony Tristram Barrington = Susan Jacqueline Brian William Barrington = Stephanie Ellen (Anthony Piers Esq., Withy Cottage, Dawn, d. of Lt.Col (Brian Piers, 7 Ross St. Elizabeth d. of Capt. Wrantage, Somerset TA3 6DJ) H.T. Bayldon, MC of Toowoomba, Queensland ___ Attoe, of London Educ Plumtree Sch Rhodesia and Los Palmas 4350 Australia) m. 1970 RMA Sandhurst; Capt. 1st Bn Devon m. 1st June 1964 educ Plumtree Sch and Gwebi and Dorset Regt. Divorced 1981 Ag. Coll. Rhodesia B. 6 June, 1939 = Mrs. Mary Gertrude b. 16 Sept. 1941 Eveleen Croft d. of D H Baker of Farnham Robert CourtneySamantha Barrington Surrey Barringtom b. 1971 b.1973 Christopher William Anne–Marie Barrington=Kevin Bridget Dawn Barrington=Anton Matthews Barrington b. 1973 b. 14 Sept 1965 m.1988 b. 14 Oct. 1967 m. 1993 Connor Sebastian Rory Leto b. 1990 b. 1992

  44. Return Charles Barrington = Judy Melanie Pamela (Charles Piers Esq. 95 dau. Of P.D. Fuller of Surugwi, Zimbabwe Belladona Rd. Roodekranz m. 1980 Ext.7, Roodeport 1725 Transvaal, South Africa) B. 8 Oct. 1943 Educ. Plumtree Sch Rhodesia And RMA Sandhurst Capt 1st Bn Rhodesian African Rifles Niall Barrington b. 1984

  45. Helena Louisa = Alfred Cecil Langston B. 30 April 1861 PWD, Madras M. 21 July, 1897 D. 18 Dec, 1944 (had issue) Return

  46. Return I. Elizabeth Jane = Rev. Hastings Hawes Harrington II. Helena Clara = Charles Hastings Snow B. 2 May, 1816 m. 21 July, 1841 b. 9 Nov 1825 m. 25 June 1850 D. Jan 1895 of Wellington, N.Z. (had issue)

  47. SIR JOHN BENNETT PIERS, born in 1772, was the 6th Baronet. He was married to Mary Pratt in August 1776 but she died two years later. In 1815 he was married to Elizabeth King. This marriage was performed in a private home in Douglas, Isle of Man by a Reverend Stewart. A substantial portion of the correspondence in my possession concerns the attempts made to prove the validity of the marriage to legitimize the couple’s daughters, Louisa Adelaide Piers and Florence Anna Maria Stapleton Frederica Piers. The issue was the inability to produce or obtain evidence that a special license was issued permitting the marriage. George, Bishop of Douglas, and later Bishop of Rochester, denied such a license had been issued but subsequent to Sir John’s death a petition to the House of Lords succeeded in removing the stain of bastardry from the daughters. Sir John had two illegitimate sons, William Stapleton Piers and John Piers. • In “The Annals of Westmeath Ancient and Modern”, by James Woods,, Sir John is described as a gambler, duellist and spendthrift and a schoolfellow of Lord Cloncurry. Sir John made a “diabolical wager” with a kindred spirit that he could seduce Lord Cloncurry’s bride and was successful in the deed which resulted in the ruin of Lord and Lady Cloncurry’s marriage. In a famous trial in 1807 Lord Cloncurry sued Sir John for L100,000 and was awarded L20,000 and costs. Piers put in no appearance at the trial but fled to the Isle of Man. Eventually the law secured him and he paid what he could giving his bond for the remainder. Assailed on all sides by his creditors, he retreated to a cottage he had built at Tristernagh, surrounded by a high wall to protect himself from the minions of justice. In the correspondence in the possession of the writer his debts were referred to as in excess of L80,000. • During or just prior to 1834, he and his family took up residence in St. Omer, France and, it appears, he did so to further evade his creditors. The correspondence, which is dated from 1834 to 1854, consists of over 140 letters, mostly written by Sir John’s Dublin solicitor, Mr. T.W. Gahan to Sir John, Lady Elizabeth Piers, Louisa A. Piers and William S. Piers. For the greaterf portion of the period the lettersw indicate the Piers family merely existed on the funds Mr. Gahan was able to obtain for them largely with great difficulty from tenants’ rentals paid for some of the Irish properties. Sir John died on July 22, 1845 and was buried in St. Omer. Lady Elizabeth Piers died on Feb. 17, 1862. Louisa Adelaide Piers never married but Burke’s indicates she became Chanoinesse (whatever that was), of the Royal Order of St. Anne of Bavaria. Her sister Florence was married in July 1842 to Count Louis Le Coat de Kerveguen and she died on October 16, 1906. Her husband was for a time a member of the French Parliament. The closing letters of the correspondence indicate that William L. Piers mounted a gold mining venture to Australia with two other gentlemen and one of the letters from Gahan went to William in Melbourne and concerns the latter’s loss of considerable money shortly after arriving in Australia. Neither the correspondence of Burke’s gives any further clues to what happened to William after that. In fact William’s name does not appear in Burke’s at all, presumably because of his illegitimacy. Sir John and Lady Elizabeth had a second marriage performed in St. Catherines Church Dublin in 1821. Although the House of Lords decision legitimized the daughters, their sex denied either the Baronetcy. Return

  48. SIR HENRY S. PIERS became the 7th Baronet. He was the son of sir John B. Piers’ brother FREDERICK. There was also another brother, Rev.Octavius Piers, Vicar of Preston and Sir John and his two brothers became estranged and this estrangement and it’s consequences are also referred to in the correspondence. Sir Henry S. Piers was born in 1840 and held the Baronetcy until his death in 1850. Return

  49. Return I. Sir Eustace Fitzmaurice =Rose, ygst.d.Charles Maude Mary=Maj.Gen Denzil Elizabeth son 8th Baronet Saunders Florence Hammill CB Catherine d.y. B. Oct. 28 1840 of Fulwood Park, Liverpool m. Sept. 15 1870 died unm. D. 10 May 1913 m. July 20 1869 d. Dec 2, 1891 d. Nov. 11 1891 75th Regiment Gordon Highlanders (had issue) I. Sir Charles Piggot =Hester Constance Stella Mary Wilbraham Honora Fitzmaurice 9th Baronet d. Samuel Richard Browis JP D. UNM d. UNM 25 Dec 1955 B. June 27 1870 of Ibstone House, Oxon 16 Mar 1955 D. June 27 1945 m. Aug 27 1902 d. Oct 6 1936 Sir Charles Robert Fitzmaurice 10th Baronet = Ann Blanche Scott b. Aug. 30 1903 only daughter of Captain Thomas M. Sept. 19 1936 Ferguson of Royal Highlanders D. Jan 1 1996 d. 1975 Continue Continue

  50. SIR EUSTACE FITSMAURICE PIERS, son of the above, became the 8th Baronet. He was a Major in the 4th Bn Manchester Regiment, was born in 1840 and died in 1913 after holding the title for 63 years from the age of 10. Return