Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid “The Last Straw”. By Jeff Kinney Charles Hudson. about the author

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid“The Last Straw”

By Jeff Kinney

Charles Hudson

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  • about the author

  • Jeff Kenny was born 1971 in Maryland and attended the university of Maryland in the early 1990. it was there that Jeff ran a comic strip called igdoof in the campus newspaper and he knew he wanted to be a cartoonist and that’s when he made diary of a wimpy kid.

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  • Setting

  • it was when frank Hefley believed that he could put his son in shape so he was going to put and he try to put Greg in rec league soccer teams. But Greg did hi dad side step doings and Greg new it was up when his dad said he was going to military school.

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Main Characters

●Greg-He is in middle school. He is the one writing the journal and telling his experiences. He has two brothers and lives with his parents.

●Rowley-He is Jeff’s best friend. He is in the same grade as Jeff. Jeff hangs out at Greg’s house and Greg comes over to Jeff’s house. Greg has a goofy personality but he is loyal to Jeff.

●Manny-He is Jeff’s younger brother. He is in his toddler years.

●rodreg- is Jeff older brother. he is the bully of the story.

●heather heather field-she is the girl who Greg and Rowley likes.

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●what happened is Greg new years day. Then next was his Christmas and he start to get mad because he didn’t get what he wanted and he start to get mad because uncle Charlie got a laundry hoop and Greg mother mad him start to make him do his own laundry

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●what happened is Greg and Rowley got mad at each other and the stop being friends and they try to find new best friends and Rowley fount one and Greg start getting mad and he just try to find any one for his new best friend. Greg and his mom met Rowley and his mom at the store and Rowley was going on vacation and they invited Greg and his mom said yes and that's how they made up.

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●the main theme of the story is that Greg and Rowley family went to the summer and had a great time there.

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My Book Review

●frank Hefley actually think he can get his son in shape/toughen up, and he enlists Greg in organize sports and other manlier activities. Greg is easily able to to side step his father effort to change him. But when Greg dad threatens to ship Greg of to military school to get in shape Greg no he needs to man up. and I recommend this book for other people because it funny cool and interesting that’s why I recommend this book.