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Meadow Surprises PowerPoint Presentation
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Meadow Surprises

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Meadow Surprises - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Meadow Surprises. You may see a butterfly Rest upon a buttercup And unfold its drinking straw To sip the nectar up. You may scare a rabbit

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Meadow Surprises

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    1. Meadow Surprises

    2. You may see a butterfly Rest upon a buttercup And unfold its drinking straw To sip the nectar up

    3. You may scare a rabbit Who is still sitting very still; Though at first you may not see him When he hopes you will.

    4. A dandelion whose fuzzy head Was golden days ago Has turned to airy parachutes That flutter when you blow

    5. Explore the meadow houses The burrows in the ground A nest beneath all tall grases The ant’s amazing mound

    6. Oh meadows have surprises And many things to tell ; You may discover these yourself , If you look and listen well .

    7. The Shed Subject Teacher - Shobha.C Made By - Ratnesh Mohanty Frank Flynn There's a shed at the bottom of our garden

    8. With a spider web hangingacross the door, With a spider's web hanging across the door, When I'm in bed I lie and I listen The hinges are rusty and creak in the wind.

    9. With three cracked panes of glass, There's a dusty old window ground around at the side Each time I pass, I'll peep through the window one day. I often think there's someone staring at me

    10. My brother says there's a ghost in the shed Who hides under the rotten floorboards He'll jump out and chop off my head But I'll take a peek oneday. And if I ever dare to set foot inside

    11. x My brother tells lies to keep the shed for his den; I know that there isn't really a ghost, x x since I don't know when, I'll go into that shed one day soon, But not just yet ..... There isn't anyone staring or making strange noises

    12. THANK YOU