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The Sustainability Trust

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The Sustainability Trust
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The Sustainability Trust

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  1. The Sustainability Trust The Sustainability Trust Rotarians for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction The Sustainability Trust is a Global Rotary Club project Sustainability, Climate Change and World Peace

  2. The Sustainability Trust- what it does ..... Encourages 1.22 million Rotarians to learn about the importance of Sustainability principles. Shares ideas on how to introduce these principles into our own lives, our communities and our humanitarian Rotary Club projects. Aims to link all 34,103 Rotary Clubs into an online information network about the issues and solutions. Wants Rotary Clubs to reduce the impact of Climate Change and prepare their communities for its consequences.

  3. The Trust is a Charitable Foundation It was created with funding from 11 Clubs (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa) in 9 Rotary Districts on 5 continents. The Trustees are all Rotarians. Our slogan is “Rotarians for Sustainability & Carbon Reduction”

  4. Why Sustainability? Is this Sustainable? The human race is using the resources of 1.4 planet Earths By 2030 we will need the resources of two planet Earths

  5. What is Sustainability? Sustainability is "Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." (The Brundtland Commission – 1987) We are destroying the planet’s ability to support its growing population. ‘Sustainable Life-style’ should be our objective. It needs thought, investment and effort, but it doesn’t bring sub-standard living

  6. Sustainability – Example‘Peak Oil’ is Approaching Is this Sustainable? Source: International Energy Agency (IEA) Thousand barrels daily

  7. The Damage done by Petrol:Part of every litre we buy* - Funds a Dictatorship. Reduces Human Rights. Contributes to the next hurricane, by warming the oceans. Makes the oceans more acidic, damaging fish & coral. Adds to the misery of every refugee affected by drought. Destroys part of the ecosystem our grandchildren will need for survival. Possibly makes a donation to a terrorist organisation. *Source – Hot, Flat & Crowded, by Thomas Friedman

  8. The Benefits of Solar Energy We have lived through the time of cheap - but damaging - coal and oil Yet the Earth receives a massive supply of solar energy. It’s just been difficult to utilise... so far We have a fusion reactor that has been burning over 4 billion years. ... the Sun. It provides enough energy in one minute to supply the world's energy needsfor one year. "The amount of solar radiation striking the earth over a three-day period is equivalent to the energy stored in all fossil energy sources.*“ *

  9. World Population is Growing Is this line --- the ‘Climate Wars’ Scenario? World population from 1800 to 2100, based on UN 2004 projections (red, orange, green) and US Census Bureau historical estimates (black).

  10. Why Carbon Reduction? CO2 is a greenhouse gas emitted from burning fossil fuels It can insulate our planet in the upper atmosphere for up to 200 years We are warming the planet by burning fossil fuels so quickly We may be heating it beyond its ability to support 7bn-9bn people The warmer climate and seas are creating volatile weather patterns This is expected to lead to flooding and drought, food and water shortages, starvation & disease. Our trustees believe that Rotarians should address this challenge

  11. And it’s started: The Weather is Changing EVERYWHERE Rotarians at recent RI Conventions all say – “Yes, our climate is getting more unpredictable” Australia Pakistan Bangladesh Georgia, USA

  12. Water Shortage Predictions 2020Source = University of Kassel in Germany The Sustainability Trust – Rotarians for Sustainability & Carbon Reduction

  13. Water Shortage Predictions 2070Source = University of Kassel in Germany The Sustainability Trust – Rotarians for Sustainability & Carbon Reduction

  14. Drought .. and FloodingLondon 2100...?Estimate by US National Centre for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, ColoradoThe Sustainability Trust – Rotarians for Sustainability & Carbon Reduction

  15. But there are Climate Contrarians..... “Month XYZ was very cold, so it isn’t happening” We mustn’t confuse Weather with Climate Just because it’s cold here, doesn’t mean it’s cold everywhere 2010 was one of the planet’s warmest years on record 8 of the last 10 years have been the warmest on record for planet Earth

  16. “The climate is always changing. This is nothing to do with humans” 0.75’C rise in a century cannot be explained by natural causes Previous (natural) changes were far more gradual The natural Greenhouse Gas Effect keeps Earth 30’C warmer. However, we are increasing the greenhouse effect by burning huge quantities of fossil fuels very quickly Our rapidly warming planet is happening too fast for nature to adjust

  17. “The scale of the problem is overstated: there is no need for action.” 350ppm is many leading scientists’ view on safe upper limit for CO2 It’s now at 390ppm and rising at approx 2ppm per annum Science is becoming clear: Global Warming is happening faster than ever - and humans are responsible. Sources - The Royal Society information database, ‘Climate Wars’ and

  18. Warming is expected to accelerate Stephen Salter, Emeritus Professor of Engineering Design, University of Edinburgh ..... ‘A reasonable judgement gives a 40 per cent chance that the Arctic sea-ice area will decline significantly ..... in 2011.... ‘Since ice reflects sunlight and water absorbs sunlight, should the ice area decline then the Arctic will warm in late summer. ‘The result will be that the greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide and methane - will be released into the atmosphere .... .... leading to further warming and a runaway greenhouse event .... and ultimately .... the collapse of civilization’. ‘Deadly peril of loss of sea ice’ - The Independent newspaper Saturday, 12 February 2011

  19. If the Contrarians are wrong, it will be too late to prevent a catastrophe Global warming leads to disease, starvation, food and water shortages, flooding & drought. These are expected to lead to conflict and wars Are we going to make our own planet uninhabitable for all but a tiny population? Are we going to create ‘Climate Wars’ for future generations? Sources - The Royal Society information database, ‘Climate Wars’ and

  20. ‘Climate Wars’ Is The Perfect Storm heading our way? Is this a challenge for Rotary Clubs? Have we thought about ANY aspect of this? Have we prepared ourselves and our communities? Let’s look at the consequences of these changes …

  21. Carbon Dioxide TimelineSource = ‘Climate Wars’, by Gwynne Dyer, Oneworld Press • For all of human history, our atmosphere contained 275 parts per million of carbon dioxide. • 1980's - Planet passed 350ppm (the safe target to maintain equilibrium?) • 2013 - Expect to pass 400ppm • 2030 - Expect to pass 450ppm • 2035 - 480ppm carbon. Killer heatwaves strike Europe, US Midwest and Southeast. • Oceanic ability to absorb carbon down by 70%, Greenland glaciers sliding rapidly into the sea. • Mankind's main job has become 'planetory maintenance engineering'

  22. The Situation in 2045 2.8'C higher global average temp (2'C is viewed as absolute limit to avoid runaway feedback system) China suffers mass starvation due to collapse of major river systems through drought. European Union collapses due to inability to absorb more refugees from southern nations. Northern European countries close all borders. Italy over-run with refugees from Africa and becoming a failed state. Source = ‘Climate Wars’, by Gwynne Dyer

  23. 2045 - Civilisation Starts to Disintegrate Uganda's population reached 110m by 2030 but fallen back to 30m due to severe malnutrition. Wall between Mexico and USA still holding, but severe unrest in US over shoot to kill policy. USA and Canada just coping to maintain a shadow of former lifestyles, with food and water scarce. Methane being released in huge quantities from melting permafrost in Arctic Northern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh swept by famine and anarchy due to collapse of glacier-fed Indus, Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers. Nuclear war potential over Himalayas water rights. Source = ‘Climate Wars’, by Gwynne Dyer

  24. When we’re asked - what Rotarians did to prevent this catastrophe facing planet Earth ..... Used with permission of The Observer newspaper, London What will we tell them?

  25. So what are Rotarians Doing? Many things all over the world......

  26. A programme Rotarians can all be proud of - Rotary International Peace Scholars These are the people who will face the Climate Change challenges

  27. ShelterBoxRotart Club of Helston - Lizard, Cornwall A wonderful project – dealing with the consequences We want to deal with the causes

  28. Sustainability Trust Programmes ...... Encouraging & Supporting Sustainable Club Projects Theme of 2010-11 RI President Ray Klinginsmith, Rotary Club of Kirksville, Missouri – ‘Building Sustainable Communities and Bridging Continents’ The Trust seeks Sustainability ideas from Clubs ... Here are some examples .....

  29. Mission Valley Club, San Diego, CA

  30. Fresno Club, CA - Solar Cookers South Africa 2010Coordinated by the Trust & led by R.C. Fresno, California & R.C. Kirstenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa Lorna Milligan, RC Fresno training team Making the cookers from local materials Demonstrating the finished products

  31. D.1220 Project - Sustainable Homes in D.3150, India FROM THIS........ District 1220 aims to build the homes. The Sustainability Trust aims to make them sustainablehomes

  32. Sheffield Rotary Club, Yorkshire Selling Ecotek Products - Energy and cost saving devices for your home or office at discount prices Donating to the Trust for each one sold. Combined TV, VCR, DVD, etc, poweredoff with one click A different version does the same for computers, printers etc Energy Wizard - £24.32 from Amazon. £19 from the Trust. 10% electricity saving Standby Saver

  33. Rochdale Rotary Club, England‘The Babylon Project’ Continuous plastic planting material for low-water and poor soil cultivation Winner of Rodney Huggins RIBI Environmental Project Award 2010

  34. Perth Rotary Club, Australia‘Days of Change’ carbon reduction pledges

  35. ‘Your Green Future’ D. 1100 R.C’s Of Cheltenham, Cheltenham Sunrise, Cheltenham Cleeve Vale, North Cotswolds & Gloucester Seven

  36. How Can This Club Get Involved? What’s locally relevant for you? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle advice to residents? Tree-planting locally? Environmental Preservation Projects Locally? School Sustainable Project? String shopping bag Trust program? (USA imports 500m gals p.a. of oil to make shopping bags. UK hasreduced bag use by nearly 50%, but still much to do) Energy Reduction Project locally? (Ecotek products) Help establish renewable energy projects, locally (or internationally for humanitarian benefits) And there are thousands of other ideas to consider... Check out our website. Ask us for advice.

  37. World Peace World Peace depends on tackling these challenges Rotarians can - and should - take a lead. We won’t be able to fill ShelterBoxes fast enough to cope with all the disasters. Unless we start NOW to make a difference


  39. The Trust has .... World-wide reach through 600+ Rotary Clubs Some very enthusiastic individual members The ability to act as a project catalyst How you can help.... Link your Club to the Trust (website RED button) Become a Sustaining Member Club ($100 annually) Provide Ambassadorsto spread the word in your District Create New Project Ideas, shared on the website Encourage Rotarians to offset their flight emissions(and other unavoidable carbon emissions) to support a Rotary Club project at

  40. The People who deal with Peace have no doubts about the dangers: Professor Paul Rogers, retired Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford – May 2008: “Examined from the perspective of conflict and conflict resolution, there is no doubt the effects of climate change, especially on the poorer parts of the world, are likely to be the most important issues for the next two decades. ‘If we do not prevent the excesses of climate change, we will be bequeathing to our children a world of severe insecurity, if not chaos, and it will be our generation that will be blamed.

  41. Sustainability and Carbon Reduction... to emphasise the importance ..... This is the biggest challenge our world faces And this is the largest type available, to stress how we feel...!

  42. And finally.... What is the 5th Test in the Four-Way Test? Is it SUSTAINABLE?

  43. The Sustainability Rotarians for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction The Sustainability Trust is a Global Rotary Club project