Dhhr crm xrm implementation
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DHHR CRM/ xRM Implementation. July 2011. What is CRM? . CRM – Customer Relationship Management CRM is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.

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Dhhr crm xrm implementation

DHHR CRM/xRM Implementation

July 2011

What is crm
What is CRM?

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management

  • CRM is a widely-implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects.

  • CRM involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes, principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service and technical support.

What is xrm
What is xRM?

  • xRM – Extended CRM or Anything Relationship Management

  • Where CRM (C = Customer) is focused on managing relationships with customers, XRM (X = Anything) is the platform where you define and manage the relationships between anything important for your organization to manage information around.

What is xrm1
What is xRM

  • xRM is the development platform the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application was built on.

  • In addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s rich “out of the box” CRM functionality, XRM is the platform that gives you the foundation to mold Microsoft Dynamics CRM into line-of-business (LOB) solutions.

  • A true application platform where you define the “things” and relationships unique for your end-to-end business operations.

Why dhhr and xrm
Why DHHR and xRM?

  • DHHR has many Microsoft Access “systems” and MIS support of Access is limited.

  • Microsoft Access does not lend itself to concurrent- user access.

  • After a quick inventory, we found over 150 of these Access “systems” scattered throughout the Department that have been deemed candidates for replacement or are new systems.

  • xRM was implemented as a way to more rapidly replace and standardize these “systems” as well as provide a platform/environment to rapidly develop and deploy new smaller systems.

Proof of concept
Proof of Concept

  • GrantPro, an old Access-based grants management system being used by one Bureau, was chosen as a proof-of-concept system.

  • DHHR Deputy Secretary for Administration wanted to roll the GrantPro “system” out to the Department’s 4 other Bureaus.

  • Instead, MIS proposed using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product to replace and enhance that system and provide for a better Department-wide solution.

Crm grants management implementation
CRM Grants Management Implementation

  • Discussions began in early February with Microsoft to replace GrantPro with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Microsoft brought in one of their partners, Planet Technologies, to design and build the new CRM Grants Management system.

  • Requirements gathering conference calls, design and development occurred between February – April.

  • UAT was conducted during late April – mid-May.

  • Go live occurred in mid-May.

Crm outlook integration
CRM/Outlook Integration

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is integrated into Microsoft Outlook.

  • Because of this integration, CRM integration software had to be deployed to every PC or laptop that was going to access the new system. This was accomplished with the Office of Technology.

Crm outlook integration1
CRM/Outlook Integration

  • The system is also integrated with Active Directory hence, the user ID for the Grants Management system is the Network ID.

  • The users access the new system by going to Outlook.

    • (Browser-based access is also available.)

  • Because of this integration, the system is only available for users on the Executive domain and not available to external users.

Crm outlook integration2
CRM/Outlook Integration

  • Out of the box, CRM can take advantage of features such as:

    • Tracking email to specific records

    • Set tasks for specific records

    • Track appointments for specific records

    • Attach documents to specific records

    • Reporting Dashboards

Crm grants management3
CRM Grants Management

  • One of the main purposes of the system is to produce documents using the information entered on the record.

  • This is accomplished via Microsoft Word mail merge and SQL Reporting Services.

Crm grants management4
CRM Grants Management

  • Database:

    • The database is SQL Server 2008.

    • All database access must be done through CRM.

    • CRM will create the appropriate tables and indexes.

    • Data can be imported into the system within CRM.

    • Accessing the database “through the back door” will invalidate the CRM license.

Future plans for xrm
Future Plans for xRM

  • Meeting held July 14 – 15 with Microsoft, Planet Technologies and the Office of Technology to discuss the infrastructure and best practices for xRM.

  • This included setting up separate environments for Development, Testing, Training, Production.

Future plans for dhhr
Future Plans for DHHR

  • Grants Management:

    • Creation of a Change Order process

    • Integration with Microsoft SharePoint

    • Creation of a workflow process

    • Development of grant oversight functionality and reporting

  • Prioritize the remaining >150 systems from the initial inventory and start development.

  • Continue learning xRM including portal functionality and integration to allow external user access