pimse 2012 13 opening day n.
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PIMSE 2012-13 Opening Day PowerPoint Presentation
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PIMSE 2012-13 Opening Day

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PIMSE 2012-13 Opening Day - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PIMSE 2012-13 Opening Day. Agenda. PIMSE Meeting Agenda WPI June 1, 2012 Greeting – How have you used ASSISTments ? Intro to PIMSE-GK12 & Expectations PIMSE at your School, Math and Science Evaluation Fellow’s Research Summer Work Communication - Edmodo. Greeting. FIRST

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Presentation Transcript
  • PIMSE Meeting Agenda
  • WPI June 1, 2012
  • Greeting – How have you used ASSISTments?
  • Intro to PIMSE-GK12 & Expectations
  • PIMSE at your School, Math and Science
  • Evaluation
  • Fellow’s Research
  • Summer Work
  • Communication - Edmodo


  • Login to your ASSISTments Account, find a problem set number you want to share.
  • How have you used ASSISTments?
  • Tell us about using that Problem Set.
  • 2nd year fellows too.


  • Make student accounts at 1stASSISTments School and do some of the problem sets. Fellows Too.
how did we get here
How did we get here

What is GK-12


Partnership Implementing Math and Science Education

pimse expectations 1
PIMSE Expectations 1
  • Develop a classroom routine that incorporates ASSISTment and the fellows teaching. This will be highly personalized.
    • Example: Fellow works with students who do not demonstrate understanding of the learning goals.
    • Example: Fellows work with students who do demonstrate understanding of the learning goals.
    • Example: Fellows teach a lesson in response to data collected that hour or for homework.
  • Each team of teacher and fellow will determine which classes he or she will work with on a regular basis.
  • Year Two Fellows: Share what you did last year.
pimse expectations 2
PIMSE Expectations 2
  • Teachers and Fellows will meet to plan the lesson for the day. Either that morning or a previous day.
  • Fellows will report on the meeting and the lesson in a weekly log.
  • Teachers will observe the fellows teaching once a month to help them reflect on their teaching.
  • Twice in the year there will be a videotaped formal observation.
  • Fellow will give an interactive presentation of their work to the students.
pimse expectations 3
PIMSE Expectations 3
  • Teachers will learn from their fellow how to use technology beyond ASSISTment.
    • Google Docs
    • Electronic white Boards
    • Face Book? Google? Edmodo?
    • Who knows what else
  • Students will be inspired to study technology and other STEM areas.
  • Lets all go outside and get a group photo!
  • Tour of the Lab
pimse at your school
PIMSE at your School

What are you thinking of doing?

  • Science Micro-worlds: Meet with Janice and Fellows.
  • Platform: Follow the protocol to have a discussion about ideas of what to do.

PIMSE work

  • Teachers will be paid Hourly for time outside of school.
    • Meetings/Workshops
    • Building content
    • Meeting with fellows to lesson plan after school
    • Working with the development team.

See Tricia’s Packet

evaluation logs
Evaluation Logs
  • Formative Assessment is the overarching theme of the fellows logs.
    • Monthly Mentoring
    • PIMSE Fellow Weekly Log
    • Exemplary Teaching Practices
  • Fill out forms for Tricia. W9
fellow research
Fellow Research
  • Fellows SHORT presentations of research.


Corey Belhumeur

Joshua Bodah


Doug Salent

Bryan Hobbs

Michael Wixon

  • This summer you can work up to 40 hours.
  • Be sure to sign in. DO this on the official Summer Work Clip-board.
  • Develop ASSISTment classroom routines.
  • Fill your folders with content
  • Wiki
    • Find our Page
    • Learn Now
    • Training/Events(do you want to join us?)
  • Edmodo
    • Make an account
    • Share what you think your routine will be.
  • Ask not what ASSISTments can do for you but what you can do for ASSISTments.
    • Do you want to be able to prove to administrators and parents that what you are doing is beneficial
    • Do you want your name on a publication?