Statewide Interoperable Radio Communications Internet Transport System (SIRCITS)
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Darryl Ackley, Secretary, DoIT Mike Neitzey, Project Manager May 25, 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Statewide Interoperable Radio Communications Internet Transport System (SIRCITS) to the Project Certification Committee. Darryl Ackley, Secretary, DoIT Mike Neitzey, Project Manager May 25, 2011. Project History.

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Presentation Transcript

Statewide Interoperable Radio Communications Internet Transport System (SIRCITS) to theProject Certification Committee

Darryl Ackley, Secretary, DoIT

Mike Neitzey, Project Manager

May 25, 2011

Project history
Project History Transport System (SIRCITS)

  • SIRCITS grant was awarded in August 2010 under the second round of Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) grant solicitations from the Department of Commerce.

  • The purpose of the grant is to complete the transition of the statewide public safety microwave system from analog to digital allowing broadband access to anchor institutions and allowing the state and its partners (through sharing agreements) to support broadband service in unserved, underserved and tribal areas. A last mile component will deploy 700 MHz public safety broadband service.

  • Funding includes:

    • $38,699,997 in Federal Funds

    • $5,399,999 in appropriated State Funds

    • $11,600,000 in-kind match

Project status
Project Status Transport System (SIRCITS)

  • Approved by NTIA/Grants Office

    • Baseline Infrastructure Report

    • Baseline Project Plan

    • Budget Amendment 1

    • Six month+ budget

    • Sole source for legal support

  • Submitted but not yet approved

    • Overlay maps showing overlap/adjacency to other grant projects

  • Approved by the State

    • 1511 Certification by the governor

    • Budget by NMORR

    • Three term positions approved by Governor, NMORR, and DFA are now at State Personnel Office

Project status1
Project Status Transport System (SIRCITS)

  • In progress

    • Environmental Assessments on the 73 sites

    • New Price Agreements for construction of the 59 middle mile sites

  • To Do

    • Finalize Price Agreements for the DMW construction

    • IV&V Contract

    • Hire Term positions

    • Start the RFP process for the 700MHz construction

Proposed budget
Proposed Budget Transport System (SIRCITS)

  • $7,175,000 Planning Request

    • $7,000,000

      • 5 DMW contracts for Design and Planning

      • Contractor project management in 5 regions

    • $175,000

      • Legal expenses$200,000

Issues Transport System (SIRCITS)

  • Weather and Fire restrictions play a role in upgrade delays encountered at several remote radio sites. Completion of updated site lease agreements can also cause unexpected delays.

  • Coordination with Dept of Homeland Security and possible duplication of efforts

  • Compliance with requirements under 700 MHz lease, including completion of an interoperability plan

Attention areas
Attention Areas Transport System (SIRCITS)

  • Hiring Technical staff to assist in completion/oversight of the efforts

  • Having adequate number of contractors to work in different site areas at the same time

  • Establishing scheduling changes for DoIT staff so they may participate in the upgrade, as providers or overseers.

  • Network Administration needs resources

Overall schedule
Overall Schedule Transport System (SIRCITS)

  • The draft environmental Assessment is due by the May 31, 2011

  • Procurement of the IV&V contractor during the 1st quarter of 2012

  • Construction cannot proceed until the State receives a signed Finding Of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

  • RFP & Price Agreements for the 700MHz construction completed during the 3rd quarter 2012

  • The SIRCITS project site upgrades must be substantially completed by June 30, 2013.

Resources Transport System (SIRCITS)

  • DoIT will hire:

    • a Project Manager,

    • a Business Analyst, and

    • a Financial Coordinator

  • DoIT will contract for:

    • an engineer to work with DoIT radio technical staff to oversee contractors’ work on the project

    • IV&V services

  • DoIT radio technical staff will maintain day to day operations on two-way radio network and all facilities at radio sites during upgrade.

Thank you
Thank You……. Transport System (SIRCITS)