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Genre. Vital Statistics. Genre: Open World Action/Adventure Developer: Rockstar North (Edinburgh) Released: 29 th April, 2008 Rating: PEGI 18 BBFC 18 ESRB Mature. Open World.

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Vital statistics
Vital Statistics

  • Genre: Open World Action/Adventure

  • Developer: Rockstar North (Edinburgh)

  • Released: 29th April, 2008

  • Rating:

    • PEGI 18

    • BBFC 18

    • ESRB Mature

Open world
Open World

  • An Open World game is a game that allows the player to roam around a large map and attempt a variety of ‘side missions’ instead of forcing them down a ‘linear’ route

  • ‘Side Missions’ are missions that can be completed in addition to the main storyline, but that do not have to be completed in order to progress

  • ‘Linear’ refers to events that happen in a straight line

  • The majority of Open World games are RPGs


Marcus’ Dream

Defending Sovereign

Leviathan Attack

Cole’s Team

Bridge Destruction

Side missions
Side Missions

  • There are 14 types of side mission in GTA IV

  • They include:

    • Assassin Missions -

    • Car Theft Missions

    • Dating ‘Missions’ - [1.25]

    • Drug Delivery Missions

    • Find Hidden Packages (Pigeons)

    • People Missions (3 people, multiple missions)

    • Vigilante Missions

Homework: choose one or more of these side missions and watch some videos of them on YouTube;

How repetitive is the structure of these missions?

Refer to which missions you watched in detail.

Side missions1
Side Missions

  • Almost all side missions can be completed without having advanced the main story

  • E.g. there are 200 pigeons in the whole game – you need to kill them all to complete the achievement ‘Endangered Species’ (50G)

  • Why did the developers put in so many side missions?

  • Compare/contrast the inclusion of side missions with GoW3. How is this idea done differently in GoW3?


  • Role Playing Games have several key characteristics:

    • Player gets to play the role of another character

    • Player has some input into character appearance, type, attributes and/or alignment

    • Player has some ability to modify character’s statistics throughout

    • This is usually done through Experience Points

  • By these definitions, GTA IV IS NOT an RPG

  • It has very few RPG elements (aside from being Open World)

Action adventure

Action Games

  • Emphasises physical challenges

    • Hand-eye coordination

    • Reaction Times

  • Player has health, which can be diminished

  • Player must defeat enemies of varying difficulty

Action adventure1

Adventure Games

  • Player takes a character through an interactive story

  • Usually has to solve puzzles of some kind

  • Designed for single-player

Gta iv and other games open world
GTA IV and other games – Open World

  • Skyrim is Open World, but not Action/Adventure

  • It has a huge map and hundred of side missions

  • Some side missions are ‘radiant’

Radiant missions are generic missions (e.g. Kill the Dragon at _________)

The ‘Kill the Dragon’ mission is given again & again, but the location changes each time…

Skyrim ctd
Skyrim (ctd)

  • Skyrim has a ‘levelling up’ system, in which skills can be improved and the character can ‘level-up’ (get better)

  • There is no levelling up system in GTA IV

Gta iv and other games act adv
GTA IV and other games – Act/Adv

  • Tomb Raider is a classic example of an action/adventure game

  • There are complex, multi-point jumps to be made…

  • …puzzles to be solved…

  • …enemies to be defeated…

  • …and a story to be told.

Tomb raider anniversary ctd
Tomb Raider Anniversary (ctd)

  • The only jumps in GTA IV are made in vehicles and lined-up first

  • There are no puzzles in GTA IV

  • There are enemies and a story

Gta iv and gow3
GTA IV and GoW3

  • Cliff Blezinski says that the future of all games could include RPG elements.

  • Make a list of all the RPG elements found in GoW3 and compare/contrast them with the RPG elements found in GTA IV.

  • What is present/missing from each?

  • How are the elements used differently by each?

Games like gta iv
Games like GTA IV

  • Cliff Blezinski also says that modern games need a multiplayer aspect

  • GTA IV has no multiplayer (22 million copies sold)

  • Skyrim has no multiplayer (over 5 million copies sold)

  • Discuss the following statement:

    • The future of all games is either Open World or Online Multiplayer

    • Support with your own detailed examples…