miss kiera and miss leigh s web quest n.
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Miss Kiera and Miss Leigh’s Web Quest PowerPoint Presentation
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Miss Kiera and Miss Leigh’s Web Quest

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Miss Kiera and Miss Leigh’s Web Quest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Miss Kiera and Miss Leigh’s Web Quest. Weather. Introduction Task Process1 & 2 Evaluation Conclusion Teacher’s Page. Introduction. Dear Kindergartners,

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miss kiera and miss leigh s web quest
Miss Kiera and Miss Leigh’s Web Quest


  • Introduction
  • Task
  • Process1 & 2
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusion
  • Teacher’s Page
  • Dear Kindergartners,
    • Weather is something that surrounds us everyday and effects everything from what we wear to what activities we do. Knowing how the different types of weather effect us is very important. Can you help me figure out the weather today?
    • Look at this classes weather report
  • Through this web quest you will be able to:
    • Read the temperature off of a thermometer
    • Describe the weather outside
    • Describe how the weather feels
    • Decide how to use recess time.
Print the Weather Song

Get out your “weather binder” and open to a new page.

Follow the directions below to fill out the worksheet.

  • Temperature
  • Go to the window and read the temperature.
  • Write the number that you see.
  • Click here for an example
process cont
Process Cont..
  • Weather
  • Go to the window and look what types of weather it could be outside.
  • Click here to see different weather.
  • Circle the picture of the weather.
  • How the weather feels
  • Look at what you circled in the weather section. How do you think the weather feels outside (cold, warm, hot, windy, humid, wet).
  • Recess
  • How should you spend your recess?
    • Inside watching a movie
    • Inside playing a game
    • Half inside, half outside
    • Outside
  • This is how your work will be graded:
    • It is filled out correctly
      • Each question is worth 1 point.
      • You can get a total of 4 points.
    • Name is on you paper.
    • It is handed in the box before circle time
  • Click here to see a real forecast.
  • Good job on completing the web quest! Now you know how you can spend your recess and what it feels like outside.
  • We will now take turns and everyday someone will get a turn giving us the forecast.
teacher s page
Teacher’s Page
  • “Weather” teaches young students in an easy organized way and allows children to explore different types of weather.
  • Teachers
    • You should use this page as an added resource to your lesson when teaching about different weather patterns and temperature. This webquest is designed to help expose students to different types of weather, what different types of weather feel like, and that they need to plan according to what the weather is. Students are evaluated through a worksheet that they fill out according to the 4 processes.