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IMDS/MISS. What is IMDS? What is MISS?. IMDS is the I nternational M aterial D ata S ystem for the record of material data of parts, subassemblies etc. of vehicles.

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What is IMDS? What is MISS?

  • IMDS is the International Material Data System for the record of material data of parts, subassemblies etc. of vehicles.
  • MISS (Material Information Sheet System) is the adopted inhouse-system of the Volkswagen Group to enter the material data of inhouse parts and in the first step to evaluate the material data of an individual entire vehicle.
  • In the second step MISS should support as a tool the type approval.

„Starter“ / Initiative IMDS

  • 1998 all German car producers (BMW, DC, Ford, Opel, VW) decided to establish IMDS in the VDA-board.
  • Meanwhile through worldwide cooperation and merging of the brands Ford and GM (e.g. Volvo, Fiat, Jaguar and Saab) join IMDS
  • Other manufacturers like Toyota and PSA are in close contact for preparing their membership

Why do we need IMDS and MISS?

  • In the past in the VW Group recieved material data from suppliers during the initial sample testing as an annex to the report (VDA Vol. 2: Material Data Sheet)
  • The actual VDA Vol. 2 requests suppliers to documentate material data with IMDS
  • The data recording and evaluation of complex assemblies or of course total vehicles is economically only possible with electronic support.
  • A total material documentation is needed for the ISO-Standard (Draft) type approval recycling and as well for the SAE-Standard for recycling.

Who has to work with IMDS and MISS?

  • The documentation of material data is a business process concerning all faculties of the product development process.

Who has to work with IMDS?

  • Technical Development: - Prepare material and parts attributes together with suppliers
  • Quality: - Ensure material specifications defined in the development process during the initial sample testing report - support and material request in the development process (Zentrallabor in service for TE)
  • Purchase:
  • - Support of TE and Quality in the process with development suppliers
  • - Ensure process performance with suppliers
  • Production - Documentation inhouse parts together with material data sheets out of the initial sample testing report.
  • - Enter inhouse part as pre-supplier - Documentation mMaterial data (e.g. process material), which is decided during the production planning process
  • Arbeitssicherheit - Check of the data sheet for special parts (2. page MDS: Safety and environment)

Who has to work with MISS?

  • Technical Development: - Analyse total vehicles (e.g. compliance of limitation values, recyclability) to ensure material data targets in the development process - Vehicle material data record as a basis for later developments - Targets for the use of special materials (Design process) - Typ approval
  • Production - Documentation inhouse parts
  • - Ensure process material data (Orga. 7/00 p. 7.8)
  • Quality - Ensure conformity testing of the actual production process - Support and service for material data during the development process (Zentrallabor in service for TE)


  • Carry out the decided 4 pilot projects „components“ to evaluate the effects on TE, P, Q
  • Short time carry out „Task-force“ to check recieved material data sheets (Initiative Dr. Lampe)
  • Optimize the work of steering IMDS (e.g. material data description)
  • Build up of a brand and group project organisation to carry out the business process „material data documentation“

DATEINAME 1437 1999-09-01


Next steps:

  • Establish Task-force to check the actual status of recieved material datasheets (employees from QS, TE, VW Braunschweig, VW CG and external support)
  • „4 K- Projects“short time carry out to enter the material data in MISS of the defined components from Wolfsburg and Braunschweig. Definition of the components in Salzgitter and Kassel. (support: H. Kleemann K-DOE-43)
  • Definition global criteria lists and cataloques for: - preliminary check of data sheets - final check of data sheets - Group systems IMDS/MISS
  • Financial issues
  • Establish 1. Steering committee IMDS/MISS
  • Carry out Group project organisation

Steering commitee VW Group


Project organisation

Project management IMDS/MISSH. Heidorn

Deputy. N.N,

WG steering IMDS

H. Luesmann-Geiger

H. Heidorn/H. Kramm

H. Schrul, N.N Werkstoffe

Team K-DOE-4

H. Heidorn ,H. Kramm

H. Dr. Fricke, H. Schrul,

User WG brand VW

H. Kramm

Customer manager P

Customer manager Q

Customer manager TE NN

Customer manager : H. Gaedicke?

User WG Group VW

H.Heidorn/ Kramm

Customer manager brands Audi,m Seat, Skoda,

Customer manager der Regionen NAR, SAR, AP

Team for qualification



Team Check MDS

H. Kramm


Team Material data



Special dates (Status Nov. 01)

  • Objects : e.g..
  • - Project organisation
  • - master plan
  • - Customer manager
  • order for external support
  • confirmation der 4 K-projects (inkl. Status)

- start of 4-component-projects until december 01

- 1. Steering comittee

- „Task-force“ „Check MDS-Berg workable, First result End Febr. 2002 => Ínitiative Dr. Lampe

- mid term evaluate heavy metal ban IMDS/MISS: CW 18/02

- heavy metal ban 01.07.03

- legal request typ approval mid 2004 e.g. A 5




What does International Material Data System?

  • Central data bank for administration of material and substance lists and material data sheets (MDS)
  • Every created MDS is automatically proven before sending on- Substances to be declared or to be forbidden by VDA 232-101- Correct address- Plausibility of weights of single parts in relation to entire assembly weight- Completeness of declaration of single substances


What does Material Information Sheet System?

  • Crosslink of MDS and material bill via part number (interface to WEFI, later on to TI-Syncro)
  • Evaluation and store data from specific cars, components and parts
  • Create and administrate MDS for inhouse parts





Material data recording - Course

External suppliers

Volkswagen Group










In house suppliers

Check and accept MDS

Create MDS includingpart number

Collect MDS, connect withparts bill and evaluation


Tasks for the team MDS-Check and material data description

  • preliminary check of data sheets
  • final check of data sheets
  • Benchmark with competitors (Porsche, DC, BMW)
  • Definition material data description in IMDS

„Task-force“ to check allready recieved material data sheets:

Existing collegues: Mrs. Lüders Mr. Gaedicke Mr. Mayr-Rauch Mr. Ackermann

Target: „preliminary “ check of ca. 2000 data sheets 1. Evaluation of actual check criterias and catalogue

2. Create and improve basic process of checking MDSs

3. Show consequences on all participating faculities


New/increased demands typ approval recycling for MISS

Actual status typ approval standard through out recycling:

declaration of each 7 min/max data for all variants of a vehicle.

(e.g. Golf 146 variants with 4-6 appendices every year =>12264 declarations) Necessary data: mp: Mass of liquids md: Mass of material for dismantling mm: Mass of splitted metals mTr:: Mass of non metal for recycling mTe: Mass of non metal for energetic use Rcyc: Quota recycability in % Rcov: Quota reuse in %

all vehicle weight related data must be constistent (checks by TÜV).

=> Support with a electronic system is needed