What determines the definition of a word?
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What determines the definition of a word?. Is there more to a word than how it is defined in the dictionary?. Yes, there is more. In fact, every word has at least two definitions: connotative and denotative. So, what’s the difference?.

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Yes, there is more. In fact, every word has at least two definitions:

connotative and denotative

So, what’s the difference?

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The denotative definition is based on the________definition of a word.

The connotative definition is the________________________ meaning of a word.


figurative or emotional

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Love common words.

Denotative definition: a warmth and tender liking; a deep feeling of fondness and friendship.

Connotative definition: a word which describes . . . . . . .

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Anger common words.

Denotative definition : the feeling one has toward something that hurts, opposes, offends, or annoys.

Connotative definition: When I feel . . .

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Patriotism common words.

Denotative definition: love or loyal support for one’s country

Connotative definition: The act of . . .

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Christmas common words.

Denotative definition: a holiday celebrated on December 25

Connotative definition : A time of year when . . .

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Your assignment common words.

Define the word “gift.”

Give both a denotative and a connotative definition.

Turn these definitions into a five paragraph essay.

Follow the structure of a well organized essay.

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Introductory paragraph common words.







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Each of the three supporting paragraphs common words.

must contain

  • A topic sentence

  • Supporting examples

  • A concluding sentence which ties the paragraph to the topic sentence

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Concluding paragraph common words.





Be careful not to begin a new idea.

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Consider your audience common words.

It will be O.K. to use personal pronouns like I, me, my, we, our, and us .

It will be okay to use the pronoun you.

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Remember to check the important stuff. common words.

  • What about the word this?

  • What about contractions?

  • What about slang terms?

  • What about tense consistency?

  • What about parallelism?