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Software as a Service

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What is SaaS? Have you used it before? What are the benefits? One step at a time Other Useful Tools What do Baker and Google have to offer you? Software as a Service

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software as a service

What is SaaS?

Have you used it before?

What are the benefits?

One step at a time

Other Useful Tools

What do Baker and Google have to offer you?

Software as a Service
what is saas

Software as a Service simply means that rather than run the software on your own servers you use the application and let someone else run the servers and provide you with the service

What is SaaS
have you used it before

YES, Everyday!

You take advantage of Software as a Service every day in your ordinary life, now it is time to let your organisation start to take advantage of the benefits it brings you!

Have you used it before?
have you used it before4
Have you used it before?
  • Yes, probably even before you used a computer!
    • When you make a phonecall, you are using the software in the exchange to provide you with a service
  • Every web page you view – is served by a server offering you a service
    • Remote banking is software as a service
  • If you used Gmail, Yahoo email or Hotmail, you are using email as a service
    • You can even use Outlook to access your email on the remote server
what are the benefits
What are the benefits?
  • How do you feel like supporting your own Telephone exchange?
    • Not too keen on the idea
  • Given the pains and expense you might have had down the years with your email exchange maybe it is time to farm that out too?
  • Other non-core tasks can get out sourced too.
what are the benefits6
What are the benefits?
  • Reduces hardware costs
  • Reduces support costs
  • Reduces license costs
  • Reduces training costs
  • Reduces backup costs
  • Reduces upgrade costs
  • Reduces power costs
  • Best of all – reduces your stress!
what are the benefits7
What are the benefits?
  • Why not watch the video (from another great Google resource Youtube)!
one step at a time
One step at a time
  • Do we see everything on the corporate network being available as a service?
    • Maybe, probably,but not tomorrow.
  • First servers first
    • Email – an easy win, with a strong proven success history
    • Security management – painful at times, hard to stay up to speed in-house – again a strong history of buying as a service
one step at a time9
One step at a time
  • Your collaboration server
  • Your document storage and management
  • Your device monitoring
  • Your intranet
  • And down the line
    • Your PABX
    • Your web conferencing
other useful tools
Other Useful Tools
  • The services up to now are ones you are largely familiar with
  • Google can help you do other cool things
    • Search
    • Maps
    • Corporate videos
    • more
what do baker and google have to offer you
What do Baker and Google have to offer you?
  • Google have the best experience of running remote servers and services
  • Google have the size and reputation to deliver new and innovative services over the net
  • Google have the experience and track record to deliver email and vast amounts of storage and search capability to nearly every user on the Internet
  • Baker have the experience to support you locally
what do baker and google have to offer you12
What do Baker and Google have to offer you?
  • The experience of having done it
  • A suite of tools
  • A migration path and assistance
  • Security Management as a service
  • Network monitoring as a service
  • A helpdesk, should you need one.