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Social Media Check-up February 2010 Overall Elements of Online Reputation Corporate home page First impression Highly credible Highly influential Highly searchable Considered a “recommendation” Search Blogs | CGM Social Networks Corporate Website Opportunity for engagement

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overall elements of online reputation
Overall Elements of Online Reputation

Corporate home page

First impression

Highly credible

Highly influential

Highly searchable

Considered a “recommendation”


Blogs | CGM



Opportunity forengagement

Influential chatter

Your side of the story

Critical for influencer audiences

Used to confirm impressions

what is social media
What is Social Media?
  • Content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies
  • A shift in how people discover, read and share news, information and content
  • A fusion of sociology and technology, transforming monologues (one to many) into dialogues (many to many)
  • The democratization of information, transforming people from content readers into publishers
  • Has become extremely popular because it allows people to connect in the online world to form relationships for personal and business reasons

Source: Wikipedia

the digital influence model
The Digital Influence Model

By relinquishing control you in can increase influence.

Blog Response

Blogger Outreach

Discussion Forums

Community Participation

Social Media ApplicationDevelopment

Organic Search

Social Media Search

D igit a l I nflu e nc e

Level of Control

Online Video

Corporate Blogs

Social Media Press Releases

Affinity Linking

Social Media Spaces

Level of Risk

Sponsored Search

Blog Monitoring

Mobile Marketing



Online Advertising

Ability to Influence / Potential Reward

social media is increasingly more important because people trust other people
Social Media is Increasingly More Important Because People Trust Other People

What is the most impactful form of influencing?

Forrester Research and Intelliseek

social media changes the way brands and stakeholders interact
Social Media Changes the Way Brands and Stakeholders Interact

Source: MarketingSherpa Social Media Marketing band PR Benchmark Survey 2008.

Methodology: Fielded December 4-10, 2008. N=1886

what is a social media check up
What is a Social Media Check-up?
  • Social media is an influential marketing and communications tool that is generally accepted as a credible source of information for varied corporate and brand stakeholders.
  • While many positive potential outcomes are possible, there are an equal number of challenges that companies must navigate in participating in social media.
  • To help companies navigate the social media landscape, Burson-Marsteller has developed an Evidence-Based Communications tool called the “Social Media Check-up” which analyzes and measures at how a company’s social media presence is impacting their overall online health and reputation.
  • The Social Media Check-up assesses a company’s (and their competitors’) participation across the most popular social media platform and guides strategies and tactics for companies to engage in social media and contribute to their communities of interest, both for internal and external communications.
objectives of the social media check up
Objectives of the Social Media Check-up
  • Benchmark existing social media assets against:
    • competitive & peer best practices
    • competitive & peer short-comings
    • existing audience online behavior
  • Explore relevance of each social media channel as per the business situation and communications objectives
  • Determine online health and reputation of the organization
  • Identify opportunities to utilize social media to meet business and communications objectives
our process for conducting a social media check up








Our Process for Conducting a Social Media Check-up


Social MediaCheck-up Results/


areas accessed in the social media check up
Areas Accessed in the Social Media Check-up
  • Have you protected appropriate profile pages?
  • Are profiles being used appropriately?
  • Are they brand compliant?
  • Are employees participating in accordance with policies?
  • Are you providing value-added tools and applications?
  • Do you have a socially savvy staff?
  • Are social media guidelines present and appropriate?
  • Are social media monitoring/response systems in place?


Profile Pages


Social Media Check-up

  • Are you taking advantage of niche social opportunities within your industry?
  • Are you contributing to communities proactively and reactively?
  • Are you using social media to improve search engine results?
  • Are you engaging the blogosphere?
  • Are you measuring the impact of your social media?


Social Media


  • How are your competitors doing across social media properties?
  • What are the risks as they related to your competitive set?
  • What is the opportunity for you to lead a dialogue?
data points gathered in the social media check up
Data Points Gathered in the Social Media Check-up
  • Measurement of search results across social media for branded and contextual keywords
  • Measurement of volume of dialogue, authority and sentiment
  • Balance of dialogue in terms of proactive and reactive responses as well as contributions to the community
  • Fans, followers and responses
major social networks scanned
Major Social Networks Scanned*



Over 300 million users


91 million in U.S.



Over 300 million users

Growing global

27 million users


80 million in US

133 millions blogs indexed since 2002


75 million users


140 character text messages

Type of Content Shared

Rich, multi-media content

Video, message boards

Copy, visual and multimedia content

Conversation Types

Engaging, muti-faceted conversations rich with opportunity for interaction and content sharing

Announce news, update followers, provide short bursts of information

Rich, intimate conversations made possible by medium with opportunity for viewer interaction with message boards and ratings

Conversations that are both broad and narrow on every possible topic – content can live forever.

*in addition to a search within niche industry specific categories and blogs

metrics used to assess each social media channel
Metrics Used to Assess Each Social Media Channel





Over 300 million users

Growing global

27 million users


80 million in US

Views, searches

Subscribers, views

# of followers,

# you follow

Volume of content, retweets, responses, Recency of updates, sentiment


Posts, “likes,” comments, overall sentiment.

Comments, rankings

Comments, sentiment


Assess trends in reach, interactivity, searches for your brand and competitors and tone; correlate these trends against business metrics.

allocating resources to a social strategy sample to be customized for each client
Allocating Resources to a Social Strategy –Sample to be customized for each client

Total Social Media Exposure





Social MediaAdvertising




social media check up15
Social Media Check-up

Key elements:

  • Report of findings with recommendations
    • Includes competitive analysis
    • Includes messaging grid and recommended waterfall chart
  • Data sheets that substantiate report
  • Executive summary for senior leadership including presentation if desired

United States:

Bill Kemp

Managing Director, Digital Media


Global/United States:

Erin Byrne

Chief Digital Strategist



Daniel Jörg

EMEA Digital Practice Lead


Asia Pacific:

Charles Pownall

Digital Strategist

65 6829 9350

Digital Strategist

Unites States:

B.L. Ochman

Managing Director of Emerging Media

Proof Integrated Media

Latin America:

Felix Leander

Digital Strategist