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Renaissance Dancing PowerPoint Presentation
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Renaissance Dancing

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Renaissance Dancing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Renaissance Dancing

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Renaissance Dancing

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Renaissance Dancing

There are many forms of Renaissance Dancing that we practice. From Italian balli to courtly pavans to English country. We dance them all with flair and fun. Dance practice is held every Wednesday on the fourth floor of the Student Center (W20-491 or W20-407) from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm; dress is common street clothing.


Medieval Instruments and Choir

Like to sing? Our mixed voice chorus works on a capella music through through the centuries. Play recorder, violin, trombone, or another Renaissance instrument? Our Renaissance dance band plays for balls and revels year round.


Martial Arts: Fighting and Fencing

In the SCA, we participate in mock combat, of both the high middle ages (sword and shield) and Renaissance (foil). In fact, the winner of a heavy armored combat tournament each 6 months becomes Prince (or Princess) and subsequently King or Queen.


Calligraphy and Illumination

The art of medieval writing and drawing is the subject of the Calligrapher’s guild, which makes scrolls styled after specific examples or texts. The calligraphers guild occasionally meets here at MIT.




Medieval Astronomy Thurs, Jan 18, 6-9pm, 2-105

Calculus before Newton


Firebuilding: Flint and Steel Tuesday, Jan 16, 5 pm, 4-003

Make your own medieval shoes! Mon, Jan 8,15,22 6-10pm*

Renaissance Shirts Sat, Jan 20, 10am-10pm***

Medieval Tunics & Cloaks Sat, Jan 13, 10am-10pm***

Chainmail Wed, Jan 10,17,24 6pm-9pm**

* : W20, 20 Chimneys ** : W20, PDR # 3 ***:W20,West Lounge


Medieval Irish Field Hocky : Hurley!

Hurley is an ancient game, and was played in the Middle Ages in Ireland and Scotland. A game of skill, physical prowess, and luck, players try to bat, kick or club the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Hurley is frequently played at MIT on Sunday afternoons.


The MIT SCA proudly presents:

Chainmail Workshops

On most Wednesdays, in Private Dining Room # 3, on the third floor of the student center (W20), from 6:30 pm to 8 pm.

Come and learn simple medieval chainmail weaves and patterns to make your very own shirt (hauberk), or hood (coif). The upper portion of a hauberk will be avilable to try on. Smaller sized links can be used to make jewlery. We will provide the steel, brass, and copper links, pliers, and instruction. Please bring your own pliers if you have any. or