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High School Outreach

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High School Outreach by Morgan Goodwin Community Organizer Sierra Student Coalition Hi, I'm Morgan Keene, NY 23 years old Williams College – MA Student Government Co-president Thursday Night Group founder Favorite illicit activity: roof climbing! Objectives

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Presentation Transcript
high school outreach
High School Outreach

by Morgan Goodwin

Community Organizer

Sierra Student Coalition

hi i m morgan
Hi, I'm Morgan
  • Keene, NY
  • 23 years old
  • Williams College – MA
  • Student Government Co-president
  • Thursday Night Group founder
  • Favorite illicit activity: roof climbing!
  • Participants will leave with...
      • Skills on how to go into high schools
      • Recognize potential activists
      • Tips on giving effective public presentations
      • An understanding of how to keep the momentum going
      • Confidence to go out and do it!
  • This training will not cover...
      • Running a group
      • Lots of examples of good high school campaigns
What is the end result?

The Power Point


  • People Power
  • Create Relationships
  • How to:
    • Get your foot in the door
    • Prepare
    • Present
    • Organize
    • Follow up
to start new climate groups to develop new leaders to build the movement to stop global warming
To start new climate groups...

To develop new leaders...

To build the movement...

To stop global warming...

So why bother going to High Schools?
people power
People Power
  • Give people a sense of their own power
    • What can the ordinary person do?
  • Create meaningful changes in people's lives
    • What is actually worth working hard for?
  • Change the balance of power
    • How do we attack the cause, not the symptom?
  • Lots of potential leadership to find!
creating power
Creating Power
  • There is a lot of potential in energetic high school kids...
    • What might hold them back?
    • How is our role limited here?
    • Why should we, as students, do high school outreach?
1 foot in the door
1. Foot in the door
  • Set a goal – how many visits by when?
  • Is there already a student group?
      • Get in touch, see what they are working on and what they need help with
  • Use every contact!
      • Is there already a student environmental group?
      • Find students who went to that high school
      • Do you have professors with kids there?
      • Do you know a random guy in a coffee shop that has a kid there?
      • Is there a website with teachers phone numbers or email listed?
  • 1 of 10 emails get replied to
1 foot in the door continued
1. Foot in the Door (continued)
  • Develop a pitch – who are you and what do you want?
  • Work with their system, but many angles
    • If the guidance councillor says he'll contact some teachers, don't stop sending emails to the PTA
    • Ask a student to forward something, then ask another
2 prepare
2. Prepare
  • Assemble your team
  • Discuss goals for the day
  • Practice presentation!
  • Check set up
      • touch base with teachers
      • will they have a projector set up? will it work with your lap top? do you need sound?
      • will you have sign up sheets?
      • will you have hand-outs? (more on this later)
      • do you know where you're going?
      • do you have a classroom to have lunch with interested students?
3 present
Awesome Presentation:

Jumping up and down



Audience participation

Hits all points in allotted time

Connects with interested students


3. Present
  • Boring Presentation:
    • Mumbling
    • Monotone
    • Unsure
    • No movement
    • Presenter speaking all the time
    • Runs out of time
    • No connection to students

Ask interested students to come talk at lunch!

4 lunch or after school
4. Lunch or After School
  • 5-15 interested ppl
  • Go get them in the cafeteria if you must
  • Do they know each other?
  • Ask them questions
  • Listen
  • Pick 2-3 to stay in touch

“How could you start a climate change group here?”

“What types of enviro or energy problems does the school have?”

“Who else would be interested in working on this stuff?”

5 follow up
5. Follow Up
  • Thank people
  • Email students
    • Include cool websites
    • personal actions
  • Personally contact student leaders
    • Invite them to your meetings and events
    • Have coffee with them
    • How do you talk to these people?
this power point
This Power Point
  • Edit – make it your own
  • Practice
  • Tell jokes
  • Remember good questions to get participation
  • The point is to get them to do something
  • How well were the objectives met?
  • What did you learn that was new?
  • How do you see yourself using this knowledge?
  • Resources
    • SSC High School organizing guide
    • SSC Weekly Phone Trainings
    • SSC week-long summer training programs!
    • Apollo Alliance
  • Recommended Reading
    • Rules for Radicals, Alinsky
    • I've Got the Light of Freedom, Payne
stay in touch
Stay in Touch!
  • Send all comments to me morgan.goodwin@gmail.com

or Jon Barrows at jon@ssc.org

  • See you at Power Shift 2007!