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  2. What Is Hacking Hacking is the process of gaining entry to another computer or server without the owners permission. When a hacker gains entry to your computer they can execute commands forcing the effected unit to become damaged.

  3. Is It Illegal YES!!!! Hacking is illegal here in the UK .Although hacking is constantly taking place only some of it is dangerous- the same techniques uses by your systems administrator are implemented by hackers. The punishments range from fines of £2000 to jail sentences which can be up to 10 years for serious offences.

  4. Why do it? Depending on who you ask you will get a different answer- some do it for fun and gain permission to access systems others maliciously attack corporate computers simply to corrupt and delete data. However some governments- Most recently the Russians have used hacking as a means of spying and gaining intelligence about the UK and USA

  5. How The Internet Works. The application layer is where a program prepares the data to be sent and prepares the network connections ect. 4) Application layer 3) Transport layer The transport layer is when the computer begins to disassemble the files into “packets” ready to be sent. 2) Internet layer The internet layer is the actual transfer of the file through cyber-space. 1) Network Access layer The network access layer is where the file gains access to the receiving computer.

  6. Viruses Viruses are programs created with the intent of performing a task on a remote computer- the majority of modern viruses just beam information back to a server about your computer activities however some use their viruses to force you to access their servers which they can charge without you knowing.

  7. Protecting Your PC Protection from the world of hacking fairly straight forward- most people now are hidden behind a series of measures called “firewalls” a firewall is a piece of software or hardware that blocks access to certain behaviours and protects your computer from hacking activity found on the WWW.