Guidance from the csde on srbi implementation
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Guidance from the CSDE on SRBI Implementation. May 14, 2010 CAPSS Assistant Superintendents’ Meeting Mary Anne Butler, Education Consultant Iris White, Education Consultant Bureau of Accountability and Improvement. Goals for Today. Understand the CSDE structures for SRBI support

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Guidance from the csde on srbi implementation l.jpg

Guidance from the CSDE on SRBI Implementation

May 14, 2010

CAPSS Assistant Superintendents’ Meeting

Mary Anne Butler, Education Consultant

Iris White, Education Consultant

Bureau of Accountability and Improvement

Goals for today l.jpg
Goals for Today

  • Understand the CSDE structures for SRBI support

  • Update on CSDE work related to SRBI

  • Discuss common implementation questions from the field

Srbi organization at csde l.jpg
SRBI Organization at CSDE

Core SRBI Team

Mary Anne Butler

[email protected]

Rosanne Daigneault [email protected]

Marie Salazar Glowski [email protected]

Iris White

[email protected]

Srbi organization at csde4 l.jpg
SRBI Organization at CSDE

Policy Committee

Responsible for making decisions related to SRBI issues under controversy internally or in the field.

Internal SRBI Expert Committee

Responsible for communication among bureaus about issues related to SRBI including publications, practices, and questions from the field.

External team l.jpg
External Team

SRBI State Leadership Team

  • Responsible for the coordination of communication among CSDE, RESCs and SERC around SRBI related issues

  • Responsible for the development and execution of a 3 year state plan for the successful implementation of the SRBI Framework statewide

Srbi basics l.jpg
SRBI Basics

  • Continuously improve teaching and learning with success in mind for all students

  • Provide students appropriate instruction/supplemental instruction when needed

  • Collaborate to make instructional decisions

  • Reallocate school resources

  • Eliminate the IQ performance discrepancy

    formula for LD identification

Srbi what it is l.jpg
SRBI-What it is!

  • Evidence based practices in academic and behavioral domains

  • Distinctive combination of practices that best fits each unique school context and community

  • Practices are coordinated at a school-wide level to best leverage personnel, expertise, materials and resources

  • Data driven instructional decision making

    -Neag School of Education, UConn, Michael Coyne, 2010

Srbi what it is not l.jpg
SRBI-What it is Not!

  • A program, package or product

  • One size fits all

  • Only top-down or bottom up

  • A special education initiative

  • Just for learners who are struggling

  • Anything new

  • Business as usual

    -Neag School of Education, UConn, Michael Coyne, 2010

Srbi framework for school improvement l.jpg



SRBI Framework for School Improvement

Strategic Decision-Making

Data teams

Current srbi work l.jpg
Current SRBI Work

  • 3 Year Plan

    • Quarterly Bulletin via SERC

    • Topical SRBI papers

  • Revised SRBI Training

  • High School Think Tank

Srbi three year plan l.jpg
SRBI Three Year Plan

Strategic Goal 1: Refinement of key elements and underlying principles for the implementation of all training and technical assistance.

Strategic Goal 2: To provide differentiated professional development around SRBI.

Strategic Goal 3: Expand and improve intra and inter-agency communication and consistency regarding SRBI.

Strategic Goal 4: Assess effectiveness of our work.

High school think tank l.jpg
High School Think Tank

  • Initial planning session

  • Survey of needs and promising practices

  • Planning team assess 4 major areas of interest

  • Design two day round table discussions with local and national practitioners (May 20/21)

  • Next steps

Revised srbi training l.jpg
Revised SRBI Training

  • Condensed one day Basic SRBI training

    • Focus on Tier I instruction

    • Discussion of supplemental instruction via case studies

  • Two day Implementation Overview

    • Interactive review of district, school and finally classroom data

    • Review of instructional implications

    • Sharing of local talent and case studies

District srbi implementation l.jpg
District SRBI Implementation

Does the CSDE expect districts to have a formal plan for the implementation of SRBI?

  • Required for extensions

  • No formal requirement

  • Many models in use

  • Affords strategic implementation

Accountability for implementation l.jpg
Accountability for Implementation

Does the CSDE have a formal accountability plan to evaluate the implementation of SRBI in our district?

  • School Improvement Framework

  • Supports efforts to achieve AYP

Implementation nuances l.jpg
Implementation Nuances

Does the implementation of SRBI look different at the elementary, middle and high school levels?

  • Availability of instruments varies widely

  • Assessments move from skill- based to content based as you move up the grades

  • Practical considerations vs. technical parameters

  • Focus needs to be on improving Tier I at all levels

Data teams and srbi l.jpg
Data Teams and SRBI

Does the implementation of SRBI require the establishment of an additional data team beyond the school and instructional data teams?

  • Look at the work of the team not its name

  • Use protocols to ensure an outcome

  • Understand the recursive nature of the work

  • Ensure adequate time is available

Emphasis on core instruction l.jpg
Emphasis on Core Instruction

What should an administrator look for as indicators of quality Tier I instruction?

  • Effective questioning strategies

  • Use of differentiated instruction strategies

  • Student access to content through a range of appropriate texts

  • Flexible grouping

Comprehensive assessment system l.jpg
Comprehensive Assessment System

Does the CSDE require the use of specific universal screening instruments and progress monitoring instruments?

  • CSDE does not endorse specific vendors or products

  • Districts should inventory current assessment practices and instruments

  • Assessment instruments will vary based on content and grade level

Communication l.jpg

What does the CSDE expect schools to do specific to frequency and kind of communication with parents regarding student progress in supplemental services?

  • Tier II and III interventions are part of the general education program

  • Prudent practice to inform parents of the process and of student progress

  • Pro-active communication encourages partnership

Shared ownership l.jpg
Shared Ownership

What are the expectations of special educators and general educators in the implementation of SRBI?

  • Collaboration between general educators and special educators is critical at all tiers of instruction

  • Both special educators and general educators may serve as interventionists

  • Opportunity for internal professional development and capacity building

Interventionists l.jpg

How do we determine who is the best interventionist?

  • Identify the need of the student(s)

  • Evaluate staff expertise in the area

  • Consider the reallocation of time and resources

Paraprofessionals l.jpg

What are some appropriate roles for paraprofessionals in the SRBI framework?

  • Assist teachers with screening, benchmarking and progress monitoring assessments

  • Record observation of behavior and learning strategies

  • Enter assessment data into a management system

  • Serve as a member of the intervention team

  • In all roles, paraprofessionals must be under the direct supervision of a teacher and complete specialized training.

Questions comments l.jpg
Questions & Comments

Mary Anne Butler [email protected]

Iris White [email protected]

SRBI Website