ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles l.
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Ground-fault circuit-interrupter Receptacles PowerPoint Presentation
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Ground-fault circuit-interrupter Receptacles

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Ground-fault circuit-interrupter Receptacles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ground-fault circuit-interrupter Receptacles. Electrical Shock Protection (Receptacles-Part 2) W. C. “Buster” Hounshell Spring 2002. Ground-fault circuit-interrupter.

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Ground-fault circuit-interrupter Receptacles

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ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles
Ground-fault circuit-interrupterReceptacles
  • Electrical Shock Protection
  • (Receptacles-Part 2)
  • W. C. “Buster” Hounshell
  • Spring 2002
ground fault circuit interrupter
Ground-fault circuit-interrupter
  • The ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI) receptacle protects against electrical shock caused by a faulty appliance, or a worn cord or plug
  • It senses small changes in current flow and can shut off power in as little as 1/40 of a second.
ground fault circuit interrupter3
Ground-fault circuit-interrupter
  • GFCls are now required in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, crawl spaces, unfinished basements, and outdoor receptacle locations
  • Consult your local codes for any requirements regarding the installation of GFCI receptacles.
ground fault circuit interrupter4
Ground-fault circuit-interrupter
  • The GFCI receptacle may be wired to protect only itself (single location)
  • Or it can be wired to protect all receptacles, switches, and light fixtures from the GFCI "forward" to the end of the circuit (multiple locations).
ground fault circuit interrupter5
Ground-fault circuit-interrupter
  • Most GFCls use standard screw terminal connections
  • Some have wire leads and are attached with wire connectors
ground fault circuit interrupter6
Ground-fault circuit-interrupter
  • Because the body of a GFCI receptacle is larger than a standard receptacle
    • Small crowded electrical boxes may need to be replaced with more spacious boxes
ground fault circuit interrupter7
Ground-fault circuit-interrupter
  • The more receptacles any one GFCI protects

The more susceptible it is to "phantom tripping,“

    • Resulting in shutting off power. Due to tiny, normal fluctuations in current flow.
single location protection
Single Location Protection
  • A GFCI wired for single-location protection (shown from the back) has hot and neutral wires connected only to the screw terminals marked LINE
  • A GFCI connected for single-location protection may be wired as either an end-of-run
  • Or middle-of-run configuration
multiple location protection
Multiple -Location Protection
  • A GFCI wired for multiple-location protection (shown from the back)
  • Has one set of hot and neutral wires connected to the LINE pair of screw terminals
  • And the other set connected to the LOAD pair of screw terminals.
multiple location protection10
Multiple- Location Protection
  • A GFCI receptacle connected for multiple-location protection may be wired only as a middle-of-run configuration.