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New Learners New Landscapes PowerPoint Presentation
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New Learners New Landscapes

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New Learners New Landscapes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Learners New Landscapes Faces of Technology Day | Magee Secondary February 8, 2008 Susan Atkey – Reference Librarian, UBC Mary Locke – Teacher-Librarian, VSB Gwen Ingham – Teacher-Librarian, VSB A Vision of Students Today Video: Who are they?

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new learners new landscapes

New LearnersNew Landscapes

Faces of Technology Day | Magee Secondary

February 8, 2008

Susan Atkey – Reference Librarian, UBC

Mary Locke – Teacher-Librarian, VSB

Gwen Ingham – Teacher-Librarian, VSB

a vision of students today
A Vision of Students Today


who are they
Who are they?

Digital Natives

digital native stats
Digital Native - Stats
  • 96% go online from home

Before leaving university

  • 500,000 commercials seen
  • 200,000 emails / instant messages
  • 10,000 hours TV
  • 5,000 hours reading books
new literacies
New Literacies
  • Today, reading, reading instruction, and more broadly conceived notions of literacy and literacy instruction are being defined by change in even more profound ways as new technologies require new literacies to effectively exploit their potentials. These include technologies such as gaming software, video technologies. technologies that establish communities on the Internet, search engines, webpages, and many more yet to emerge.

Donald J. Leu, Jr. Toward a Theory of New Literacies Emerging From the Internet and Other Information and Communication Technologies.

web 2 0
Web 2.0
  • A second generation of web sites and services (such as social-networking sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies) which facilitate creativity, collaboration, and sharing between users.
  • Key features of web 2.0:
    • Participatory / Social
    • Collaborative
    • Distributed
    • Fluidity – perpetual beta
the view from post secondary
The view from post-secondary
  • UBC classes are incorporating more new web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, and RSS in course materials to create:
    • interactive course pages
    • databases of sharable lesson plans & readings
    • participatory and collaborative course reading
    • Course notes archives
    • Collaborative syllabus development
blog human and civil rights in latin america
BLOG: Human and Civil Rights in Latin America

wiki edci 565

virtual worlds ubc arts campus buchanan island
VIRTUAL WORLDSUBC Arts Campus Buchanan Island

training sessions for digital immigrants
Training sessions for digital immigrants
  • UBC Library: TOTS -Tools for Outreach and Teaching Series
    • Open to all library staff
    • 2-hour session approximately once a month
ubc tots series
UBC - TOTS series


  • Each session looks at a single tool
  • 3 components:
    • Speakers
    • Hands-on segment
    • Faciliated questions
      • How do you see yourself using this in your work environment?
      • What are some of the advantages of using this technology?
      • What are some of the challenges of using this technology?
tots wiki